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– Maybe the worst feeling in the world is walking out to where
you parked your car, only to find that your
car’s not there anymore. Makes me wanna punch the
world in the (bleep) face! So how do you make sure
your car doesn’t get stolen? But before we get to that, I want to thank this
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first month of smelling good. Smell good with Scentbird today. In America a car gets
stolen every 41 seconds. Some cars have their VIN
numbers removed or replaced, and then are sold. But most of them are stolen just for a joyride before they’re discarded. If you consider that
every one of those cars may be the owners biggest
financial investment. That’s a really inconsiderate
thing to do to someone. We hate car thieves
just as much as you do. So we’re gonna show you some airtight ways you can protect your
vehicle from being stolen. Then we’re gonna rate them using Donut’s own patented scoring system. Dissuading Offenders from Usurping Goods. And yes, we’ll get to that crazy South African flamethrower stuff. But first, let’s start with
some common sense basics. Make sure you don’t have
anything in plain sight that can be stolen. Park in well lit areas around other cars. Always secure your car
before you walk away from it. It sounds like a no-brainer. I give locking your car a 10/10 for value because its free, and a
7/10 for effectiveness. When it comes to protecting your car, an alarm isn’t gonna do much. A study done in the 90’s found that 95-99% of triggered
car alarms are false alarms. The main purpose of a car alarm, is to alarm everyone around them that someone is stealing a car. But they go off all the
time, so no one really cares. I give car alarms a 4/10 on value, and a 4/10 on effectiveness. On my Dissuading Offenders
from Usurping Goods score. – [Man] What! – Let’s get to some things
that can actually help you. Steering wheel locks are
a cheap and effective way to prevent your car from being stolen. These devices lock
horizontally or vertically across your steering wheel. If a carjacker tries to steal your car, they can still hot wire it. But once they get it going, they’ll only be able to turn the steering
wheel a small distance before the extending bars stop
it from turning any further. Steering wheel locks run
about 20 or 30 bucks, but can be as high as 150
bucks for the fancy one. Honestly, the cheaper ones
will do just as good a job. My Dissuading Offenders
from Usurping Goods score is 10/10 for value,
7/10 for effectiveness. Tracking devices won’t
do anything to prevent your car from being stolen. But once stolen, can help
you get your car back. The LoJack is the only tracking device that’s directly integrated with state and local law enforcement. It uses powerful radio frequencies, that can transmit through
materials like solid concrete. And the website boasts that
it has a 90% recovery rate. But you’re also gonna pay a
pretty penny for the device. And it has to be professionally installed. Compared to other GPS tracking devices, that cost around 70-100 bucks, you have to wonder if it’s worth it. Plus, it doesn’t really stop
your car from being stolen. Meh, I don’t know. My Dissuading Offenders
from Usurping Goods score for the LoJack is 2/10 for
value, 5/10 for effectiveness. One drastic and effective
way to stop a car thief is to install a kill switch. A common type of kill switch
is the ignition kill switch. It’s very effective, the
thief would have to know that there’s an ignition
switch somewhere in the car. And second, know where
it is to turn it on. Aside from that, there’s
a remote kill switch, that allows you to cut off your battery from a long distance. Say you walk out to the spot where your car’s supposed to be. And look up, and see your car speeding off into the distance. And you’re not in it. (boom) Alright, it won’t blow up your car but it will disengage the
battery, effectively stopping it. These devices are very
effective, and will run you about 50 bucks plus installation. My Dissuading Offenders
from Usurping Goods score for kill switches is 8/10 for
value, 9/10 for effectiveness. If you’ve ever parked your car
on the street for too long, you know what a tire lock looks like. Police call it the boot. It’s becoming a popular anti-theft
device for us civilians. It works basically the same way
a steering wheel lock works. It clamps on to one of your wheels and locks it into a closed position. Say a carjacker breaks into your car, they’re only gonna be able to a few inches before the device hits the
pavement, or your wheel well. Preventing it from going any further. These types of locks are
still on the cheaper end, but can be very effective. My Dissuading Offenders
from Usurping Goods score for the tire lock is 9/10 for
value, 8/10 for effectiveness. I don’t it want it to scrape up my car. There are also other types of locks you can get for your car. A hood lock specifically designed so no one can access your engine, and a clutch pedal lock from Amanifam. With manual transmissions
becoming more rare by the day. A manual car can actually be
its own anti-theft device. If you’re looking for an anti-theft device that will actually blow some shit up, you might have to move to South Africa. This flamethrower is activated from a foot switch next to the gas pedal. Gas pedal, da da da
gasolina, my conta gasolina. Oh man, I miss sixth grade. It is only engaged after
a special key is turned. It’s meant to deter carjackers who stop cars when they’re driving. Which is still a huge
problem in South Africa. On my totally original Dissuading Offenders
from Usurping Goods scale I give the flamethrower a 5/10 for value, because I can’t imagine its cheap, and a 10/10 for effectiveness. Sometimes just having a certain car makes you an even bigger target. It’s well known that older
Hondas are pretty easy to steal. But it’s not just Hondas that get stolen, here are the top 10 most
stolen cars in America. Alex, hit that national anthem. Honda Accord, Honda Civic,
Chevy Silverado, Toyota Camry, Ford F150, Nissan Altima,
Toyota Corolla, Ford F250, Ford Econoline van, and the Chevy Impala. With all these tips,
and use of common sense, hopefully you’ll never have
that gut-wrenching feeling of not seeing your car. – Dude can you please stop
using my car for your videos? – Never. Thanks for watching this
episode of WheelHouse, I hope you guys enjoyed it. I hope you guys put these tips into effect and help your car from being stolen. I wouldn’t want any of you
guys to have your cars stolen. Because I love you. Check it this episode of
Up to Speed right here, check out last week’s episode
of WheelHouse right here. I have to go explain to my boss why I spent 150 bucks on security stuff. Donut @donutmedia. Be nice, see you next time.

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