How to Prank Intruders! (DIY Mini Alarm) | D.I.SPY

How to Prank Intruders! (DIY Mini Alarm) | D.I.SPY

– Hi everyone, I’m Kaiden. – And I’m Izzy, and
this is D. I. Spy. – The show where
we make spy gear with stuff you can find at home, and carry out spy missions
sent from headquarters. Like this one. – [Izzy] What’s it say? – Today’s assignment is
to learn how to protect our property. – The first way to
protect your stuff is by making this
simple sound trap. For this, you’ll need
the following items: a can of mints, a record-your-own-message greeting card, tape, and a pair of scissors. Start by recording a message. Press down to record
your own message. I already recorded mine. Then, take apart
the greeting card. When you peel it apart, you’ll
find three things inside. The speaker, the circuit board, and the tab that sets it off. Take everything out, but
be careful not to rip or tear any of the wiring. Tape the circuit board
onto the bottom of the tin, and tape the speaker to the top. (soft upbeat music) Make sure that the tab
that triggers the recording is free to move. I’m going to show
you how this works. You need to have the lid
closed as much as possible, then tape the tab to the lid. It’s going to be very
hard to show you, but I’m gonna tape
the tab to the lid. This will arm your sound trap. Then, when anyone
tries to open the trap, a message will play. – Next, I’m gonna show
you how to make a simple duplicate of yourself,
so it looks like you’re standing guard
even when you’re not. Here’s what you’ll need: a sizable piece of cardboard, a marker, scissors,
a lamp, broomstick and tape, or you can use glue. Begin by leaning the
cardboard on the wall. Oh, hey, Izzy, can
you give me a hand? Thanks, I just need you to
stand in front of the cardboard. Now I can use the marker
to trace around her and make an outline. Your assistant can make
any pose they want, but try to get as close
to the body as possible, without accidentally
marking them. That’s it, thanks Izzy. – No problem. – Next, cut out the outline. (upbeat music) to make sure it stays standing, you can either attach a broom
or mop handle to the back. This can be attached
with either glue or tape. (upbeat music) Stand up the cutout
in front of a window, and place the lamp behind it. When the lamp shines on
the cardboard cutout, it’ll make it look
like a silhouette, so people think you’re
home, but you’re actually out doing secret spy stuff. – Well, we’re all set. We should be safe
from all intruders. – Nicely done. But what’s the message
that the alarm plays when you set it off? – Well, I suppose there’s
only one way to find out. – [Recording] You thought
you could sneak off with our stuff? Think again, Buster! – Cool alarm, Izzy. That’s gonna show
them what’s what.

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