How to repair a hole in a copper pipe using a click fix patch repair

How to repair a hole in a copper pipe using a click fix patch repair

this is a click fix pipe repair patch
this is made from copper and it actually has solder on the inside so it’s just
like a solder ring fitting but that will actually just clip onto the pipe
and then you can solder that in position obviously you need to clean the pipe
first these are fantastic idea if you get a hole in a copper pipe it’s very
common for people to go around putting screws in the floorboards trying to fix
down loose boards sometimes people don’t puncture the pipes if you do that
you get a screw in the pipe and the water leaks out obviously this is just
a on the bench demo so I’m just going to demonstrate how these work and then
afterwards I’m going to pressurize the pipe with some pressurized water and
we’ll see how much pressure one of these can actually take so to start off
with I’m going to take a screw and we’ve got a copper pipe here I’m now
going to drive the screw into the copper pipe if you did that in a real-life
situation you would have water dripping out of the hole so what you would have
to do now is drain down the system or isolate the water and drain down to
ensure there is no water in the pipe once you’ve done that you can then
remove the screw you take a look at that we have got a bit of the copper sticking
up where the screw has lifted it so we do need to remove that first we’re going
to do that using a file normally if you’re going to repair that you would
have to cut out a section of the pipe possibly use a couple of slip
couplings or a pipe repair coupling but with this you don’t actually need to cut
into the pipe you can simply solder that over the top so these are an
absolutely fantastic idea I actually paid £2.99 for
that from screwfix and I have actually seen people selling these on ebay for
nine quid so please be careful where you buy them from as there are some
people out there that will take advantage of you
so before we can solder this on we need to give that a clean one of the
best things for cleaning copper pipe before soldering is a scotch brite pad
this is a piece that I’ve cut off the I normally quite a bit larger than this
I’ve not actually seen these for sale previously and it was actually a YouTube member
that pointed me towards these and I am really sorry I can’t actually remember
the name of the guy recommended them now we’ve done that I’m just going to
apply a little bit of flux to the pipe this will clean it even further you can
apply this with a flux brush if you have one I’m now going to get the repair patch
and ensuring that I’ve got it central I’m going to push that directly over the
hole I’m now going to take some paper towel I’m going to clean off any of the
excess flux because we’ve got piece of timber underneath I’m just going to put
this soldering mat underneath there like so and I’m going to use the blow torch
I’m going to apply some heat to the fitting and that will melt all the
solder that is in there you can see that we’ve got solder
exiting from both of the ends if we turn it over
we’ve got solder along the long edges as well so it does quite literally
only take a couple of seconds for the solder to melt I’m now going to use the
pressure testing rig and we’ll just see exactly how much pressure this can take
to start off we’re just going to remove any trapped air that’s in the pipe because
we don’t want to pressurize the air so we’ve now got water in the pipe I’ll now
proceed to pressure test the pipe so you can see that we’re now at ten BAR we are
now at twenty BAR now at thirty BAR and I we are now at more than forty BAR and we’re now
up past fifty BAR which is the actual limit of the pressure testing rig as you
can see there’s no sign at all of that failing so they are going absolutely
fantastic idea for repairing copper pipes because you don’t actually need to
cut the pipe to do the repair that will give you a long lasting permanent repair
I hope you found this video useful if you have and you haven’t done so already
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