How To Fix A Door That Will Not Latch Lock Or Stay Closed

OK. If you have got a door that is not latching
or it seems to latch but when you try to lock it and when you push on it it just pops open.
First thing you want to check for is to make sure that it’s lining up properly with the
grooves here and this one it may be time for a new latch here. But anyway it appears to
be latching but it appears that this piece is in too far. So what I am going to do is
squeeze that over with a pair of channel locks. Watching for the trim here so that we don’t
damage the trim. What I am going to do is just position the channel locks depending
on which way gives us a better squeeze. I believe it is going to be this way. Yeah I
am just going to squeeze that part in. Pull it out and now we will test our lock. Everything
latches like it should and it can’t be pushed open. We are good to go there.

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