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Spurs fan spotted sewing during clash with Crystal Palace sends Twitter into meltdown

Spurs fan spotted sewing during clash with Crystal Palace sends Twitter into meltdown

TOTTENHAM had the game sewn up early in their 4-0 demolition of Crystal Palace, so much so that fans were

29 Replies to “How To… Ep.2 – Setup your EZVIZ Account & Cameras Using a Browser”

  1. Not as secure since you have to create an account with ezviz. What happens when ezviz goes out of biz or their website is down?

  2. how to view all cameras in on display page for e.g i have more than 13 cameras, then how should i add ll cameras live in one display page

  3. Thanks for clarifying the install procedure…..why would EZVIZ provide such lax install instructions?  I was about to return mine cause I could not connect using my iPad

  4. Should I plug in to a monitor with the Hdmi cable provided to set up?  mine came with a mouse as well….any info is much appreciated

  5. Can any one explain me that how to stream live view continues instead of after five minutes stop streaming, please explain

  6. My Company is the national distributor of EZVIZ in UAE.If you need any EZVIZ camera in UAE,contact me:+971556441050

  7. Hi, i have a few EZVIZ cams at the office and i´m trying add they at my automation system. Can i control they via http or rtsp without using ezviz app??

  8. Hello, I have a Ezviz camera and I am at the part where it shows the old password and the new password, and I type the old password which is the Verification code, and my question is what do you mean by make sure the passwords are original?

  9. I keep getting this message: "Device is not connected to the service, please check the network." Does anyone know how to fix that?

  10. I keep getting this message…. You have reached the maximum connections to the device…. does anyone know how to fix this? Are there number of connection allowed?

  11. WHY in HELL does Ezviz make using their cameras way ABOVE rocket science.???? their instructions does not work and it is the MOST USELESS camera system in the entire world…. Their help desk is also just as useless and it seems IMPOSSIBLE to make use of their cameras. I am convinced that soon only INSTALLERS will buy these cameras and eventually….they will fail due to not assisting when we ask for assistance.

  12. Which plug-in I need to play the video in the browser? (MAC OS) I have installed the one in ezviz webpage – Downloads and still no video is coming. Says I need to install the plug-in.

  13. Apparently all of this has changed, and the site is no longer accessible. They've removed the login from the top of the screen. You can get to the login by adding /login at the end, but it doesn't take you anywhere once you've logged in.

  14. Bought this a few weeks ago. I am using this cam in combination with my Synology Surveillance station. I needed to found out if this cam worked with rtsp or http adress. There was no documentation at all about this. Most of these cams are all Onvif compatible. After a long search, i could my cam working on the RTSP protocol. The only thing is the Synology Survellance doesnt use RTSP with ffmpeg (movie based), so when i used RTSP i get a verry laggy feed. I tried also an other Surveillance station called MotionEye. Also here is FFMpeg not avaible under RTSP.

    The Ezvid doesnt support mjpeg. I tried a port scan on my Mini O 180. I saw an port 8000 comming up, but couldnt be used as mjpeg (http). If somebody got mjpeg working on this cam, let me know.

    For the ppl who want to use RTSP on Ezviz cams, the adress would be like this: rtsp://admin:[email protected]/

    Username: admin is always standard.
    Password: The verification code can be found on the bottom of the cam on the sticker.
    At x.x.x.x your cams local ip.Can be found with port scanner on a desktop pc. Be sure you pc and cam is connected in the same lan as the WIFI.

  15. This is the absolute best video I have found on the subject of browser viewing EZVIZ cams.

    It not only covers what's missing from the manufacturers manual, it describes every feature in detail…
    – Thank You!


  16. So I got a new phone… Can't link my camera to it cuz it's linked to old phone I no longer have… Am I screwed? I reset my camera but it won't do anything

  17. When I am on the app, I can link the 360 to the vault. It says complete, but when I look under the vault in my app it doesn't list anything a linked, like it shows in the manual. Am I missing something here??

  18. Can someone point me in the direction of instructions for playback? It's a Mini O Plus camera with SD card.

  19. Was that hard putting this link "" and saying taht you MST use I.E. in the description ?
    Came on! We came for solutions …

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