Honeywell Smart Home Security System Doubles as Amazon Alexa!

Honeywell Smart Home Security System Doubles as Amazon Alexa!

– Security systems are a
crucial part of any home, protecting you, your
family, and your valuables. Home security used to be expensive, requiring equipment to be
professionally installed, and also requiring lengthy
contracts, as well. Nowadays, smart home
tech has gotten so good, that we’re able to build our own home security systems that are reliable, using components from companies we trust. Honeywell set out to make an all-in-one home security solution
that’s both cost effective and something that’s easy for
anyone to set up and install. Today I’m gonna give you a look at the Honeywell Smart Home
Security Starter Kit and how easy it is to integrate
into any home or apartment. What’s going on, tech squad? Andru Edwards here,
editor-in-chief for If this is your first time here, this channel is all about
tech, gadgets, and gaming. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, feel free to hit the
subscribe button down below along with the bell notification icon so you don’t miss any future videos. As I mentioned, today we are taking a look at this right here. This is Honeywell’s Smart
Home Security Starter Kit. It’s an all-in-one self monitored system, which means you set it up
and you control everything with no need for a
contract or monthly fee. And it’s also got some smart
home features up its sleeve including being able to be
controlled not with just Alexa and Google Assistant but also, it has Alexa built into
the device as well. And by the way, big shout out to Honeywell for sending over the Smart
Home Security Starter Kit and for sponsoring this video. As I mentioned, this is the Honeywell Smart Home
Security Starter Kit. On the inside of the box you’re gonna get a camera base station with
Alexa built-in, as I mentioned, along with two door and
window access sensors, a remote key fob and instructions to download the mobile app. The camera base station serves
as the hub of the system, its got a 1080p camera that supports both facial recognition and motion sensing. Its also got two-way audio built-in, that’s going to allow you
to communicate with anyone in your home when you’re
away using the Honeywell app. The base station also has a
three microphone array built-in, which means that no matter
where you are in the room, it should be able to hear you. One reason you’re gonna
want it to hear you, besides that two-way
audio communication is because its got Alexa built into the unit. And I know when I was its
got Alexa built-in that, that might be a little confusing because there’s a lot of devices out
there that are controllable by Amazon’s smart assistant
but when I say it’s built-in what I mean is, you can
actually talk to Alexa through the base station as
if it were an Amazon Echo. That means, when you’re
near it, you can ask the base station things like
the upcoming weather forecast, you can use it to control your lights and smart home devices
or even listen to music. Its got a speaker built-in,
the speaker is pretty powerful and it also doubles as a
90 decibel security alarm to scare away intruders. Now not only is Alexa built-in but it’s also Alexa controllable as well. If you have multiple Echo
devices around your home, you can change modes
on the security system using any of them. Oh, and if you’re a Google Assistant user, with Google Home devices
spread throughout your house, you can control the system
using those as well. I mentioned facial recognition being built into the base station too. They way that works is,
you can get a notification through the smartphone app letting you know who has arrived at home if it’s someone that its
been programed to recognize. Now it’s someone who it doesn’t
recognize enters your home, you can actually set it to start recording and send you a notification
when that happens. The Honeywell Base Station
will save recorded clips in the cloud for 24 hours
allowing you to access all of them through the app
and you can even download them to save them permanently if you choose to. The Honeywell Home Security
Base Station is powered by a wall outlet and
if you ever lose power, its also got a built-in
battery that will give it a 30-minute power reserve. The station is powered by an
eight core Snapdragon processor to make sure you never miss any action. And it supports 802.11
a/b/g/n and ac Wi-Fi on both the 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz bands along with support for
Z-Wave Plus devices as well. The base station communicates
with other sensors using Honeywell’s proprietary
Wiselink Security Protocol. It also uses standard encryption practices to make sure things are safe and secure. Now let’s take a look at
the door and window sensors. Paired with the base station,
these will notify you when doors or windows have
been opened and closed. And, they can trigger the
camera to start recording and can also set the alarm
to sound if you’re away. The battery in the sensors
lasts up to four years and changing the battery is pretty simple. On the back, it comes
with double-sided tape so you can just stick them on
a wall or on a window sill. The included remote control can
be attached to your keychain and lets you control the alarm system and change modes with a
simple press of a button. The battery in the remote
lasts up to five years and it’s great to have a
physical remote with you in case you don’t have a phone handy or in case your phone is dead. The Honeywell Home Security System is flexible and expandable. You can add additional
components like motion sensors and even more cameras. They all communicate with the base station to make sure everything
stays up and running. It’s an affordable and simple way to protect your home or apartment. The Honeywell Smart Home Security
Starter Kit starts at $449 as configured here in the box but if you go over to the
website you can actually see different packages and
bundles that will allow you to get all the different components that you need for your specific use case. Now I wanna hear from you guys, what did you think of Honeywell’s Smart Home Security System Started Kit? The home security system in a box. Is it something that you
would be interested in? Do you find it intriguing
to be able to monitor your own home when you’re
away instead of paying a monthly fee to a more
traditional service? Sound off in the comments below. I’ll meet you there
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watching, as always guys, I appreciate your support. I’m Andru Edwards and I’ll
catch you in the next video. (upbeat, energetic music)

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  1. Hey or I wasn't getting the notifications or you were not uploading videos, nice one from Honeywell, very featured at least.
    Vudu liked as always man

  2. I still haven't decided on what home security devices to use.
    But I do like the non-contract binding aspect of this. I like the idea of a simplified device that doesn't require a monthly fee to some company.

  3. The notification picture looks like you were in the incredibles movie with that black mask LOL! I like the no contract no monthly fee

  4. Hi, excuse me, does anyone know if I can hire monitoring?
    What kind of communication protocols does it use, Contact ID, SIA?
    Can I add an outdoor siren?

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