honor 5c honor 8 hard reset unlock pattern lock format password

honor 5c honor 8 hard reset unlock pattern lock format password

hello you tubes welcome to my channel hard reset and today am going to show you how to bypass your phone lock in honor 5c or any other android phone so if your honor 5c is hanging or it is giving you problem like startup problem hanging at logo network issue and other software issue such as network heating issue or forgot pattern lock you can perform hard reset in your android phone i.e honor 5c to eliminate problem in your phone so what you have to do is you have to perform step by step process in the video mention ed and note this will wipe your all data in your phone including pattern lock or any other lock in your phone it will bypass your phone lock and also delete all user data in your phone so please backup data before performing this so if you are interestedo0r solve many software problem in your phone so stay tuned to bypass your phone lock now here you got your phone and you want to bypass your phone lock and you forgot ists you have to switch of reboot your honor 5c by pressing power button or by removing battery sop now i am going to switch of my phone by pressing power button nolw when your phone is switched off you have to press volume button and power button for ten second untill your phone boot into recovery mode when android logo comes leave power button but keep pressing volume up button until your phone boots into recovery mode now my honor 5c would boot in to recovery mode and this is recovery mode in recovery mode there are three options select second option wipe data factory reset wipe data factory reset will delete all user data in your honor 5c including your contacts so select delete all my user data in your phone now this will start formating in your phone hard reset in honor 5c this will take time according to data in your phone so please be patient until this process complete thiswill surely bypass phone lock in your phone now here it is done and i will select firt option reboot phone now now phone will start normaly but it will take a quite time for firt time as it is starting for firt time it will loadall the ui in the phone so it will take time to start your phone next time you start your honor 5c then it would start normaly so please be patient untill your phone starts if you have any question regarding hard reset or android mobile comment in this comment box below if you want to take care of your mobile by better way

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  2. how to unlock my honer mobile asking emil id that used in it before but i forgot it what can i do can i use this method

  3. Mere Bhai know that anou Neredmet password to do na khol diya hai bhai to your Gmail ID with Mangala Gaya Kya Hoga Bhai aap ko bataya keystroke logger

  4. Rest hone ke baad kyse open hoga ye to gmail maag raha hai lskin mujhe us डिवाइस ka gmail nahi yaad hai jab may gmail dalta hu naya to old gmail magta hai kya karu may

  5. My phone is honor 8c account recovery and i forgot my password . Can you make an easy video to open my phone as above

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