How to install the Homemonitor HD pro Wi-Fi video camera | Poe security camera

How to install the Homemonitor HD pro Wi-Fi video camera | Poe security camera

this is the old monitor HD this camera is going to be installed above this window quite a up sort can keep an eye on the garden it films in 720p and it automatically sends the pictures direct to a website where you can review them once you have opened an account you can connect the camera to the Internet two ways you can have a screw the aerial on the back and connect via Wi-Fi to your router or you can use an Ethernet cable if you use the Ethernet cable it actually has a power over ethernet so that means that you simply plug it in you don’t need to bother plugging in the adapter as well that goes with it if you use the Wi-Fi you do need to plug the power adapter in saw if you use the Ethernet option it is a lot simpler and a lot easier because it’s just a case of plugging in that one cable when you get the kit it comes with a QuickStart guide the camera itself power adapter network cable fixings and in the easier BIAL which we will not actually be using the first thing we need to do is connect the camera to the Internet so you may need to plug this in the back of your boot I’ve actually got an old Network so I’ve just pulled the network cable into that so I can simply plug that into the back of the camera and the camera will then connect to the or monitor server so I’m going to remove the mounting plates that just twists off the inside there we have the connectors so we’re going to connect the power connector into that socket make sure that’s nice and tight and then we’re going to plug the network cable into the other socket just light saw then you’ll notice at the front there the LED is red we need to wait for that to go to green once that goes to green it means that it that’s connected to the server it can take up to 10 minutes for the light to go green and as you can see it’s already on green so we are already connected to the or monitor server we’re now logged into the or monitor website so we’re now going to click on camera manager and we’re going to click on add new camera so we now need to type the camera into that field we’re not going to enter the number that is listed on the films of the manual it’s the bottom number that we need not the top one boat shall be 12 digits long and then we just need to give the camera a name and then we’ll click on check connection to camera if you want to connect by your Wi-Fi you can put your Wi-Fi key for your looter in there and you can connect via Wi-Fi we’re going to connect by your cable so let’s click on that now that we’ve successfully added the camera we can now unplug it or we can go on mount it in its final position and now using an SDS drill and attend no needs with your base to drill and all completely through the skin of the property from the outside in and then lining the oil using the piece of 10 millimeter speedfit spy I’ve just might sit there and now trimming it to length and then I’m just going to push that back in so it’s flush with the grits that will protect the cable that is coming through the cavity now put the back plates on the ball and they are now marking the drill old and I using the SDF fuel again and I’m drilling the 215 all the notice that I’m pulsing the drill up because I don’t want to actually damage the water in between the bricks once the holes are drilled you can put the plugs in and then you are ready to go I’m not pushing the network cable through the pipe and then I push the grommet and also the backplate onto it the glommit actually creates a watertight seal in the back of the back plate so once that’s fixed I’ll then push the Remender to cable through the old and then that can be fixed in position using the two screws that are Coverity I’m just gonna tighten I’m not using a Phillips screwdriver now we’re coming to connect the camera just a case of plugging in the rj45 connector into the sockets and then taking the other sockets and the cables into the back of the camera mount about then twists into position and then it’s held in position using a glob screw this care ball is now running through the loft to keep it out of the way I’m just going to clip it up to the roof timbers that is now out of the way it won’t get damaged if anybody’s ever working up in the loft area you’ve learned that this cable is connected to the camera I’ve terminated that into a socket because it’s easier than crimping on an rj45 connector I’ve then used the patch lead the patch lead goes into the powered part of the POS which that then goes via another patch lead into the other network switch so after we’ve done that we have then got power going from the POS which Sue’s to the socket and eventually through to the camera which powers the camera now that the cameras installed we can now go back to the wire cam website and we can continue setup and there you can see that the camera is now working I’ve now just been open it just in the camera and I’ve got it pointing exactly where I want it so now we can see the old garden you will notice that it is actually in night vision there so now we’ve done that we can now click on next and then we can set up the zone we want the camera out there to catch the wildlife so we’re going to set it to a small movement and we’re going to create a more Shinzon and that’s about right we want virtually the old picture on there so we’re going to click on save settings then it’s set to GMT which is correct and it’s set to all there which is correct so we’re going to save settings and I’ve camera to account and go to my own and we can see the camera and I’m just going to click on camera manager and then we can click on the camera settings er we’re just going to disable the market forum because we don’t really need that we just need to see what’s actually happening out there you’re just gonna disable the night vision for the minute and we’ll just save that and then we’ll see what the pictures like when I was go to my arm then go to live view you so that’s a live view in 720p HD and when we click on enlarge screen you can see virtually the all Gaiden

