How to protect yourself from phishing with Android

How to protect yourself from phishing with Android

SPEAKER: Phishing
is a growing problem for the digital ecosystem. 120,000 phishing websites
are created every month. It’s when somebody tries
to steal your username and password by
disguising themselves as someone you may
know and directing you to a fake website. Our team of engineers
continuously develop and upgrade Android’s
default security settings to give you peace of mind. Safe Browsing stops
phishing in its tracks by using machine learning
to detect fake websites. Call Screen highlights
callers that aren’t in your contacts and
flags potential spam calls. Your Android phone can also
double up as a security key. It acts as a second
bolt to your front door to stop unwanted visitors from
accessing your online accounts. To activate it, all
you need is a phone running Android 7 or above and
a Bluetooth-enabled computer with a Chrome browser. A notification will be
sent to your Android phone asking you to
confirm it is you who wants to sign into an account. Using your Android
device as a security key is your best defense
against phishing. Android is designed with
multi-layered security features because we believe the strongest
security measures should be available to everyone.

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  1. But you're so bad at providing updates. In fact you'll tied with outdated operating system. Please learn from Apple. Thank you #NoOffence

  2. It's new feature are safety but when we lost our device that time need to log in to others devices for remove Google account on lost device. For security .that time I can how to log in without verification code?

  3. Certo for Android coming soon..

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