How to lock and unlock your Nest × Yale Lock

How to lock and unlock your Nest × Yale Lock

SPEAKER: Welcome to Nest. We’re going to show
you how to lock and unlock the Nest x Yale lock. There are several ways to do it. You can even set your lock
to automatically lock itself. Inside your home,
the Nest x Yale lock works like a traditional
deadbolt lock. Simply use the thumb turn
to lock and unlock it. Outside your home, you can use
the keypad to lock and unlock by hand. Press the Yale logo, or
hold your hand on the keypad until it lights up,
enter your passcode, and press the Check Mark. To lock your door, you
can use One Touch locking. There’s no need to
enter a passcode. Just close the door and
press the Yale logo, or hold your palm on the
keypad to lock your door. Of course you can
use the Nest app too. You’ll see your lock
on the app home screen. It’ll also show you if
it’s locked or unlocked. Tap the Lock icon on
the app home screen, then tap and hold
the Lock button until the ring disappears. If it can’t lock or
unlock for some reason, the app will let you know. The lock will also tell
you what’s happening. Auto-lock lets
you set the Nest x Yale lock to automatically
lock itself after you leave or when you’re home. You can also set the
time delay for Auto-lock. This lets you give
yourself plenty of time to get the mail
before your door locks itself. If you have Auto-lock
enabled, make sure everyone who shares access to your home
knows their passcodes so no one gets locked out by accident. To learn more, visit
our support site.

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9 Replies to “How to lock and unlock your Nest × Yale Lock”

  1. Can I unlock it while wearing gloves? Will it unlock automatically when I approach the door while carrying the mobile device that is signed into the Nest app? If the door is slightly ajar, will the lock be damaged when it attempts to lock and the deadbolt cannot fully extend?

  2. FYI you don't have to press the Yale logo to activate the keypad or to relock — it's often easier and faster to just touch the whole keypad with the back of your hand.

  3. My door was old and shifting in it's frame, so the previous doorknob stuck.>>> I took a few hours and followed the instructions to tighten my hinges and adjust the door frame so the lock closes without friction. I'm really glad I did, I'm not sure this would have worked properly without a careful install. It was definitely worth the trouble. I made some key copies, and I've literally only used a physical key once, and that was to test if the copies worked. I'm always forgetting if I locked the front door, so being able to check in with the Smartthings app has been f'n fantastic. This is a huge convenience that I didn't know I was missing out on until I tried it myself.

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