How New Yorkers Really Feel About “Surveillance Capitalism” | Fast Company

How New Yorkers Really Feel About “Surveillance Capitalism” | Fast Company

– [John] We’re wondering whether you read terms of service ever? – No.
– Yeah. – I am a nightmare, no, I don’t. I just go click. – I skim it. – I’m gonna be honest, I am a millennial, I don’t really take the time
to read as much as I should. (whimsical music) – In our daily lives, we’re
bombarded by advertising. It’s when it starts to get personal that it can get a little bit scary. So we’re here in New York
City to ask New Yorkers is targeted advertising
as bad as it sounds and what are they doing
to keep themselves safe? So, when I say targeted
advertising, you say or think? – Stalkerish advertising. – You’ll say something to
a friend, on like Facebook or something, then all of a sudden, you searched it, suddenly they at you, and you’re like I didn’t search for that. – What I do know about
targeted advertising is that it’s actually
becoming quite an annoyance. – I work in tech-based retail, so we do a lot with targeted advertising. – I remember one time, I
was talking about yogurt, just the benefits of yogurt to a friend. I didn’t Google it or anything, and then all of a sudden, it
pops up as an ad on Facebook. And I thought that was
the creepiest thing. – I actually just ordered a
couple of things from adidas, and now all the things that I didn’t get that were in my cart
are starting to come up on my Facebook, on my Twitter, on all different social media platforms. – [John] How does that make you feel? Does that make you paranoid,
or anxious or frustrated? – Well, all the new advertising that’s being targeted
is one of the reasons why I’m wearing sunglasses right now because I wouldn’t
wanna walk past a camera that’s gonna scan my retinas. – Yeah, that does give
me a little bit of pause, but it gives me pause and then I move on with my life. (laughs) – I do think that there’s
a whole new technology when it comes to audio. I’m not sure exactly
if anybody’s listening. I do think that that’s the factor that everybody is nervous about. – The thing that worries me the most is that I know like, the
government definitely has access to everything
that we’re searching up, and I’m upset that they
might be selling like, my information, personally. – I’m afraid to think of
the worst case scenario. I think that, I mean, the
fact that, I don’t know, I might be like, being listened to, or my texts might be scanned for things, and that’s kind of like,
worse enough for me. – [John] Have you ever bought anything that was targeted to you online? – Yeah, Amazon. It was something silly. It was for one of my kids, it was. It was like a Christmas present. I was trying to think of like, my son’s really into dinosaurs, and then all of a sudden like,
this T. Rex game came up, and I was like, that’s actually perfect. – Yes, I actually do respond to it because I’m curious to see if they are actually getting what I did pick or if they’re giving me things that are suggested or
things near what I wanted. And you know, even if it
is near what I wanted, it’s good to see other options. I like, on YouTube, how
you can see, you know, suggested videos next to what you want, and on Amazon you can see
suggested products, as well. – I mean, it’s a necessary evil because we have to keep
some sort of economy going and people need to get paid, so like I said, it’s a necessary evil, but it’s not something that
I would really ever opt into. – [John] Would you pay, say, $15 a month to prevent Facebook from using
or selling any of your data? – That’s a very good question. I probably would. Actually, I honestly couldn’t answer that. I don’t know. ‘Cause I mean, that’s like
15 bucks a month! (laughs) – That’s a lot of money,
so I probably wouldn’t, but if they’re really like,
just giving away my information, I’d probably just stop it and just like, discontinue using any of the apps. – If I had to pay $15 a
month, I would delete it, and I would hope that my information would also not be held somewhere. – [John] If you could do one thing to fix the way the internet’s
currently constructed, to make it more decentralized
or better for consumers, what would that be? – I do feel like advertising
is kind of a core part of you know, the world that we live in, you know, we’re trying to make the best, help them make the best
decisions as a consumer, but yeah, it is a little scary when you constantly, everything
you click on is like, there’s a cookie that’s
tracking what you’re doing, are you okay with that blah blah blah? – Being on the same
page with your audience or your customers is
always, I think, imperative when you’re going about
any kind of business. – I think that when a company is saying, hey, like, we are using this information, or like, I’ve signed up for things and it said, hey, we
might use your information with our partners, and I appreciate that, ’cause at least I know, like at least you’re keeping it 100. – Making everything a
little bit more transparent, because a lot of times you are not aware that when you’re clicking
to a website or whatever, that automatically certain
things are being scraped. I think, yeah, just being
transparent with that. I know my company tries to
do the best at, you know, telling our clients, hey, we
are gathering information, we are doing analysis on your experience, are you okay with that? I think just being more upfront about it. (whimsical music)

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  1. Minority Report…..The People are the cattle on The Ranch. Your branded. "They don't really care about you." If the poor get richer, the rich get richest. Human Trafficking…Justice Roberts, don't think they don't target your kids. Right?

  2. I honestly don't care if anyone is watching.What do you have to hide that matters so much? lol

  3. I honestly don't see why anyone would care, take my information it's not like I'm doing anything with it what's the worst you can do show me an ad for that shaver I've been wanting to get but didn't? Oooooh the horrors، fucking idiots

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