How to Install the SEM Module?

How to Install the SEM Module?

Today we’re going to be installing an sem or system enhancement module into a honeywell vista wired security system this includes honeywell vista 10p 15p 20p and 21ip as long as the panel is from 2005 and above with a visita 21ip you just need to move the jumper disabling internal communicators which we do have a video on our youtube page doing already it’s very simple so today we’re going to start off by showing you how to wire this or prewire this sem module up in order to install into the wired security system so what I’m going to do first is tell you a little bit about what you’ll need you’ll need some 22 x 4 20 x 4 or 18 by four gauge wire to come from the communicator to the panel this does not come with the sem module you’ll need a small flat-head screwdriver as well as some wire strippers a drill and a basic toolkit is also handy as you will see as we continue this installation process the first thing you want to do is open up the SEM module box you want to keep everything in manufacturing want to keep everything in resellable condition in case you need to return it right off the gate you’ll see that the system enhancement module installation guide this thing has some key information such as what should be coming with the SEM module compatibility as you can see this is where you would locate if your system is 2005 or above as well as the model numbers you see wa15 p and then the year that this was a manufacturer so this is helpful as well as all the other information about compatibility with vista panels alright so now what we want to do is remove all the other packaging and welcome items to the side and we’re going to remove the actual SEM module there is as well as the other installation items from the box and we can move this to the side for later purposes now i’m going to place this sem module up here and i’m going to depress these two tabs exposing the inside of the actual module itself now that we resumed in a little bit just to go over some basic stuff just to simplify this installation you won’t have to worry about this terminal or this terminal for this jumper because it’s no longer used will just be working with these four terminals which will simplify the installation process now you want to get your 22 x 4 wire or you know any other setup that you have like I said with 20 or 18 x 4 you’re going to cut the red wire out you’ll only be left with yellow or white in this case we have white black and green alright and this oxidant is for installation into the panel i’ll explain why later this is worth it’s very simple it’s a very simple installation process you can follow on page 9 which we have listed right here where it gets wired so here’s the sem module right so the first zone will be working with his gnd or ground this will receive the black wire and this is foreground simply install that into its terminal make sure it’s screwed in there pretty firmly next will be the green directly above it make sure this goes into it designated slots do the same on this one screw it in and lastly for this particular why’re you want to delegate the yellow or the white wire directly above that and you can go ahead and screw that one as well very simple procedure alright now you’ll be noticing a an interesting setup here where you have the 12-volt with this device inside the diffuse you want to remove this red wire alright and now you’ll notice this end is for the installation process which will be part of our next chapter and this opposite end is for delegating into this terminal here so the red wire will go into the 12 be as directed go ahead and screw this out firmly and now our sem module is pre-wired is go ahead and open up the honeywell Vista 20p panel and we’re going to go ahead and disconnect the ground and the positive from the battery like so now we’re going to go ahead and pull out the power transformer now that the backup battery is getting pulled disconnected from the panel we’re just going to simply remove the power transformer pleased that to decide now that the system has been powered down you’ll see that i have mounted the system enhancement module mounting bracket and secure it next to the panel where you can also see a little knockout hole here where we’re going to now insert are pre-wired the system enhancement module delegate the wires through this hole and it should clipping pretty simple you’ll notice you want to insert in these two slots first with the antennas facing up like so simply clip it into place like so make sure it’s secure and now that everything has been secured we can output on the cover of the cover here you want to make sure the antennas run out the top of the panel small is going to come underneath like so now you can take your cover you want the small one to go out through the first hole and the larger in turn out the circle this is the LTE version to put its place like that securing that into place and now you can go ahead and feel off the three and sticky tape that you have you can peel it off like so you can go ahead and secure one end of it and now the second one you know just like that there we go now make sure before installing of course that you do have good cellular signal which our technicians will assist you with Remotely over the phone you’re going to take your power wire run that through here with the most directly to your battery leaf show you in just sick and your data terminals your data wires to run to that same bull like so we have it mounted next to the panel that looks good and now we’ll move on to wiring up the actual sem wires to the actual honeywell panel next you want to go ahead and take the power wire that’s wired directly from the system enhancement module and go ahead and connect it to the positive and of the honeywell vista panels terminals for the battery like so very simple you don’t want to plug it in quite yet and then you have the negative end these will remain unplugged for now and next we will be locating the three wires that i showed you have a pre wire coming directly from the system enhancement module and we’re going to delegate them into their respected terminals you can see the terminal listed right under terminal 4 5 6 and 7 that’s the keypad bus on the Vista 20p i’m going to go ahead and take the black wire and i’m going to run that into terminal 4 terminal six will receive it the green wire do the same for this one then the terminal seven will receive the yellow in our case white wire and now we have the system enhancement module completely wired into the honeywell vista panel

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