How to install the Oji Touch Smart Lock (2018) all by yourself –  A Step-By-Step Guide

How to install the Oji Touch Smart Lock (2018) all by yourself – A Step-By-Step Guide

Hi! In this video we’re going to show you
the complete setup guide of the Oji Touch smart lock. You’ll begin with
uninstalling an old cylinder and then installing the Oji Touch smart lock How to replace an old cylinder from the door?
Let’s go through the steps! Before installing the Oji Touch smart lock, remove the screw from the the door present on the side panel of
the mortise. This will loosen up the cylinder and can then be easily removed
by pulling it from either ends. Keep this aside as you prepare to Go Keyless.
Remember to keep the screw which is removed from the side panel. To mount the Oji Touch smart lock,we need to separate the rear knob from the front knob of the cylinder. For
this, with the allen key provided in the box, unscrew the screw on the rear knob.
The rear knob then frees up from the rest of the cylinder. As shown in the
video, the variable cylinder needs to be adjusted to fit the door thickness which is achieved by moving the front knob back and forth to fit the length of the door. Please note that the
factory setting of the front handle is the lowest position and normally works for most doors. In case the door is thicker, move the front knob back, to increase the
width of the lock. The lock will click at 3 points to reach the maximum width
possible. These clicks represent standard door thicknesses. Once the right length
is achieved, tighten the screw in the right notch. Please ensure that you have
screwed it in one of the three internal notches on the cylinder rod. we can now
mount the rear knob on the cylinder rod and tighten the screw using an allen key. Finally the screw on the lock body can
be tightened. By rotating the rear knob you can test
the locking and unlocking mechanism. Let’s go through the steps of installing
batteries in the front knob of your Oji Touch smart lock. For installing
batteries you need to use a screwdriver to push the rubber pad on the front knob
to reveal two screws. Unscrew both the screws and keep aside. Once unscrewed the front of the Oji cover frees up and you see slots for placing the 4 triple A batteries. Insert the 4 triple-A batteries and
then put the front Oji cover back followed by tightening the screws on the
front knob. Make sure that the rear knob is tightly
harnessed to the cylinder rod. Once the lock is mounted on the door
press the hash (#) key thrice to wake up your lock. A blue light would flash which
indicates successful installation. Watch our next video to see the setup of the
first admin password. For keeping up to date with our videos subscribe to our
channel now!

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