How to make a key with “Try out Keys” for RVs, Trailers & Campers | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

How to make a key with “Try out Keys” for RVs, Trailers & Campers | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

– Making keys to RVs can be
a bit of a pain in the butt. I know they’re simple locks, there’s different keys, there’s,
you’re impressioning them, you’re spending a lot of time at it. I am a real big fan of
this try-out set of keys. (clunking of lock) (dramatic whooshing) This is the big set that fits the TriMark. So this is for TriMark RVs. It’s a MasterKey set and I think some change
keys in there maybe. And I’ve got the a FIC, which
is extremely popular RV. So for recreational
vehicles, campers, trailers, this is the try-out keys,
and they’re not expensive. And the guys over at Framon
are selling these right now, and I think they got a special on them. I’ll put the link here. It’s a great set. It puts all my bits
and pieces in one spot. And for the price of these keys, I’ll recover the money
the first job I get. And I’m gonna go right now and test. I have a TriMark camper
lock and it’s locked. I’m gonna, a easy to pick of course, and yes I can impression it, but it’s so easy just to
stick in the key and try it. So RVs have always been
a pain in the butt. So I’ve got the TriMark set. This is the FIC, which
is a very very popular. And of course the one I don’t have, there’s a little two key
set, which is the change key, master key set for the Global locks. So I haven’t really run
across a lot of Globals, but I’m going to get
the try-out set anyways. But again, lots of TriMarks, lots of FICs. Let’s go try out the try-out keys and let’s see how quick we can make a key. Here’s the camper lock, it’s
a TriMark lock, very popular. You can use a Y11 key. Yeah, easy to impression, sometimes there’s even a code on it. But all we got to do really,
is just take the try-out keys. And again, we do so many of these. And just, you know, we
should lube it first, but again, these things are so simple, there’s nothing to them. So here we go. There is the key. So here’s the key that
fits and turns the lock, opens and closes it really easy. Again, these locks are so simple. I’m just going to cut it now. I got a bunch of blanks of
these in the service truck. I’m just gonna cut it and
give it to the customer. So there it is, I could
use a Y11, but you know, customers like to have the square keys. So this is a TM, what is that? TM8? Yeah it’s a TM8. 160, so it’s own open
number is 1608, or TM8. Just cut it, give it to the customer and they’re so happy, give them two keys. So because these locks are so simple and they have their stuff to protect, We’re gonna install a
Packlock pass on this camper. Don’t know exactly where
yet, and what I’m gonna do. But I’m gotta install this and then we’re gonna make it secure. The really interesting thing
with this hockey puck lock from Packlock, which is Pacific Lock, they’re good guys down there. Is the hockey puck lock is
actually attached to the hast. So I don’t have to worry about losing, the customer doesn’t have to, you don’t have to worry about
losing the hockey puck lock, it’s attached, so this will
make this camper very secure, and they should be quite happy about it. So I’ll show the follow-up video
on installing this Packlock hockey puck lock on this camper. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel. Also visit my website and you can see what online locksmith
training I have for beginners, intermediate and advanced. As well as my covert methods of entry. and my non destructive methods of entry. (dramatic whooshing) (clunking of lock)

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  1. Is the door substantial enough for the Pac Lock to do any good? I'm thinking a size 12 boot would convert it into scrap metal.

  2. Just wondering do you answer the little guy's, like me. Or watch my channel ? Be serious. Don't see you having giveaways like the rest of our community. Not being rude or anything. Just curious.

  3. Hey, I am looking for some standard 1” tubular abloy locks with no success, i can get the tubes no problem but the lock piece itself has been a nightmare sourcing. I bought a 3” tube to try for mortise m3 but its way to big of a core to drill regularly. Do you carry abloy tube locks?

  4. I'm vary intrested in this set. I'm in Northern California and have had an influx of camper jobs with all the fire victim camp's. How many Tri-Mark Keyways does it cover?

  5. What's a good wireless or bluetooth deadbolt with keypad and camera that I can buy from a wholesale distributor you would recommend?

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