How to fix wifi connected but no internet access ,easy fix

How to fix wifi connected but no internet access ,easy fix

welcome back to computer and android tips
lets see how to fix wifi connected no internet access so my wifi is connected in the wifi icon but when open browser is not connected
how to fix first of all
see device manager this video was previously made in windows
7 and now this time i made in windows 10 steps are same
some the systems they network adaptor or something else
comment video by list to choose in uninstall wlan card
when finish right click and choose
scan for hardware change
so your wifi driver is install back second steps
check your cable of network router right click wifi icon and choose network and
sharing center choose change adapter setting
if not connected try to connected add password and enter
open new page and this should work

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100 Replies to “How to fix wifi connected but no internet access ,easy fix”

  1. Thank you so much I have an interview on Skype tomorrow and couldn't connect to the internet for days, I was panicking and searching everywhere for ways to solve the problem and then I came across your video. Recording the tutorial is definitely a bonus. 👍

  2. Plz reply…. so I don't see any LAN card all I see is a bunch of WAN bullshit and one Qualcom Atheros QCA61x4 Wireless Adapter …… I'm guessing I don't delete that?

  3. Got demoted to gold 1 from plat on league because I couldn't connect to my internet. Your video helped me a lot and now I'm back to plat. I liked subscribed and hopefully your channel will grow. Cheers Man

  4. For those few that these steps did not work for, try Re-seating your battery that seemed to fix it for me (Laptops)

  5. Does this work for a dell inspiron 3000 series? I have internet connection n it shows I'm connected, but when I try 2 go 2 a website it says "not responding" and "Hmm we can't reach this page. Try this: Check web addres, refresh d page, search for what u want." None of these options work! Ur help would be much APPRECIATED! Thank U in advance…

  6. i already restart my pc and it couldnt connect to wifi. wireless communication is turned off. how to fix this? help me computer repair

  7. Every time I turn my pc on to connect to the internet it comes up secured or something with a box saying connect then I try to connect an then nothing it won't work

    honest to God I have been struggling for months with this problem and tried around attempts on the internet and about 6 youtube vidoes. NOTHING worked but this is amazing!
    Thank so so so much

  9. It didn't work. My laptop just has a little symbol where the wifi one should be and it is a rectangle with a bunch of lines and a square coming off of it and it has a little red box with a white cross in it overlapping the rectangle. Plz help

  10. i have watch it and do like what this video said, but i got nothing, still no internet access. Can you explain this?

  11. i was getting message as "No Internet, secured". Followed the steps as mentioned.. but it did not work. I tried 3 times uninstalling the driver and then restarted my system before connecting to wifi. It worked!!!

  12. I followed step by step, but at the last part where you connect to the wifi again, it still says connected, no internet access. I tried restarting my computer and still getting connected but no internet access. :/

  13. though i didnt understand your words, followed your steps twice and then restarted, it works:) april 2017 windows 10

  14. Unfortunately it didn't work for me. It just reconnected to the wifi with still no internet access.

  15. it didn't help but thanks anyways and trust me, I did very carefully watched your video about 2 times.

  16. thanks to you now it didnt get the fucking wireless drive back. now i cant do anything else than just staring at my monitor.

  17. I upgraded 8.1 to 10 4days before. I found some many videos. But no one give permanent solution for this issue. It is all temporary. Got Fed up with this issue. Please help me

  18. Hello sir am having the same problem. But this time , I get the Internet access when am near the Internet broadband , but when am far from it . I don't get it. Is that have something to do with my settings..???

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