How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera

How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera

hi my name is Aaron I’ve been installing
security systems for about five years today I’m going to be talking to you
about the installation of outdoor cameras. Some things you need to take
into consideration before purchasing an outdoor camera Are some of the
capabilities that it has. Some cameras have night vision, some cameras have
motion detection, some cameras have wireless capabilities, some have wired. A good camera you’d like to purchase are ones that have wireless capabilities
that will record events on motion. Today we’re going to be installing this
camera here it does have wireless capabilities. Night vision also
records on events. this camera we’re going to go ahead and install above the
garage so we can pick up a good view with this cam. When using a camera with a
smaller field of view about 45 to 75 degree angle, It’s recommended to place
that camera in the porch way facing a door Or in the driveway looking towards
a car. When using a camera with a wider field of view such as 120 to 180 degrees I recommend placing that camera in a location of the home where you can take advantage of that angle of the camera I recommend placing that camera at least
9 feet off the ground. that way it’s not easily accessible and people can’t
tamper with it. Before mounting the camera we want to find the location where we’re going to be drilling the hole. That way we can set all the
necessary wires for the camera. Now that we’ve determined where we want the
camera to be positioned outside We’d like to locate a power source for the
camera. it’s always recommended to use a power source in the garage if we’re
mounting the camera on the exterior of the garage. One that I always recommend
is the outlet of the garage that way you know that that’s not controlled by a
switch it’s not going to be turned off accidentally. Now that we have the
location of the power source and where we want to mount the outdoor camera It’s important before we drill the hole make sure that we’re using the right size drill bit. We just want to make sure the hole is the right size for anything that we need to connect to the camera. When drilling through the wall you want
to make sure we don’t go all the way through So that we can conceal the wire
on the other side. So now that we have the hole mark we’re going to begin
drilling. Again you just need to be careful that you’re not going to be drilling into any wires or pipes. I always recommend drilling nice and slow
so you’re not hitting those things. Now that we have the holes drilled you’ll be
fishing the wire today with a rod and a chain attached to the end. Also using a magnet on the other side to detect where that chain is So we can pull it
through and get the wire attached to it. If you have any questions on the
equipment that I’m using today you can check out the link below and you can
find those items as well. so now we got the glow rod in there
we’re going to locate that chain and fish the wire through Okay so we got the wire pull through,
connector on we’re going to go ahead and mount the camera. Today we’re going to be
mounting the camera on the wood surface So it’s not going to require any
pre-drilled holes. Sometimes you’ll be mounting the camera on stucco or brick
which will require anchors. Most cameras will have a ball and joint. This is a
good time for you to position the camera for the view you want to get. Now we just
need to finish the wire on to the outlet We’ll go ahead and connect the power and
get power to our camera. When stapling the wire just be sure not to staple D
wire or you’ll have to redo it all over again. Alright so we’re all done here. We got the view that we like. For more helpful tips on security and home automation be sure to subscribe to our link below.

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74 Replies to “How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera”

  1. Dose this mean Vivint can sell me the outdoor camera and NOT force me to pay an installation fee of $250?

  2. wireless cameras are very convenient BUT the video quality loss is inevitable, if you can get constant 25fps with no lags then go for it.

  3. Hi on this type of cams I want do I have to plug each individual cam to a wall outlet to get power or do the 60ft cables it comes with supply power?

  4. I made the mistake of answering the door to a very good salesman. A terrific guy. I agreed to the 5-yr plan. Within a month of installation, my outdoor camera (over the garage) went offline. Four times this summer I've requested a repair tech to come out. The first 3 times, they would get it working again, and the next day it went offline again. The 4th time was a no-show. It's been offline for 2 or 3 weeks now, and I really don't even care anymore. I'll probably leave it up just as a deterrent. I hate dealing with your online and phone techs, but your in-home techs are always the nicest guys I've ever met. Anyway, I regret that I've locked myself into a 5-year contract with you guys, and I just hope that maybe I can do some real good word of mouth advertising for your competitors.

  5. So I can buy these third party and install them myself?? (A neighbor had the same system and is moving to a house with a system already installed) I don't see the option under "add device" for outdoor cameras. I only see doorbell, ping, and other devices like nest and Amazon echo….

  6. Just curious. I am using Iris OC821 indoor / outdoor cameras. The wiring for this unit runs outside of the mount. How can I secure the wires from tampering between the back of the camera and the wall? And FWIW, I plan on using wired ethernet with them instead of the WiFi. (No snooping on my network thank you very much!)

