How To Do A Turn In The Road (3 point turn)

How To Do A Turn In The Road (3 point turn)

Hello everybody I’m Chris. We’re going to have a look at the ‘turn in the road’ or as it used to be called a ‘three point turn’. This is peoples preferable manoeuvre to carry out on the driving test. The object of this manoeuvre is turn the car around. Normally in three turns using forward and reverse gears. Also remembering to observe for other road users continuously. When starting this manoeuvre make sure that you start in a safe, convenient and legal place. You certainly don’t want to do this on a busy road where there is other people about. In this first part of the video I will be occasionally pausing it to highlight certain points of this manoeuvre . First thing to consider will be the camber of the road. It doesn’t look much but it will affect us during this manoeuvre. We first need to prepare the car. So it will be clutch down, into first gear and then we get the gas and biting point. It’s important to get the biting point here as we’ll be going over the camber up hill slightly. Now we check all around, mirrors, blind spot. We won’t need to signal or other road users will think that we’re driving off. Then as soon as you release the handbrake we will steer full lock, maximum to the right. make sure that the car moves when you do this or otherwise it’s called dry steering and it wears out your tyres As you steer round to the right, I can’t emphasise enough how much that you have to look around… A LOT! Looking left and right continuously looking out especially for pedestrians and cyclists. Now as you get half way across the road the camber of the road will go down hill slightly so be prepared to lower the clutch down and brake a little. Before you stop it’s good to steer a little to the left as this helps for the reversing part. Once you’ve stopped we then put the handbrake on and put it into reverse gear But how do we know when to stop on this first forward part? Well the kerb will look like it goes under the right-hand door mirror. Before you reverse, make sure that you observe around. Make sure that you check the back window as well that’s especially important. If another vehicle approaches you make sure that you wait, see what they’re going to do if they do leave you enough space to finish then maybe it will be safe for you to carry on. Because we are reversing up a camber it’s important to make sure that we get the gas and the biting point. Also bear in mind that reverse gear is very powerful. Be careful not to go too fast on this bit. As soon as you move back, make sure that you steer full lock to the left, steering quickly but driving slowly. You’re then going to go down hill the other side because of the camber clutch down and brake a bit. As you reverse, make sure that you’re checking all around. Check over your left shoulder and right shoulder. Be prepared to steer a little to the right before you stop as this can help for the final forward part. We then put the handbrake on and then into first gear. Now this is your reference point so that you know when to stop. Over your right hand shoulder you’ll see that the kerb disappears into your right hand door pillar. Check around, observe properly and then steer back round to the right again, a bit of a hill start there because of the camber. We will then stop on the left in a safe and convenient place. That’s how you do a turn in the road. Now lets have a look at it again without all the pausing. It’s important when you do this manoeuvre to take your time. drive slowly and steer quickly. Make sure that you observe left and right looking out for other road users Get confident with your reference points. Know exactly when to stop. When you reverse, again make sure that you’re checking around. Especially observe over your left shoulder. Don’t let other cars panic you if they do arrive, they can see that you’re learning. That’s how you do a turn in the road I really hope it’s been useful if this video has then please give us a thumbs up ‘like’ at the bottom of the screen. This helps us to make more videos. Thanks for watching.

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98 Replies to “How To Do A Turn In The Road (3 point turn)”

  1. I tend to have a problem with the dry steering – just for reference, if you do dry steer in your test, will that be a fault?

  2. Hey, why do we need to press gas pedal when reversing? I never do this. Why the need to find butting point when the car moves with only the clutch?

  3. Mate I'm practising my three point turn and my Instructer always says I'm dry steering just before I reach the curb to reverse I brake then handbrake select reverse gear then I turn the wheel but he says I'm dry steering but I do it cos I'm worried about bumping the curb can u giv me advise plz thanks

  4. this is the part where I'm struggling but after watching this video it helped me alot so thanks subscribed πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks so much! I was taught by my previous instructor not to use gas on manoeuvres πŸ™ but I seem to see everyone using gas as well,

    And when the road is downhill or straight, do I raise the clutch to half a bite? Please help!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Why do you need gas and the biting point ? My instructor said you need no gas for doing a 3 point turn just use clutch control and a bit of gas when your making the 3rd turn

  7. It'd be cool if you could film the car reversing from the outside just to see what its like from that angle but great video!

