How to enable Z-Wave™ On The 2GIG Go Control Panel

How to enable Z-Wave™ On The 2GIG Go Control Panel

This is Jake Schucker with Reliable Home Security
and today we’re going to learn how to enable Z-Wave™ on your 2GIG Go Control Panel and
this will allow you to learn in your home automation devices such as thermostats, lighting,
and electronic door locks. So to enable the Z-Wave™ on the 2GIG GO
Control Panel, you’ll notice currently the home services button when you select it and
then select it Z-Wave™ and it will tell you that the feature is disabled so we need
to go into programming and not only enable the Z-Wave™ feature, but also enable the
different home automation devices we would like to learn in. So to do that we want to go and hit security
when on it hit menu and then toolbox, you are going to go ahead and enter in your installer
code which is different from the master code, so enter in your installer code, and ours
currently is 1561 and that is the default out of the box for the 2GIG panel. Once you’re in programming you want to hit
the left arrow and scroll over and select installer toolbox, and then we want to go
to system configuration, and this is where the programming for the entire panel lives,
so we need to go the programming fields to turn on Z-Wave™ as well as turn on the home
automation devices we are interested in learning in. So to do that we want to hit go to you 79
79 as you can see the Z-Wave™ features are currently disabled but visible so we want
to scroll over and change it to number 3: enabled on panel, rules disabled, remote access
enabled. If you’re using to control your
interactive features which most of you will be, to control the features from your phone
or computer this is the setting you want to have in because
this will give you the ability to remotely access your lighting or thermostat or our
door lock features. So once we’ve selected number 3: enabled
on panel, rules disabled, remote access enabled, we now have the Z-Wave™ feature on and we
want to go and turn on the different home automation devices one by one. So hit go to you 80 80 as you can see Z-Wave™
switches so these will be for light switches lamp or appliance modules it’s currently
disabled so we just hit the right arrow and scroll over and turn it to enable to turn
it on and that’s all you have to do. Then we’ll go to 81 and this is for the
thermostats to enable thermostats so you want to hit the right scroll arrow to enable it
and turn it on that’s all you need to do there and then you want to go to if you’re interested
in doing locks as well 82 and change that to enable as well by having that right scroll
arrow once again. These are the three main Z-Wave™ features
the 2GIG supports are there are lots hundreds of different in fact Wave™ devices out there
that will learn in as long as one of these three sections in programming is turned on
for Wave™ automation devices. So now we’re done turning on the Z-Wave™
feature as well enabling the lights locks and thermostat features on here we want to
go ahead and hit end and then exit and everything all power down and reboot and save our changes Once the system is power back up, if you select
the home services button now and go ahead and select Z-Wave™ you’ll notice everything
we’ve turned on is there. We have switches thermostats door locks, you’ll also notice
that there’s a scenes button as well as the rules which is disabled is that what we selected
on section 79 up but with future which most you’ll be using are you are able
to create scenes and rules via the website.

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