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97 Replies to “How to install the Homemonitor HD pro Wi-Fi video camera | Poe security camera”

  1. Would you recommend this camera? I am looking for something to monitor the back garden, but would prefer not to have to connect to a third party site. Something that motion senses movement and emails a video clip would be ideal!

  2. Great video. Thx for sharing. Couple of q's please….what POE switch would you recommend and what are the termination boxes called? Are they simply Ethernet termination sockets? Thanks mate.

  3. Do you have to manually switch between night vision and daytime or does it do it automatically, I'm looking for a setup myself and that is a great looking camera, thanks for sharing.

  4. I thought we was gonna see your bedroom where the cable went through lol

    My hands are too big for cableclips because as we know real sparkies have small appendages! Is that a specialist cable stapler you're using UHM? Looks like it saved a lot of time.

  5. mmmm.yeah we have cctv here..covers the whole house… we had our milk stolen..i know not the crime of the century..  had cctv of the ass…h..but the Dibble(sorry police) not interested… cctv is great but… yeah we use ours for the wildlife…hedgehogs mostly
    great vid chez..its scarey what the cctv sees…

  6. Hi, Thanks for the video on the camera, You should do a video just on your home network, looks like pretty neat set up you have there, where does all those wires go an what are they used for? plus the two sockets which say O1 and O2?

  7. Great video as ever. I have the same camera, but the thing I find frustrating is there is no way to manually record the output stream. You have to hope that the motion is detected and the right amount of video captured. I find it incredible, for the price, that the camera or website doesn't have a manual record capability anywhere.

  8. @Jic Ives 
    No trouble at all, but a few weeks ago I was working at the computer and glanced into the garden and thought I saw a deer, when I got outside it was not there! For my own sanity I put this up in the hope that I see a deer 😉 

  9. Great vids as usual chez..really enjoying them,especially as i can now comment again! Flamin youtube google nonsense lol.
    Garth Queen from Cumbria.

  10. im wanting to put a camera way up in the front of my property,and i was wondering how could i get one that far,would it be a POE ? and how long do the POE cables come in? thanks

  11. @onewheelup
    I think the maximum length is 100 Metres (over 300 feet) for POE applications, you can buy patch leads this length if required or make your own. 

  12. Just saw your video, and it shows exactly what I'm looking for right now. Are you available for hire, as a handyman perhaps?

    I already have a few of the Y-Cam HomeMonitor HD Pro cameras and hooked up to my network. All that's left is to have them mounted outdoors and wired up via a POE switch yet to be installed in the loft 🙂


  14. @ Jose L Molina
    That's providing he gets past the alarm system and the angry bloke that lives there with his best mate- Billy the baseball bat 😉  

  15. Is there a difference between on normal ethernet cable and the cable you used to connect the camera?

    I'm also looking to setup a camera for wildlife too, and also allow my friends and family in the UK to view some
    of the wildlife here in Canada. 
    How are you liking that The Homemonitor HD Pro camera? 

  16. Have you considered using a nvr based storage system as opposed to a cloud? I would think a cloud based storage would eat up bandwidth ?

  17. Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately in US bandwidth is expensive.

    Also what is that 10mm thing you put through your brick mortar? It looks like a plastic sleeve?

  18. HI Sir how are you? I am from Okinawa, Japan, I am very impressed with this camera that you installed, I have some few questions if you don't mind, when you installed this camera, the white circle that you screwed on the brick walls, is this made of plastic? also the body compartment where you can hide the cable is that also made of plastic or metal? please advise, thank you.

  19. hi.. thank you for the video..
    just wodering what brand was it? and where can i buy it?

    and let say i would like to have 6 camera, can we join all the ethernet into one plug only?

