How to Build a Laser Security System

How to Build a Laser Security System

How to Build a Laser Security System. Got
a mystery to solve? Somebody’s been making off with your stuff, and you don’t have
a clue who it is, do you? Here’s your chance to catch them in the act. You will need A
laser pointer Some Duct tape A few small mirrors An L.M.741 microchip A 220-ohm resistor A
photocell An inexpensive digital camera An extra small screwdriver A wire coat hanger
Some thin, insulated wire A printed circuit board A 9 volt battery A 9 volt battery clip
Soldering equipment A pair of wire cutters A soap caddy with drainage holes and a voltage
relay. Step 1. Build the circuit. Center the microchip on the circuit board. Pop in the
voltage regulator. Connect the battery clip leads to the regulator. Run 2 more leads out
from the regulator. Pop in the resistor and the photo cell. Link the chip to the photo
cell. Pop in the relay. Link the chip to it as well. Link the other side of the relay
to “power.” Step 2. Disassemble the digital camera so you can access the board connected
to the camera’s trigger button. You may have to remove the camera’s board to get
a good solder point on the terminal. Step 3. Look for the two tiny terminals that lead
to the trigger button. Solder wires to each of these terminals and feed them through the
trigger button hole. Step 4. Reassemble the camera. If you can’t get it back together
easily, use duct tape to keep it closed. Just don’t tape over the lens. Step 5. Position
the circuit inside the soap caddy so the photocell is exposed behind one of the holes. Step 6.
Connect the battery to the circuit, and use tape to secure the whole assemblage inside
the box. Step 7. Slip the two wires coming from the camera through another hole, and
attach them to either side of the voltage relay. Step 8. Cut the coat hanger into several
pieces. Tape one piece to the laser pointer and the others to the back of the mirrors.
Step 9. Place the camera in an inconspicuous location with the lens pointing at the object
you want to protect and secure it in place. Step 10. Position the laser pointer in another
inconspicuous place and secure it too. Step 11. Place the mirrors to create a perimeter
around the object you’re protecting, adjusting them until the laser hits the photocell. Step
12. Now break the beam to test the system… And get ready to confront the perpetrator
with your irrefutable evidence. Did you know The term LASER is really an acronym for Light
Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

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100 Replies to “How to Build a Laser Security System”

  1. while he was saying the required thing i didnt knew most of it at that moment i knew that i will build some.thing to warn me when someone entre my room to play with my ps3 🙁

  2. Simple, Just Get a dummy Camera, Keep it in Visible Place, A small Orange LED as Laser beam & Attention Note: Danger/BEWARE Laser Beam is ON. it works.

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  4. Things you'll need : laser pen, Alarm system.

    Step one put lazer pen near door with alarm system.
    step two activate alarm system
    step three catch theif
    step four smile

  5. I actually own most of this…all except the soldering tools
    I have this electronics learning lab kit, came with a bunch of components…all i need is the soldering tool…this would be a nice project for me as I have security problems

  6. I'm going to make this for a physics project but I'm wondering why on the list you didn't mention the voltage regulator

  7. I am an electrical engineering student so it was pretty easy to get the materials, however the thing looks to conspicuous once its set up so it will probably deter the thief from taking your 'valuable' 🙁 

  8. I can do an alarm with some transistors, an use an infrared laser and a photo-transistor on the door to activate the alarm with a 7404(not).

  9. Hello,
    I have a question. Can we use a buzzer just instead of the camera, keeping everything else the same? Please help.

  10. can i use buzzer also in this???….. and i want the buzzer to ring for about 1 or 2 minutes even after the intruder gone back from the laser??

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