How to Install Ring Video Doorbell 2 (in Less than 15 Minutes!) | DiY

How to Install Ring Video Doorbell 2 (in Less than 15 Minutes!) | DiY

Today, we’re here to install the Ring Video Doorbell 2, with higher resolution and the rechargeable battery. Okay, so we have the doorbell here. Here’s our tools. Other face plates. The rechargeable battery, excited about that. All right, so let’s get to work. First, we’re gonna take the faceplate off. Then we’re gonna unplug the battery, slide it in. And then we’re gonna
push the set-up button, which puts it into set-up mode. Okay, I’ve downloaded
the Ring app on my phone, and we’re near my Wifi router, so let’s get it set-up on my phone. Doorbell. Ring Doorbell 2. Be at my front door. Okay, I have my wedge mounts up, and we’re angled right
how I want it to be. So now let’s put the
doorbell back on the wall. (light music) Okay, now we’re gonna put
the faceplate back on. And our security screw. Now we’re good to go. (ringing) All right, here’s the live
view of my front door.

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30 Replies to “How to Install Ring Video Doorbell 2 (in Less than 15 Minutes!) | DiY”

  1. You jumped fom downloading the software to having already affix one of the brackets on the door… I think you missed a few steps!

  2. I live in a fairly safe neighborhood. My next door neighbor is a cop. I am looking to purchase the Doorbell 2 for my home. What happens if the doorbell gets stolen? Am i out of luck and have to purchase a new one to replace the stolen one?

  3. What if you want to hard wire to a transformer and by pass your existing door bell? I would use the new chime instead of the old door bell

  4. A few questions
    1: what adhesives are included and what surface is recommended?
    2: can multiple phones be connected to the same Ring camera?
    3: can I see the live video stream from a different Wi-Fi connection or do I have to be in the same Wi-Fi?
    Thank You

  5. I guess the goal was to see how fast you could go?? Fail. I'll go find another video that takes the time to explain at a reasonable pace. I don't have time to pause the video and rewind 3 times to see what I missed. Come on ring. We get it. You want us to know how easy it is to install. SO, why don't you do that?

  6. So how do I mount it on vinyl siding ( like my other doorbell was mounted…) – do I have to cut the siding ? Can I mount it horizontally and will it still function correctly ? Does the ring app allow for horizontal mounting and are there params in Ring App I can set to rotate the video by 90 degrees so it appears normally ? This video is too cookie cutter and where I live most people have vinyl siding or clapboards that are angled..

  7. Excellent job showing us how to install this, not to mention eye candy too. I literally just bought mine, can't wait to get off work and install it.

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