Honeywell VISTA: Program *92, Tip and Ring

Honeywell VISTA: Program *92, Tip and Ring

[LOGO SOUND] Hi DIYers. It’s Frank at Alarm Grid here. And we’re in the Alarm Grid
lab, working on the 6160 RF keypad with our Vista-21 iP. Today, we’ll be working on the
phone line monitoring options. So assuming that you have a POTS
or analog phone line connected to your Tip and Ring incoming
line on your Vista control board, this will be a
selection *92 field, where you can actually monitor
that physical connection to the panel. So if it were ever to be
cut, severed in any way, or compromised, you would know
immediately on the keypad– through the display and sound. And also it will actually
report to the central station– if you have monitoring– that
your phone line has been cut. So what we’d like to do here
is pop in the programming and show you how to
enable this feature. There are two entries. The first entry is for
the number of minutes that the system
will allow to pass, before the trouble is issued. And then the second entry
will be whether or not you want that trouble to
voice-enunciate or come through the speaker
on your keypad as well as show on the display. So we’ll jump right
into programming. We’ll do 4-1-1-2-8-0-0. Now, again, the
installer code that we have is on default.
Generally, your installer code is probably changed by now. So whatever that installer
code is– you can enter that, followed by 800. You’ll see installer code
20 on any alpha keypad. If you’re on a fixed English
keypad, then you’ll see a 20 on the screen and no
AC on the top right. Both types of keypads
will work for this. So we’ll enter a *9-2, and
you’ll see Telco Monitor here. The next thing we’re going
to do is to choose a 2 entry. So if we do want
to monitor it, we can choose the number
of minutes– the number of minutes being 1 through 15. So if you want to allow
a longer period of time for whatever reason,
you can do so. Today, we’ll just enter a 1. So after one single
minute, the system will issue a trouble if that
line is not sensed on those Tip and Ring connections. The next selection is
the keypad– trouble being issued on the
display and the sound, locally, on the system. So we’ll enter a 1 to
enable that as well. And it’ll automatically
bump to 93. We’ll then enter *9-9,
to exit programming. And you are now ready
to monitor your phone lines’ physical connection. If you ever want
to disable that, or if you do remove your phone
line in the future and switch over to internet or cellular–
which has its own benefits for the purposes of total
connect and also added reliability on the cellular
side –or if you ever have a line-cut situation, then
what you want to do is go back into programming, hit
*92, followed by 0-0. That will disable the phone
line monitoring setting, and then you can exit,
hitting *99 again. If you do have any further
questions on monitoring your phone line on
your Vista panel, you can email us at
[email protected]

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5 Replies to “Honeywell VISTA: Program *92, Tip and Ring”

  1. bought a house with bay alarm but didn't know the code…your vid worked perfect to reset it. Bay alarm would not help said I needed to pay a 3 year contract to get working Thank you so much

  2. I tried disabling the FC code on my alarm system but it keeps coming back I followed this video in a previous video but for some reason it keeps sending the same code back I contacted your customer service and they're trying to sell me a monitoring service can you please help

  3. please when i powered op my vista 128 panel the power is not stable and keeps going on and off, I am using the original 16.5ACV that came with the panel….what could possibly be the cost and solution.

  4. How do I get a 21ip that cycles between DIALER OFF and ready
    to arm to stop showing Dialer Off? I have tried: 41*, *42*, *94 and *92 0
    0.  And it still shows Dialer Off.

  5. I've set my mobile phone number as the primary phone number on my vista 250. I don't use a monitoring company. When there is an alarm, the system calls my phone, but even after I have turned off the alarm, it will call back around 8 times. Any ideas?

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