How to Keep Your Car from Being Stolen (Anti-Theft System)

Rev up your engines! [MUSIC PLAYING] It’s time for Hey, that’s our car, isn’t it? It sure is. Flag ’em down. Hey, stop! [HORN HONKING] Hey, what do you dames
mean by stealing our car? Hey, you guys are screwy. We didn’t steal no car. Honest, mister, I
didn’t steal no car. Have stooges been trying
to steal your car? There’s many ways to keep
thieves from stealing a car, but there’s a new
device out there that works better than most. Steering column locks
have been used for years, but they have one real problem. Steering columns are made
out of rather soft material and a hacksaw can cut them
through pretty quickly. Once cut, the lock comes off
off, and you can drive the car. Sure, it’s got a hole,
but it’s drivable. But the Pedal Jack is different. It’s locking your brake pedal. You get the device, stick
it under your brake pedal, and then just click it up. It locks in place. No one can steal your car. Here’s a demonstration
of what’s happening. The lock is going in here, and
it locks your pedal in place. Now if you want to play
the devil’s advocate, you’ll say, well, get a hacksaw
and cut the brake pedal off. But the big pedal is made of
tempered steel by federal law. It would take you
10 or 15 minutes to cut through this to
get the brake pedal off. And anyways, who’s gonna drive a
stolen car with no brake pedal. You wouldn’t be able to stop. And besides, if
the thief is gonna try to cut your
brake pedal, he’s gonna leave himself in
an exposed position. This is a position no
thief wants to be in. Now, you might wonder where
you can find the Pedal Jack. Well, being sort of
a popular mechanic myself, I found it in
Popular Mechanics magazine. So if you don’t want thieves
throwing you out of your car– All right, can’t we
be friends about it? Give me a hand. [SCREAMS] Ah, you might try one of
these Pedal Jacks next time. This is Scotty Kilmer
helping you crank it up. And remember, if you’ve got car
questions you want answered, just Google I answer them all
free at my website.

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