How to Fix ‘DNS Probe Finished No Internet’ Error On Chrome

How to Fix ‘DNS Probe Finished No Internet’ Error On Chrome

Hello there Youtube, welcome back to another
brand new video and this is rafi here form geeks tutorial and today we gonna be show you
how to fix an error called dns prob finished no internet on your google chrome. Stay tune
and fix it. First of all we gonna go to your google chrome, i mean my google chrome and
if i search for any website its keep showing dns prob finished no internet. I will prove
you it will show the same error if i go to any website. Let’s go to bentpixels, lets
go to popads, lets go to infolinks, lets got to or let’s go to pixabay. The
error is here and its the same error. We can check the details, check your internet connection.
So i checked my router and i checked the internet its fine, i will prove you. let’s go to another
browser, we have the explorer here, we have the edge here. because, i’m in windows 10.
So i’m going to edge it’s my another favorite browser. You can see it is all ways using
the internet, for more clarity, let’s search some thing random. You can see the bing is
searching the result. So we came to know the internet is perfectly working on this computer
and the only problem is about the chrome. So i will show you how to fix this error with
no time. Let’s leave this chrome a side and go to your start screen, start menu whatever
and search for cmd on your windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, i’m using it on windows 10.
Cmd is always there on any windows OS. So just go and find command prompt and just simply
click on it, and you need to enter a command on it, which is this one. Netsh winsock reset,
you need to copy this command. Without this inverted commas. Just copy this. Copying,
going to cmd, right click inside cmd and past it. Now you can see the command here
on the command prompt. Now just hit your enter on your keyboard. See the requested operation
requires evolution, run as administrator. Shit! So we need to do this with admin rights.
Just go, let’s run it as administrator. Ok let’s go back to the start menu and let’s
type cmd and look for the command prompt again and right click on the command prompt and
run as administrator. Sorry about that i miss this step earlier, we all are humans. so give
me an exception for this time. Ok now we are on the command prompt with admin rights. Now
just copy this command and past it here. You will find this command below the video description.
Just copy that and past it in the command prompt with admin rights and just click enter.
Successfully reset the winsock catlog. You must restart your computer in-order to complete
the reset. So that’s the next step, you need to restart and you’re ready to use your google
chrome. Let’s do that, stay tune. i’m back with taking my proper system restart. Hope
the problem has been fixed. Let’s checkout with the google chrome. Going to open the
google chrome, see the google is loading. Now let’s checkout with other websites. Bentpixels
and Popads ok See every thing is working fine. So we fix the dns under scroll
prob under scroll, finished under scroll, no under scroll internet. If you found my
video help full consider hitting the like button. If you wanna see more fixing videos
subscribe, to Geeks Tutorial. Thank you.

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100 Replies to “How to Fix ‘DNS Probe Finished No Internet’ Error On Chrome”

  1. did not work for me. after restart nothing worked anymore, not even skype or other network services. problem appears in all browsers, not only chrome. other services like skype had no issues and perfect internet connection. browsers work for awhile and all of a sudden display the error message instead of a requested page.

  2. Omg you just save my ass!! I was so desperit that I can't fix this problem ..but you told it so easy that even I can do it 😅 a big thank you

  3. This worked for me too.  Thank you so much!  My I-tunes hasn't worked for about a year either.  I was getting the same message, saying it wasn't connected to the internet. So it wouldn't connect with my phone. I tried alsorts, uninstalling and re-installing etc.  I've just tried it and it's now backing it up!  Thanks again 🙂

  4. The thing is,internet on my phone works perfectly fine..Also on computer,facebook and youtube work only.All other sites don't,this solution didn't help

  5. hey it didnt work for me it shows the same error not only that now after following your steps it shows the yellow triangle thing (no internet access) please help me idk what to do. im using lan on window 10.

  6. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCCHHH i've got this problem after i installed malwarebytes and now i can browsing with chrome again thnk uuu !!!!!!!!!

  7. thank you so much. i just wonder what caused this to happen in the first place. if it happens often should i delete chrome and reinstall it? could it be a virus/malware?


  9. I had a -bullshit yellow triangle tag on may network 🙁 after few minutes of connection it pop up and it disconnect everything 🙁 using win10pro hopefully find solutions soon , ive been searching to fix it for days

  10. Thnx alot but my broblem is not just for chrom other browsers don't working too with other messages of error like something about proxy site
    I'm sad 😢

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