  20. Hi ultimate .I am 17 I'm going to college to be a low-voltage technician. I'm going to start my classes in a month. but I want to get a big head start on class To make things a little more easier. I don't know anything only know a little bit a soldering that's pretty much it.I want to know if you guys could help me is there any books or videos that would explains low-voltage. anything to make me more educated on the subject.

  21. I just had a break in 2 days ago while I was home and now I'm setting up security devices. This was extremely helpful, thank you, I appreciate it.

  22. Not a bad video and nothing in it was wrong as theres countless different approaches to any job of this type

    But for someone doing this themselves for the first time some thing to consider would be using cable tacks rather than a staple gun to fasten the cables in the loft section. A cable stapler is expensive compared to a normal one and doesnt make sense for a one off use. Plus they compress the cable which can cause solid core cables to snap on rare occassions, plus compressing the cable can reduce its insulation value between cores

    Also,, it can be far easier to mount the camera on the underneath of the UPVC in the video and put a 20-25mm hold at a similar angle to the slope of the roof. This not on removes the need to drill brick as not everyone will have a hammer drill, but in most homes gives direct and easy access into the loft space. It has an added benefit with non POE cameras or ones that require an additional junction box for connecting the cables of serving that purpose too as the cables can be pushed inside the UPVC and then the camera can be fixed with nothing but a screwdriver

    I would also suggest people considering the dome type cameras rather than the bullet types, I have several videos from people DVRs where burglars have used a long pole, stick or in one instance an estate agent sign to knock the camera so it was pointing away from where they wanted to break in which is much harder to do with a vandal resistant dome camera

    One last point is that fixing a dome camera to the underneath of the soffits gives better protection from heavy rain than mounting it lower down on the wall and also allows it to be a few inches away from the wall giving a better angle for watching right along the foot of the wall than you tend to get when mounting it on the brick. Especially if there are any external pipes underneath the place you want to mount the camera

    But putting the other potential benefits aside, the main advantage is the lack of need for specialist tools that once bought might not be used again as well as allowing a pre assembled patch cable to be used negating the need to purchse a crimping tool

    Not saying any of this is "better"  than the shown approach, but just offering alternative approaches some of which might suit some people slightly better and avoid them needing to purchase tooling purely for one job then never needing to use them ever again

  23. Why would someone have their house wired for everyone in the world to see? Don't use wifi.. Get you the software and hardware.

  24. Great vid but I was wondering how you get the cable up the cavity and into the loft ? In my loft I can't get close to the walls due to rafters coming down. Is there some trick to pulling the cable up ?

  25. Direct quote from Y-Cam support for all of you looking to purchase one of their products. Apparently they have no desire to build a quality product deserving of my (and your IMO) hard earned money:
    Hi Leith,Thank you for getting back to me the IR lights on the camera are designed to last for two years. You may need to use an external IR lamp to illuminate the area.
    If you have any questions please get back to me.
    Kind regards, Antony Fernandez– Customer Services, Y-cam Solutions.

  26. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to educate or inform people. the only problem that I have with these types of video's is that it totally glasses over what is by far the hardest part of a camera installation. running the wires. For instance in this video the guy doesn't just punch a random hole in the wall as it seems. he probably used a 200.00 piece of equipment know as a magnespot to figure out where to drill the hole and then he likely ran the wire through a closet I assume rather than fishing it up an insulated wall witch is very difficult. then it goes through the attic or loft (as you brits call it) back down into likely a media closet. so the hardest 90% of the job is glossed over. The reason this bothers me is I do this for a living and video"s like this create unrealistic expectations of the technical know how and labor involved in running cameras. so people think you should do it super cheap or worse that they can do it their selves. so a bunch of people buy a four camera dvr that just sits in their closet and never gets installed. And people think they can hit me up when Im eating lunch and ask me if I do side work and want me to hang four cams for them for 100 bucks or something.

