Honeywells IP Cameras at ISC West 2012

Honeywells IP Cameras at ISC West 2012

Hi, I’m Lindsay Ryerson with Honeywell System
Products Americas. I’m here today to talk about our new IP Cameras. Specifically, i’d
like to tell you about oure new Y-Dynamic 720P cameras and our new full-definition 1080p
cameras. With this Honeywell’s now introduced a full prodcut range that incldues product
rane all the way from .vga resolution, 720p hi-def reolution, 1080p full hi-defresolution.
We also offer these cameras in a full range fo formats. We offer them in our accute ppc
camera, our box cameras as well as our indoor dome and vandal dome cameras. These cameras
are also available with industry standard connectivity, with broad integration .So you
can connect this up to a broad range of NVRs with no problems whatsoever. This makes our
system more open than ever before, a full product range like never before, and it allows
honeywell to meet all demands in both enterprise as well as entry level applications. For more
information go to and find out additional information and specifications
on our full product range.

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