How Do I Flash Upgrade My 2GIG GC3 Alarm System?

Hey, DIYers. I’m Jorge from AlarmGrid. Today, we’re going
to be going over how to flash upgrade your GC3. So right here, I have a GC3. It is on the second revision. So you guys are
actually going to be able to be seeing me upgrade
it to the newest firmware right now. So just recently, 2GIG released
the new firmware update for the GC3 that actually
allows partitioning. So this will be one of the first
wireless all-in-one systems that you can do partitions with. So that’s something
exciting to know. And again, that’s on the
latest firmware version. That’s 3.2.0 and then a couple
of other numbers after that. And I’m going to
show you guys how to get to that in just
a moment, all right. So the first thing
you want to do is make sure you have
your GC3 powered on. You’re going to need an
empty USB drive, right? Doesn’t matter the
size because the file that you’re putting
on this is very small. So you just have to make sure
that it’s completely empty. And you need a
computer or a tablet. So well, actually,
you do need a computer because you need to be able to
transfer it from your computer to your USB drive. Today, I’m going to
be showing you how to get to that from a tablet. That way, you guys can know
how to navigate to the file to download for the GC3. So the first thing you
want to go ahead and do is, I’m going to go
ahead and get my tablet. You’re going to want to go
to our website So let me go ahead and start
setting this up for you guys. So you can use any web browser. I’m going to be using Safari. I’m going to go to our
website It’s going to take you
to our main landing page. Now, if you’re doing
this on a computer, you’re going to see the blue
navigation bar at the very top. And to the right-hand side,
you should see a search option. All I’m going to do,
since I’m on a tablet, I actually have to hit
the little menu sign. And I’m going to go to Search. And I’m going to type
in something simple– GC3 firmware update. Once I hit Search,
it’s going to take me to my GC3 firmware page. This is going to be
where you’re going to download the file from so you
can transfer it onto the USB. Now, the file download is going
to be directly from a Dropbox link that we
provide for you guys so you guys can download it. So give me a moment. So you’re going to scroll past
the little Google results. Could be two or three links. For me, it’s those top two. And I’m going to do the how do
I flash upgrade my two gig GC3 alarm system. Well, I’m sorry– that
is not the one you want. You’re going to want to go to
the 2GIG GC3 firmware updates. So right there, it’s going to
have all the release notes. It’s going to have all the
instructions, everything you need to do. And at the very
top, you’re going to see a green button that
says Download Current Firmware. Now, again, this is all free. As long as you have a
USB stick and as long as you have a computer, you
can flash upgrade your GC3 for free. Now, if you guys
don’t have a computer, don’t have a USB
stick, but your GC3 is being monitored with an cellular module, we can push it down remotely. However, there is a
fee for that, right? charges for that. So we also have to charge you. It’s not a big fee, maybe like
$3, somewhere around that area. But again, that’s
only if you don’t have a computer or a
USB stick and you really want to get that
firmware update. We can do it remotely. It would just have
a small little fee. But if you’re looking
for free, it’s all done through the
website and a USB stick. So now that you’re there on
the GC3 firmware update page, all you do is hit
the green button that says Download Current Firmware. It’s going to take you
to our Dropbox link. Soon as you get to the Dropbox
link, give it a second. Well, I’m doing it
on a tablet, I’m going to do continue to website. And usually, if you’re
doing this in a browser, you will have a download button. If you’re not seeing
the download button on your browser, there should
be three dots on the top right corner of your web page. If you just tap on those three
dots, do Direct Download. Direct Download is going to save
that file onto your computer. Now, after you’ve saved
it onto your computer, all you have to do since
it’s just a simple file– it doesn’t need any unzipping
or anything like that– you’re just going to click it,
drag and drop it into your USB. So make sure that your USB is
plugged into your computer. You click and drag the file. You drop it into your USB. Inject the USB. Don’t just pull it out because
you don’t want anything to get corrupted. Do the eject option. You pull the USB out. Now we’re going to get to the
actual plugging in the USB to the GC3. So the GC3’s USB
slot is actually at the very top right
here in the center. There’s a little rubber socket
that’s keeping it closed. I’m going to go ahead and
show you guys real quick. This little rubber
socket right here, you can use your finger
just to take it out. And if you can’t take
it out with your finger if you don’t have
any nails, you can try getting a little
of flathead and just putting it there and just
popping it right out. It comes right off. That’s the USB slot
that you’re looking for. All you’re going
to do is insert it. Now, see, I’m at
the home screen. Once I insert it,
it’s going to ask me if I want to upgrade
the firmware update. You’ll see. So I plug it in. Here, hold on. Let me put this here. Good. I’m not that tall,
so I can’t see. Sorry, guys. All right, I’m taking it off. So I accidentally
pressed the button on the screen which
pulled up a little menu. But as you saw, as soon as I– is this on correctly? You’ll see, as soon
as I plug it in, you get the option
firmware update available from USB drive. Hit Update. It’s going to ask you
to enter in your code to access the settings. I’m just going to enter in
my master code, 1 1 1 1. It’s going to say– Updating. Please wait. Yeah, now, your master
code, I use one 1 1 1 1 because that’s my default
master code for the system. Yours could be different. Yours could be the code that
you use to arm and disarm the system normally. Yeah, so make sure you
guys use the master code. I think you should also be
able to use the installer code, which, that by
default is 1 5 6 1 as well. So a master code
or installer code. And it’s going to start
decoding the firmware update, formatting the partitions. And yeah, it’s just
going to take you through a whole landing screen,
through the whole loading and update screen here. Once the gray bar is
full, obviously, that means that the firmware
update is done. And it should let you know. All right. So once the panel
update has completed, it’ll actually say rebooting. So that panel, it just told me
it’s going to start rebooting. And now, we’re just
waiting for it to power on. And it should power on with
the newest firmware update. To confirm, I’ll show you
where to check for that. It’s very easy to check. I’ll wait till it
completely powers on, and then I’ll show
you where to go. So the system rebooted back up. It’s in a ready to arm state. I can go ahead and
remove the USB stick. Place the little plastic
connector piece back on. And now, just to confirm
that we are on the latest firmware version, we’re
going to go ahead and go to System Settings. Enter in your master
code or install code. I’m going to use the
installer code 1 5 6 1. I’m going to go down. So let me see. Actually– Sorry. It’s a lot easier than that. You honestly just have to
go to System Info and Usage to check the firmware update. Hit System Info. And right there,
it shows you we’re on firmware version 3.2.0. Before, we were on firmware
version 3.1 point something, right? So like I said, this
new firmer version, a lot of new exciting news
to come with it, especially because now it has partitions. That was just a
quick video on how to flash upgrade
the GC3 firmware. Remember, you need a USB stick,
or you need an cell module that’s activated. And we can push
it down remotely, but there’s a fee for that one. The USB stick is free. If you guys found
this video helpful, make sure you hit
“like,” underneath, subscribe to the
YouTube channel, and enable notifications. That way, when we
upload new content, you guys do get notified. I’m Jorge. I’ll see you guys next time.

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