  27. Hi one of the best videos so far. I work in IT so i am familiar with poe. My question is the picture quality as good a dvr? Also did you install a spur in the loft to get power to the poe switch cctv box etc? thanks, Nick

  28. Hello ultimate handy man. Do you have to put the cameras high up to avoid theft of the actual camera it self? My problem is I live in a bungalow and I'm not sure how I could avoid someone coming over with their face covered and stealing it? By the way I love your videos. You're a top man for doing them. It's like you're the father figure I never had haha.

  29. I'm just wondering… If I was a thief, could I come along and smash this camera off the wall to gain access to the Ethernet cable and access your home network?

  30. You didn't use the orange cable & didn't mention how you got that white cable (or how u made it)? This was very important to avoid confusion

  31. Can you please upload a video on the complete visual step by step on how to mount exterior cameras and running the cables into the house to a dvr not using poe?

  32. hi, great fan of your videos. just a few questions, at minute 8:20, you plug the grey network cable into some sort of socket, then from the socket, u used a red cable to plug into the POE, why don't you just plug the grey cable directly into the POE? also instead of a network switch, could I use a network plug instead (the ones where you just plug into a power socket and it acts as an internet point)?

  33. Great informative video. My only comment would be that try and mount the camera away from guttering downpipes, my audio is filled with the gurgling of water every time it rains!

  34. awesome set up. very good:) the only thing i would do is mount the switches upside down so dust doesn't get inside the empty ports.

  35. Hi, have you ever installed a dome camera on a soffit before? I've just got my CCTV kit, but never installed a dome on a soffit, so any help and/or advice you (or anyone else) may have would be greatly appreciated.

  36. I bought like 3 years ago a Sricam AP006. Now i have other cameras that have Onvif.
    I want to join all cameras to see in one place, so i´m thinking in buying a NVR.
    Most of seller says to me that the NVR will not work for the Sricam AP006. Is that correct?
    If it is, do you know other device to join all cameras in one tv?
    This are my cameras
    One camera is an Sricam AP006 (don´t have ONVIF)
    Two cameras are Sricam SP007 outdoor ip camera (ONVIF 2.4.2 , that a
    parameter that i´m a afraid that will not work, what do you think? )
    And the last camera is a CCTV Camera.

    Any help would be aprecciated
    Thanks in advance
    All the best

  37. Hi, I would like to ask you something. I am installing 16 Hik mini bullets to 8 wooden light posts 20ft high. I ordered aerial outdoor rated cat6 line for the installation but there is something I still dont understand. When I look at the short segment of white cable coming out the back of each camera, I can not help but think that is not outdoor rated line.. If I am correct, what do you think would be the easiest/most cost effective way of concealing that segment of white camera cable? Does it even need concealing or is it fine to be exposed to the elements? Do I need a junction box or conduit to protect that 20cm segment, is there a cheaper alternative? Thank you in advance, any insight is greatly appreciated.

  38. Hi if i were to get this one using the 60ft cable would i have to still plug each individual camera into a wall outlet? or is the cable a ethernet power cable aswell ?
    DVR8-5000 – OneSmart Home Security System with 4 x PRO-T845 Cameras

  39. I really want to put up like 2 surveillance cameras, as i live in a ghetto neighborhood and just want to protect my family. I just dont have a clue on how to wire these things at all. I was reading that wifi cameras are easier to install, cause there is no wiring required. Can anyone give me some good security camera brands that dont require wiring, and may be easier to install?

  40. Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about "home surveillance audio video" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Conrayden Surveillance Equalizer – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend got cool success with it.

  41. private camera should pay people for filming them ones they film with out there permission that's your bprivavcy I Kno it's real noisy and really curious but pay me high dollar bills if you film me and I don't know$55555555555555

  42. Beautiful work.
    Best camara fitting video I've seen.
    I want to put up camaras over looking my garden.
    Does drilling short pulses help .

  43. I kept thinking, okay I might be able to do this until you ran the cable through the attic to your super sophisticated network system… That's when I lost all my hopes… I wish my boyfriend was a handyman…. sigh

  44. What ethernet cable do I need as how with I get the cable through the hole drilled in wall as it will have the ethernet connector on it

  45. Nice neat job 👌🏼, it’s so important to find someone these days who actually know what they are doing – many cowboys around – Beware 👊🏽

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