  8. Chris! My instructor had been ripping me off! I changed it into an old lady instructor now. She taught me turn in the road your way. My previous instructor never made me use the handbrake during these manoeuvres. I never used to set gas for moving off, I knew all along this was dry steering. :/ But your vid has helped me recap on my lesson doing the 3.1 turn correctly. So thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  9. absolutely love your videos and they've been very helpful as I'm currently learning , top quality ,very detailed , keep it up πŸ™‚

  10. Thanks for these really useful videos; I passed my driving test yesterday! I will still be referring to these when I get my own car. An excellent learning resource for learners and experienced drivers.

  11. omg I just found this channel!it has helped my understanding so much, as I learn better visually! this has been great after lessons of not understanding the manoeuvres πŸ˜‘

  12. What foot pedals do you mainly use when you're doing this manoeuvre? I always get so panicky when it comes to this one thing

  13. Hi, any chance you could offer tips, or make a video on how to do 3 point turns on particularly tight roads?

  14. I have finished 21 Hrs of driving lessons with a private instructor. But I've only been learning about driving no reversing or parking. Is this normal?

  15. Hi Chris , I am doing my driving lessons in a automatic car, my instructors says that dry steering when doing a manoeuvres is not a minor driving fault in the test. Is this true? cheers

  16. Great video Chris. Not sure if you've made one already – but can you do a video on left and rights in terms of reversing and maneuvers. I get really confused with which way to steer the wheel when reversing or trying to re-align myself if I make a mistake. Are there any techniques or visuals to make it easier to understand?

  17. No point arguing about the choice of left or right handed car in this tutorial. It was all done wonderfully.

  18. just wondering , after reaching the last point you go on driving forward or stop to show you have completed the manoeuvre.

  19. after continuously watching these videos . I was able to pass second time. thanks so much . what a great help you are Chris!

  20. For people like me who are learning to drive this video is a must watch. I done my first turn in the road today and this video helped me greatly

  21. Amazing videos! Very well explained and I find his voice very calm and reassuring. Fingers crossed I pass my test first time, not a beginner but nerves could let me down πŸ™‚

  22. Please when changing gears, not compulsory in doing a 3 point turn, must you go to neutral first before changing to the desired gear you want?

  23. @World Driving : Hi Chris! I hope you live nearby so you can teach me how to do my other maneuvers.I have 30 lessons already but I only know this manoeuvre, turn in the road.I never taught the other maneuvers yet as I am too coward and my instructor know it. Haha.I am so nervous about bay parking,reverse in the corner and parallel parking.

  24. Thanks so much for all your videos!! i passed my test yesterday… first time with only 4 faults πŸ™‚ your videos are all brilliant and they really helped me. i would recommend them to anyone πŸ˜€

  25. I had my test yesterday, and on the lesson beforehand, I did a turn in the road, and I apparently stopped turning too early, cars piled up on either side, and I completely lost in my mind which way I was supposed to turn the wheel, haha, and just started flapping, haha. But then on the test, I got the same move, and nailed it perfectly and passed the test first time with only 4 minors. These videos have been a great help.

  26. DRIVIING TEST: Make sure when you are told to do this in the riving test, make sure you do not turn the steering wheel when the car is stationary, this is called dry steering and it damages the tyres and puts extra mass on the vehicle as the car is stationary

  27. I just got failed on my turn on the road yesterday, didn't help I had two vans to my left and a minibus edging at my right, she said I didn't observe left before setting off right? To me the road I was going into with a moving vehicle had priority, the road was on a bend and had a very bad camber as they say…4 weeks to correct it…

  28. Got this on my test (which I passed) I was so excited when the examiner told me to turn the car around πŸ˜‚

  29. I can never understand checking the back window. You have a mirror that covers the whole back window which is safer to look through.

  30. Since iv started my lessons 5 week ago iv watch all the videos over n over I will be watching this 1 everyday becz this is what I'm doing next. Great channel helps me out loads πŸ‘

  31. Good. I have passed my test few days ago and last time we did you turn was a long time ago so i can practice with your video. Thanks Chris

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