How to Arm and Disarm Ring Alarm

How to Arm and Disarm Ring Alarm

Congratulations on your new Ring Alarm system. Here are a few things to remember. Ring Alarm has three security modes. Away monitors all your sensors. You should use this when
you’ll be away from your home, like going to work or on vacation. Home only monitors your perimeter sensors. You should use this
when you’re in your home and not going out. Like relaxing after
work or going to sleep. Disarmed doesn’t monitor any sensors. You should use this if you’re going in and out of your home often. You can arm your system
by switching to home or away modes. To arm your system using the keypad, enter your four digit access code then press the home or away buttons. To disarm your system,
enter your four digit access code then press
the disarmed button. You can also arm and
disarm from the Ring app. On the dashboard, tap the alarm tile, then tap Away or Home to arm or tap Disarmed to disarm. If sensors are tripped when
you try to arm the system, you’ll have to clear them,
or bypass them first. Bypassing sensors means
Ring Alarm will not monitor the trip sensors while it’s armed. If there’s an emergency in your home, activate Ring Alarm’s panic alarm. Press and hold the
check mark and X buttons on your keypad to instantly
send the panic alarm. Authorities will then be
dispatched to your home. If you’ve enrolled in
professional security monitoring through Ring Protect,
you may need to obtain a permit before monitoring your home. Check your email for more details about permits and monitoring. For more information about Ring Alarm and other Ring products,
visit us at With Ring, you’re always home.

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17 Replies to “How to Arm and Disarm Ring Alarm”

  1. When the Ring alarm activates, does it activate the sirens on floodlight/spotlight camera too?

  2. If the system is armed and I open the front door when returning home, how much time do I have to disarm the system via the keypad before the alarm goes off?

  3. Is there a way to change the chime sounds when a door is opened? If not that would be amazing to implement in a future update.

  4. My aunt once had a home that verbally stated what door opened (front/back/kitchen/etc.). I think that would be a nice touch in the future.

  5. Seems like I shouldn't have to enter my passcode to arm the system. No other alarm system I'm aware requires this. Hopefully they will change this in a firmware update.

  6. When will the panel/keypads be replaced with something more modern instead of the 1970's keypads? Looking for something that can provide more data. Also heard there is no distress code option. Is this in the works?

  7. In HOME mode, how do i set the alarm to know that my back and front door must be alarm/sirene set, and internal moving sensors at bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc must not be armed?

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