  7. I have a loft downtown renovated and want to install 4-6 cameras. The owner is splitting cost. I already have Nest indoor and outdoor never used from previous place like two months ago. I need vision downstairs facing yet hidden from front entrance way where no lock is and this is downtown! I need one for the back parking one way in one way out so plates would be a sinch. This is a brick building. Can somone please offer advice im in Kansas City email me martinac dot chad 0214 at g mail. Due to an attack last year after returning from the active duty Marines hoo ra! Scout. I was able to subdue and protect my wife but she wants cameras but im on a budget. PTSD no Insurance. Does anyone possibly have wireless cameras (I use google fiber 1000 gbps or 1gig) i could test and do reviews for? Its hard to leave the house still so im home alot. Help

  8. Very sweet idea. What kind of screws and length are you using to attach the camera stand to the aluminum?
    My grooved vinyl (edge away from the wall) is not screwed down at all, just very stiff so not sure your method is adequate strength wise. I am thinking of using pressure treated d lumber painted to the colour of the soffet 1×4 or 2×4 probably 5 inches long and attach them by screws through the outer lower edge bit of vinyl into the bottom of the 2×4 or 2×6 that anchors the outer edge of the soffet structure. Cameras are wireless and battery run but I have cables and outlets I can use for full time AC power use battery backup.

  9. I would like to introduce this wireless security camera from Amazon, really good quality :

  10. Bringing Vivint into our home was the worst thing we ever did! We paid upfront for the system..DON'T DO IT!!! The system never worked, they were here several times. They took monitoring payments from our account months before we had the system installed. They kept stealing from our credit card, every couple months we caught unauthorized charges, the charges were over $2000.00 in 1 month . They also took unauthorized payments from our bank account too. I yelled at them about our problems with the thefts and Vivint called the local police and reported us as terrorists. We cancelled our service since it never worked from day one, the window contacts kept falling off the windows, setting the alarms off when we were gone. The doors would not communicate with the main pad. They threatened to charge us for another 4 years for monitoring even though the contract had a out clause. They said the monitoring could not be cancelled. It took months to get our stolen money back. Hundreds of hours on the phone. Run these guys are con artists and thieves.

  11. if you use a wireless camera is there something an intruder can use to jam it so that it cant send its signal? Wouldnt wired cameras be better for this reason?

  12. WRONG, when available always hard wire your camera to the NVR/DVR. Preferably have a camera system that is P.O.E. Compatible.

  13. Can you explain what is wrong with drilling all the way through? How does drilling through prevent one from being able to "conceal the wire on the other side"?

  14. I just talked to a Vivint rep and they told me that to get the Vivint Outdoor Camera, I had to have Vivint install it (to the tune of $150). That's pretty funny considering Vivint themselves posted a DIY video for camera installation.

  15. I still don't know how to install a system, but thanks anyway. I need a video for "dummies". These videos sure assume alot.

  16. H Aaron it would be real nice if you showed how to set up the electricity via the weird connector and how do you get that weird live watch double power through that hole in the wall. Do you cut off the 12volt adaptor?

  17. I need to install a two cameras away from my house about 150ft away each. And I have no power source either direction where I want them installed; and the kits dont have enough wire, what do i do about 12 volt power that far. Im thinking that the 12volt is not strong enough that distants for both cameras ?

  18. I'm stuck with Vivint for another 2 years….
    First, sales person told me they have security camera, but it was not available at the time. He installed indoor camera, but it was not working. He left it and told me he will comeback later. He never came back. I called Vivint customer service, they told me I've kept the camera(not working) for so long that they cannot reimburse extra fees…
    Should have installed security camera by myself.

  19. These cameras are great.>>>    They are very clear and they are easy to install. I did have a problem with one of the cameras but I contacted the seller and they fixed the problem right away.

  20. Hi mate just bought a security camera and I want to put it outside can it be hardwired to existing cables of the household because the cables supplied are to short.




  24. I've been a tech for a few months for Vivint. Pls the camera is the best way to go. Never had to service any accounts with that method. But this guy is using a 300 Which is a dinosaur camera by today's standards.

  25. One very key and crucial step you didn't mention was sealing the surface of the panel you just cut into the house. Rain will penetrate that and destroy that wall over time.

  26. Everything was clear except after you attached the wire inside the garage. You should have added how the camera was connected to the outlet. I'm sure it doesn't plug in.

  27. You sir make that look to easy, I like the tip about the magnet on the string. I have 2 igeek wireless cameras are they worth me going to the efforts to install them, or should I just get a wired set with the hard drive etc? Cool video

  28. LOL "Vivint", the notoriously worst home security company you could possibly fathom… By reading the YouTube comments I can see you are just as successful at making videos on YouTube XD. Pathetic piece of shit company, as a former customer take my advice and NEVER, NEVER do business with these slimeballs. Trust me.

  29. How about I just call someone to do it or I would fail because today like five mins ago two dumb a** b*** wanted to steal my 13 cats

  30. That guy think hi is the shit with 5 years experience lol bitch please!!! 1st U can install that camera on the other side of the garage so u can get a better angle. 2nd wireless cameras are good but don't compare them to CCTV. 3rd of all Vivint sucks the reps lie all the way, their tech aren't trained properly, and they are expensive. For companies like Vivint is hard for a home owner to trust in another security company after a bad experience

  31. Vivint installed two outdoor cameras very low installer said he could get up high it was against company policy well they stole my 2,cameras and vivint wants 600,to replace them after he told my wife they'd take care of it if they were stolen

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