How To Get LG smart TV Apps

How To Get LG smart TV Apps

hello YouTube is the video to show you how to get on these apps like netflix youtube the web browser and some cool apps like perfect kick which are a little bit for your webos TV so if you’re not getting this
apps and the basic theory about this is you need to press the home button on the
remote into the remote into press the home button go to settings and charity of settings
and see the man but like this go to general go to location now you need to set your location to usa(united nation)
which will let you get all the apps and make yourselves good country settings auto is not take it and zip code necessary can your
automatic after this city will review reboot and you get all the apps and then
you can enjoy a lot of apps this make sure to check my other video on telling
about the best apps for your rebels TV thank you very much please subscribe to

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100 Replies to “How To Get LG smart TV Apps”

  1. Hi, is that Skype app real or fake at 1:28? In which country you're at? I am in the UK, my TV is missing YouTube and Amazon.

  2. Verschiedene LG Fernseher im Angebot !:)

  3. and the screen got broken .After the tv got brought back no youtube on it!After using this trick i have loads of apps on it including youtube.Truly amazing .A big Thanku

  4. hello shockflex my model is 42lf650t, bought from qatar…there isnt the option for creating account under> settings> General .I am from india . under broadcast country I can find only middle east and african countries followed by analouge and digital so I had to choose digital, same with LG Services India is not there even pak and afgan is there so I had to end up choosing others even automatical selection chooses others, no way to create lg account and set location as India….great if u could help me

  5. buddy its works for me un in srilanka. i have changed the country region unfortunately country list doesn't shows the USA but i selected UAE. now tv shows more apps.

  6. hi im from philippines but my dad brought the tv from saudi if im going to choose uae would it affect everything in the tv and restart again? like everything would restart and even the downloaded apps would be erase? oh and will it affect the channels too? or its still going to be thesame channels here in the philippines??

  7. Hi, I have an external hard drive connected through USB to the TV. I noticed that is limited to only DivX format. Would it be the same if I connect the same device through HDMI?

  8. When I go on the settings option to change location I only see; set automatically, Canada, Mexico, USA, and other. I've basically tried them all and nothing works! Also I've updated the software to a 5.0 and still nothing the tv I bought is a 43LH5700

  9. ุงุฑูŠุฏ ู…ุนุฑูุฉ ุงู„ุฑู‚ู… ุงู„ุณุฑูŠ

  10. Hi dear, for my lg lh570d no have function www so i cannot search and play youtube on the website. Can you help me to add please?

  11. no option for USA… you can help me? Please ! You can help me to download google or something like that? Internet explorer ( I am from Romania) Please man.

  12. Different type of question but i have a lg 575 smart tv and for some reason i have lost half of my premium apps. Do you know i can get theses apps back on my tv? Thanks

  13. I just got a US version oled tv and want to use it in the Middle East but there is no location option. Is it usable here and can download apps?

  14. May, 2017
    Your efforts are appreciated, I'm sure…But please, don't consider teaching as a profession. If you wish to educate or inform an audience, have a prepared script. I could barely understand your mumbling, and your step by step tutoring was too quick to be of assistance – and quite vague .

  15. why can no one give a simple answer !!! with these LG smart 4k HDR TV's can you get IPTV ? does it have a play store to download apps like a android or Samsung device would have phones tables ect

  16. that was the saddest set of instructions ever you need to delete this video because it was so useless

  17. I bought LG43UJ670V model from kuwait, and now using in india. But i cant get full access to LG Content store and all apps And contents like USA. I tried to change the region, but it shows only Middle east,And 4 african region. And no Country India or usa in LG service country section. So how i can get the global access

  18. I am teary-eyed! It worked!!!!!!
    Got me sooo frustrated as I cant find a good answer anywhere else!!
    Thank you so much!

  19. Thanks so much!A whole year and a half,whitout the apps.Now you make me happy,it took only a minute to set it.Thanks!!!!

  20. thank you very much! i've having a hard time finding how to use the netflix on my tv. and because of your video. i'm able to watch netflix now. thanks a lot!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  21. My god it finally worked. Thank you very much. The whole internet failed to tell me that i needed to change the location cause for my country there were simply no apps or anything at all…

  22. Thanks alotttttt bro i was trying to get back all my apps because they dissapeard !!!
    I did all the things in the world except to watch your video and just chamge the location lol

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