How to Charge Ring Video Doorbell | Tutorial

How to Charge Ring Video Doorbell | Tutorial

if you’re running your ring doorbell off its internal battery every once in a while you’ll need to recharge it it’s important to make sure you charger in doorbell before the battery dies completely since if this happens you may need to go through the setup process again this is why we send you multiple alerts via email as well as in the Ring app when your battery is running low to charge your ring doorbell first remove it from the mounting bracket do this by loosening the two security screws on the bottom with a star-shaped end of the ring screwdriver then slide your doorbell up and off of the mounting bracket using the orange cable that came with your ring doorbell or any other microUSB cable you have handy plug one end into the charging port on the back of your ring doorbell and the other into a power source we recommend using a 2.1 amp wall charger since this will charge your ring doorbell the fastest generally within four to five hours if you don’t have a wall charger you can charge your ring doorbell by connecting it to your computer’s USB port but note that this will take longer up to 12 hours no charging the round light on the front of your ring doorbell will indicate the charge per set you’ll know your ring doorbell is fully charged when this light is solid blue don’t worry if the in-app battery percentage does not update while the battery charges the battery percentage that displays in app updates after every ring or a motion event so the next time the button on your ring doorbell is pressed or it detects motion the app will reflect the battery life at that moment once your doorbell is fully charged unplug the microUSB cable and put your doorbell back on the mounting bracket then tighten the security screws to lock your doorbell in place if you find your battery is draining more often than you like you may want to experiment with your emotion settings since motion detection tends to have a big impact on battery life if you need additional help feel free to reach out to our support team or visit slash help with ring you’re always home you

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