How Pet Immunity Works in a Motion Detector

How Pet Immunity Works in a Motion Detector

[CLICKING METAL SOUND] Pet immunity is achieved– Petco, we go where the pets
go, or where the pets go. For us, it’s pet no– we
don’t look where the pets go. So generally
speaking, pet immunity is achieved by just
not where pets are. You don’t have to look
downs on pet immune motions. You require at
least a seven foot mounting height– seven and
1/2 feet is usually optimal. The manufacturer of your
lens on a pet immunity motion is usually going
to be different. So there’s going to be
fewer of these lower zones and more up top. You want to put it in
areas where your pets can’t– basically anything
that’s alive that’s not just a tiny bug, if it gets
within six feet of the front, it’s going to trip it. I don’t care how small. I don’t care if it’s the
tiniest little teacup poodle, if can get within
six feet of the front of it– because the closer you get
to it, the bigger you look. So you have to mount
your motion detectors where cats or dogs
can’t climb on furniture to get within six feet
of the front of it. They can’t climb on the
curtains, the blinds, or anything else. Upstairs, a lot of
people will put a motion where it looks– where
you’re going up the stairs, and the dogs will go up
the stairs and set it off. And then the other
thing you could do, is the pulse count
that we talked about. So usually on these, if there
is a pulse count option, they’ll tell you to set it on
a higher setting, or the less sensitive setting.

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