Honeywell Lyric Security System Review

Honeywell Lyric Security System Review

If you are watching this video, chances are
you are interested in the all new Honeywell Lyric security system Review. Stay tuned as we will
be providing you with a review of the Honeywell Lyric security system. Honeywell Lyric has built upon previous wireless
security systems and added many incredible features such as integrations with the Honeywell
Lyric Wi-Fi smart thermostat, new encrypted security sensors, a variety of cellular providers,
compatibility with z-wave home automation devices and the use of wireless IP security
cameras. The new Honeywell Lyric Controller which serves
as your main control panel for both security and automation features a contemporary low
profile 7inch HD touch screen display with large words and icons to make using the menu
driven navigation system a breeze along with two sensitive buttons that allow you to access
the home screen and emergency panic buttons at any time. Here is the Honeywell Lyric Security System
Basic Feature Run Down use of 128 wireless sensors with 64 being dedicated to the new
Honeywell SiX-Series sensors and 62 of the older 5800 series sensors. Future firmware updates will
most likely adjust this to allow the Lyric Controller to handle 128 Six series sensors. 2 onboard hardwired zone inputs 48 user codes
including Installer, Master, Guest and duress codes 8 Six-Series wireless keypad zones for use with the LKP500-EN 12 temperature zones. The
ability to control up to 72 total z-wave devices with 60 switches such as, outlet and lamp/appliance
modules) 6 z-wave locks, 6 Z-Wave thermostats or 4 Lyric Wi-Fi thermostats Control of 4
programmed garage doors with connected 5877gdpk sensors 100 programmable smart scenes 10 selectable
chime types. 6000 stored security and automation events which can be viewed in the events log
Extremely loud 85db dual sirens internalized into the Honeywell Lyric Controller The Honeywell Lyric security system has made
many major upgrades compared to previous systems such as, Batch programming – While programming devices
instead of having to individually learn in serial numbers to connect security devices
you can now activate and assign all of your serial numbers by pulling the battery tabs
out of the new Honeywell SiX series security sensors. Lyric is than smart enough to assign these
sensors to a dedicated zone. Once you have completed pulling the battery tabs out of
desired SiX sensors you can go back to the Honeywell Lyric controller and make adjustments
to how you want those sensors to act if triggered. This reduces the overall time used in the
installation process. “Batch programming is only available with the new Honeywell Six
Series sensors”. Smart Scenes – This is one of the most advantageous
additions to the Lyric security system because what it does is consolidates older programming
modes “scenes and rules” into what is now called Lyric smart scenes. Once a z-wave
home automation device is learned into the Lyric controller all you have to do is go
to smart scenes to enable that device into a smart scene which tells that sensor when
and how to act. This makes the programming of home automation devices one step easier! GeoFencing- With at least one Lyric thermostat
and the activation of total connect 2.0 you can setup a geofence which is you where you
can setup a perimeter distance for example 1 mile from your location and anytime you
cross out of the set geofence your system can arm itself, close the garage door and
raise your thermostats temperature. At the same time when you cross back over
that geofence withing 1 mile of your location your system can for example lower your thermostat
and turn on a front porch light. The geofencing feature can be manipulated and customized
to include the accessories of your liking and don’t have to be setup how we described. A front mounted camera has been added to the
Honeywell Lyric controller so that when the security system is disarmed a notification
with photo can be delivered to you in the form of a push notification text message and
or email notification. “In order for this feature to work you must have Honeywell’s
Total connect 2.0 activated.” A Built in microphone has been installed inside
the Lyric controller so that it can receive commands to control smart scenes and other
features of the Lyric security system. There are three basic commands Lyric will
understand Hello Lyric, Hello Lyric home and OK Lyric. Once the trigger word has been stated
you can then follow with your smart scene name such as Arrive home, Bedtime, Party,
Travel etc… These scenes can include a vast array of devices
and simultaneously lock a door, lower a connected thermostat, turn on/off or dim lights, close
or open a garage door etc…. These smart scenes are limited to the connected devices
you have. The Honeywell Lyric controller has made some
major advancements for the ever growing DIY security industry by building in the Wi-Fi
and Z-Wave radios into the control panel and adding a dedicated cellular radio door on
the side of the control panel where you simply install one of the new AT&T, Verizon or Rodgers
cellular radios. These cellular radios can be replaced at any
time to increase flexibility in communication providers as some areas in the country have
better cellular service with one provider over another so you don’t have to replace
the Honeywell Lyric controller itself if switching locations. On the bottom of the Lyric controller you
will find a USB port which is helpful because you now can upload photos to create a slide
show which can be presented on the touchscreen display and if need be you can install any
software updates to your security system with a USB stick. “Keep in mind AlarmClub can
remotely update your firmware if you have our alarm monitoring services. To future proof the Honeywell Lyric security
system they have allotted another radio input for future compatibility in the event there
are changes to the current radio standards. This feature is located directly above where
the current lyric cellular radio is to be installed. The activation of Honeywell’s Total Connect
2.0 in conjunction with the Honeywell Lyric security system unlocks so many features and
allows you to control connected security and z-wave automation devices from anywhere in
the world with an internet connection via IOS or android smart devices. We hope you enjoyed our Honeywell Lyric Security System Review video please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page and if you
click the information button above you will be able to see all of our Honeywell Lyric
how-to-videos. If you have any questions as always feel free to contact us at 1-844-335-5897.

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  1. Appreciate the knowledge. Probably installed over 200 and had nooo idea about all these cool features! Thanks

  2. Best system made ever! We are having this in our new house and we’re going to have panic switches set up as fire zones! And other stuff like that

  3. I use this keypad in our front entrance and it has been working great.>>> It was very easy to setup, User Manual is in the comments below. I would suggest looking at the wiring and what equipment it connects to before purchasing, but all in all it is a solid piece of hardware and will do a great job at the basic home security system functions that a homeowner would need.

  4. Bought a couple of Honeywell Lyric Controller LCP500-L alarm panels in ebay. Unfortunately, previous owner doesn't know installer and master codes. The default 4112 and 1234 codes don't work. He was the 2nd owner himself and bought them from a garage sale. Any way to factory reset these units if I don't have these codes? I would like to sign these up with your service for my mom and sister. All I have are the MAC addresses and CRC of the units. Thanks.

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