HOW TO: Pair iPhone Bluetooth to Subaru (All 2013 models)

HOW TO: Pair iPhone Bluetooth to Subaru (All 2013 models)

Hi, I’m Tannis Bachman. I’m here today at
Bachman Subaru in Louisville, Kentucky, with James. He’s going to show you guys how to
pair up your Bluetooth in the Subaru Outback. All right, thank you Tannis. I’m going to
show you how to set up your Bluetooth for your iPhone in the 2013 Outback. So it’s just
as simple as pressing your off hook button to answer your phone and you’ll get to speak
with your car for a little while. “Welcome to hands free phone system. The hands free
system enables usage of a mobile phone without needing to handle the phone. To operate, use
voice recognition and the select nob. Before using the hands free system a phone needs
to be paired. After pairing, to use the system, push the talk switch and say a command after
the beep. Please keep in mind that the Help command can be used at any time. Entering
phone set up to begin the pairing process.” So after she gives you her little spiel, all
you’re really going to do is press the off hook button one more time. Say, pair phone.
“Pair, push the talk switch and say a name for the phone.” Bachman iPhone. “Bachman iPhone.
Push the talk switch and say confirm.” Confirm. “To use the internal Bluetooth audio player
feature of the phone, say internal audio.” Internal audio. “Internal audio, push the
talk switch and say confirm.” Confirm. “Ready for phone pairing. Please use the phone to
connect to the hands free phone system. The passkey for the phone is 0000. Searching.”
So you notice here it says your passkey right on your screen. It’ll pop up on your screen
on your phone as Car Multi Media, not paired. You’ll click on it. “Searching.” You’ll put
in your passkey, you’ll hit pair in the top right hand corner. “The phone is paired. Push
the talk switch and say pair phone or set passkey.” That’s all you need to do. You then
hit the off hook button so that way everything is canceled out, and you’re good to go.

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18 Replies to “HOW TO: Pair iPhone Bluetooth to Subaru (All 2013 models)”

  1. My phone pairs (Android), and it allows me to talk to people, but the buttons on the wheel do not work, like pickup calls and ending. Any ideas what the reason is?

  2. Hi! I've a Subaru XV'12. I bought it from another owner nearly a year ago and have no access to him any more. Recently I tried to pair a Sony Experia phone via bluetooth, but the answer came : MEMORY FULL. Do you know how to clear the memory?

  3. You can actually pair a flip phone with a Subaru vehicle as long as the phone has Bluetooth. I have an old Samsung Mantra phone, which isn't a smart phone, that I had no problem pairing with my Forester.

  4. My phone (Iphone 5) feature works. How do i play music from my iphone? I connect my usb cable to my 2012 Subaru OB and it doesnt play music. Am I doing it right or should it be on bluetooth to play music? I tried bluetooth but it doesnt play?

  5. What's an offut (sp?) button? I'm trying to help a friend and don't have a steering wheel in front of me and am not sure what to tell him.

  6. I did all this in a 2013 Impreza, and when I try to play Spotify or Apple Music/podcast, it just won’t play or there’s no audio

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