How to install alarm motorcycle, Roots Gladiator 2, Unboxing, video tutorial, DIY, ApacheRTR160

How to install alarm motorcycle, Roots Gladiator 2, Unboxing, video tutorial, DIY, ApacheRTR160

So this is the alarm system that I am going to be talking about, this specifically is the Roots Auto Gladiator 2 two-wheeler
security system or the Alarm system or Anti Theft system whatever you call it.
so let’s just see it costs around thousand six fifty is written here but I
got it here for the thousand two hundred thousand three hundred I’m not exactly
sure because I got it around two three months back it was actually a gift on my
birthday so I actually I actually don’t know what the price was so you get it in
all the automobile shops locally you even get it online I’ll put a link of
this product in the description box below and here so what does it contain
it contains a controller the main module the siren siren that is a speaker remote
units and the wiring harness so let’s just see what’s inside it so okay first
we have the manual so this manual has okay thank you for purchasing that’s
nice so like this what are the parts and you have function of each button on the
remote how to fix it the application where it goes and here the application
chart for each and every bike so this is the bike that I’m going to do the TBS
Apache RTR both 160 and 180 are essentially the same bike so I’ll be
doing it for this you can see this circuit here and will actually not
specifically follow this because I actually got this alarm system you know
installed professionally at the same shop so he did it quite neatly so I will
follow the same method so yeah we’ll just keep it I said oh my god
where is the alarm I’m just joking I said I already installed it so I just
removed it from your bike so not be in the box this is the spare remote so here
we have the four buttons the lock unlock the Thunder button here is the
remote start and the Bell button here is the way it will find us so when you
press it you get a small light here so you know that you are actually pressing
the buttons these are the you know extra wiring that is not required so plus you
also get a double sided tape to you know stick that speaker to your vehicle but
this is not required you can just tie it your vehicle so you just keep this aside
and we’ll get into the parts of the alarm system so the first part that we
have here is the main module or the you know controller so it’s got several why
I said this blue thing here is the fuse in case of there’s a short-circuit you
know the fuse blows and protects this then we have this three protruding wires
two of them are you know shock sensors you know they you know if suppose
someone tries to steal a vehicle or there’s a jerk to a vehicle when you
lock it so these sensor sends it and and siren goes off this here is an antenna
so that your remote will communicate through this so this is one the next
part that we have is the siren itself so it is again by using a two-pin plug so
this two pin plug you know actually goes like this so you just have to connect it
like this yeah so it’s done so the stooping plug goes here I will connect
it once I you know fit the entire system onto the vehicle so so the two pin plug
goes there so then you have this two three four five six eight okay so the
eight pin plug so this is where the actual wiring comes so so this is the
wiring that I was talking about so is neatly you know taped it so that
whatever wire you need only is required there are so much of excess wires but I
will tell you what exactly which color and which wire you need and the rest of
the wires you can just cut them out so you push this aside and I will just show
you the wires I’ll even put a neat diagram and image to show where each
wire goes so starting from the plum you will have
several wires coming out from here you can see a black red a gray pink to
yellow and an orange so the wires that you don’t need are this gray and the
pink so this gray and pink wire you can cut it off immediately here and only the
rest wires you’re going to need and please note that this is only for the
Apache RTR series so the gray and the pink wire is not required okay
so then we have this one branch of three wires a black a yellow with green strand
and yellow wire so both these yellow wires connect to the indicators of your
bike indicator or yeah so indicator so both positives so what happens you can
connect this to your left right or vice versa once you connect this only when
you use your remote to lock or unlock your bike the indicators will flash
giving a visual effect so if you don’t connect this only the siren will works
so only the audio will come so the vehicle indicators will not flash so it
not look nice so you can use this there the black as normal standards would say
it’s the negative or the ground wire we have to find a negative port on the bike
to fix it or you can just fix it to the any metal part on the bike so that is
one part coming to the other section we have this red wire red wire as it says
is the no power supply or the positive this connects to the bikes battery
directly to the bikes battery but because the system is going to be on
always even when you are not using a bike because that’s when you will be
actually locking or bike so it connects to the bikes battery you don’t require
any kind of no switch to connected to the battery directly to the battery it
can be connected next we have these two wires the reason why these two wires are
you know separately coming is this blue wire here is totally optional if you
wish to connect you can connect or if you wish you cannot connect but still
the alarm will work along part of the remote
definitely work this blue wire actually here is the you know remote start
features of this connects to your ignition of the bike so if you look here as I said this Thunder button if you
