Honeywell Lyric Security System – How to Disable Quick Exit Feature?

Honeywell Lyric Security System – How to Disable Quick Exit Feature?

Hey everybody alarmclub security here and today we’re going to show you how to disable the quick exit feature on the
Honeywell lyric wireless security and home automation system so I’m gonna show you exactly what it is first and then I’m gonna show you how to disable it so
if we were to go ahead and arm the system up by hitting security are in the
system up now that the systems armed up you can see the feature quick exit just
two quick sec you’d enter in your code and it basically would would restart the
delay process would you with that let you exit without having to disarm the
system and then rearm the system so basically just makes it one step easier
to exit the home if the alarm system was armed up it’s a pretty neat feature also
I’m gonna show you how to turn off and disable the reset timer so eventual
let’s say you’re scavenging out of the house you know you only have fifteen
seconds left you can get back to the panel select restart timer once only one
time and then you would enter your code one more time and then you can see that
the restart timer has been taken away and now your only option is either to
let the system armed up or you can disarm it so i think ive explained
basically what exactly the quick exit feature is so disarm the system and now
and show you how you can disable those features if you don’t see them fit or
maybe it’s just a little too much clutter on the screen for whatever
reason you know everybody’s different so it’s very simple you and go to security
tools entering your installer code by default
it is for one wanted to go out and enjoy that end you can skip this menu as this
is used if an on-site programmers out there activating your system for the
first time which alarm club takes care of everything remotely so at this point
you should have already scheduled an appointment with alarm club where we
would have activated the system and you would no longer see the screen but now
once you see programs select program in the bottom right select System
Settings and you’ll notice these two options here quick exit you can turn
that off and then restart exit time you can disable that and there’s different
mixtures that you could have you could have quick exit on with no restarting is
it if you wanted and once you’ve taken care of those you would make sure to
save back out to the home screen and will let it go through its ongoing
process and then we’ll see if the quick exit is there so as you can see the
quick exit has been taken away and also the the restart timer had been taken
away so that you can see exactly what it the quick exit is and how to disable it
so you can leave it up to you whichever you prefer to go ahead and disarm the
system and that’s how you disable the quick exit feature on the Honeywell
lyric wireless security and home automation system please make sure to
subscribe to our YouTube page where we will have an extensive how-to video
section only on the lyrics security system if you need to reach us by phone
our numbers 1844 33558 97

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  1. This was a drop in replacement for the prior fixed alpha keypad in my ADT security system.>>> The default configuration even worked right out of the box. With the full alpha display, programming the alarm system is much easier, and I now have custom names for each alarm zone. That makes the alarm system much easier to use.

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