press it twice no the vehicle will start so unless you connect this wire to the
ignition this feature will not work so you can choose to you know connect this
or not connect this so that is one the next year is the orange where this
actually you know connects to the flasher or relay of the bike the flasher
or relays just located besides the battery I’ll show it to you on the bike
it is actually that one small to pin plug kind of thing that makes an
indicator to flash intermittently and not just you know turn on and turn off
like it goes on off on off in regular intervals so this connects there so let
me just run through all the wires quickly blow is totally optional you
connect it to your bike’s ignition unit orange goes to your bike’s flasher red
goes to your bikes battery power supply black is the negative of the ground and
these two yellow wires go to your left and right indicators this plug only here
goes to the main modules other big plug other end so this just fits in like this
and we are done so I will repeat the same process on the bike showing you
where exactly to fit so this is my bike so I’m going to
install the alarm in this bike listen up I say 160 friend so-and-so walk walk
through the steps as to how to install the alarm on this bike so coming to the
Y the first connection that we have to do here is the blue wire as I said it’s
optional it goes directly into this blue plug that I am showing here the blue
plug is the ignition wire of the bike and if you can see closely you have this
blue and another strand you have to do it in the blue plug so we have to push
this wire there and then plug it back the next connection that I was talking
about is this orange where it goes to the flasher relay unit of the bike which
is shown here so you have to just remove this two pin plug and insert this wire
and push it you can put it into any of the prongs it doesn’t matter it’s just
that the connection has to be given to the flasher relay part
the bag that is the top part now the black wire as I said is the negative or
the ground wire so if you see in the bike’s wiring you have one plug that
goes to the rare light section they wear tail light so you can remove the plug
and here there you have a black wire you can insert that into that plug and then
fix it back the next two wires are the indicator wire connections that I said
so you can connect this yellow to left right or however you wish but make sure
that you connect it to these green and violet plugs so you remove them and you
then push back the final connection is coming back to
the side where we have the red wire obviously we give the power supply at
the last so the red wire goes to the battery now generally speaking we have
to directly give it to the battery but since that place is all gooey gooey and
lots of grime is there we just see the first red plug that comes out from the
battery wire I will remove that plug give it there and then we put the plug
back on you okay so
waited till it’s dark and now we’ll show you how exactly the alarm system works
on the bike so as I showed you before there are four buttons the lock unlock
remote start and the bell icon so let’s see what each of them does so if you
press this is the lock function on the bike so what happens is if you press
this the bike is lost so if anyone tries to you know manhandle the bike or tries
to steal it the bike will give an alarm so let’s give a demo it goes off after
some time after this also if someone tries to steal it or tries to manhandle
it then there will be a lot bigger along so after that we again lock it now if
you press the unlock button that’s a different zone so the bike is now
unlocked and after you unlock the bike you have to put your key and start the
vehicle within 30 seconds or other ways the bike will lock itself back so now
the bike is an unlock state now I will show you the remote start feature the
remote start feature is simple you have to just make sure that your bike is in
neutral gear and that this kill switch here is
on if it is off then the bike will not start also you will have to make sure
that the or patrol is on or in reserve or however it is so let’s just make my
bike in neutral so it’s here still in gear forgive her from the first so it’s a neutral so so as you can see the keys are with me
the bike has started as you can see there is no key here so the bike will start now now to switch
off the bike you have to press the unlock button so the bike switch is off
and okay so now we have to look at the bell like on here now the bell icon is
for you to find your vehicle when it is a parking lot like suppose you forget
the exact spot has to wear your pocket so if you press the Bella
it treats blinking English so I have again unlocked it so that so when you
click the bell icon it keeps clicking like this way you’ll
be able to find out as to where your bike exactly is and if you press the
unlock button again the bike will switch off so now something one feature about
this routes safety system is that you can set the level of sensitivity in our
bike now it’s from level 1 to level 5 I will also show you how that is done now
to do that you will have to hold the arm button like this as you keep folding
then automatically after some time it keeps chirping like this so that’s level
1 2 3 4 and that is Phi so we press the lock
button at level 5 so level 5 set so depending upon whichever level you
choose the bike will set the sensitivity to that level so level 5 is the best
because any kind of minut shaking in the bike or any man handling the bike is
going to sound another 11 well is too low unless the vehicle you know removed
from the stand and pushed there will not be any kind of an alarm so level 5 is
the best

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