How to replace a door jamb, break in, kicked in! Easy! Home Mender

How to replace a door jamb, break in, kicked in! Easy! Home Mender

Hello this is Dustin with Home Mender
and today we’re going to be replacing an exterior door jamb that was kicked in
this one’s pretty bad. It’s uh well it’s just awful. I’m going to show you how to
change it. Let’s get to it. We’re going to start by removing the old jamb taking
off the latches and the catches for the doorknob and deadbolt .Of course mine are
laying on the floor so I don’t need to remove them. We can pull the rest of the door
casing off just with a pry bar. Get any nails that are protruding hammered
back in. Pull off the weather stripping That one’s pretty old. We’re going to go
ahead and replace that, too. Go ahead and start by dismantling however your jamb is
secured. Sometimes it’s screwed. Sometimes it’s
nailed. This one’s been previously repaired so I have some face screws here we’re going
to pull off. Now what were going to do is we’re just going to kind of walk it out. We do not want to disturb the top jamb. You can pull any nails you’ve got left over.
If you can’t pull them use your trusty side cutters and just clip them. Do the same with the bottom. careful not to disturb your threshold. Once that’s off you can
see some screws or nails where the factory has nailed the threshold to that
side of the jamb, we’re going to clip those too so we can slip our new jamb
down inside. Now that we got our old jamb up we’re ready to install the jamb kit.
This jamb kit about $20. You get all three pieces. We’re only going to be doing
one. It comes with this little funky cut side that’s going to sit on your
threshold. Make sure you put yours in the right way. We’re going to put that side
down. Rest on top of the threshold and then we’re going to cut the top to fit.
Measure up from the bottom and you’re going to want it to run up past your top
header jamb. That’s 81 1/4 to the top jamb. We’re going to run ours
about a half inch further up. 81 and 3/4. Go ahead and pull off
your weather stripping. Square. You can see our old paint line right there.
That’s where we’re going to cut our new jamb to fit. Now you’re going to want to
cut this piece and this piece at different lengths. This top is going to
slide up beside our top jamb and this one is going to butt to it. Measure up.
81 looks tight. Let’s cut our inside lip to 81. Now of course, your measurements
may be different so definitely measure for yourself. Set
your saw blade depth so we don’t cut all the way through the jamb. That little
piece chips off and that’s ready to go in. slide the bottom in, pick up the
header and then push the top in. Fitting in nice . Now you can see how this
piece here butts underneath the jamb and the side slides up behind it. Let’s check
the swing of your door make sure it’s working.
Looking nice. Next, we’re going to shim the jamb. Now we know where the top and
the bottom are going to fall because they’re going to press up against your
threshold and press up against the top of your jamb so let’s go ahead and shim
that now . Get it nice and tight. After your top and bottom are shimmed. let’s close the door so we know what how far to shim the middle. Now that we got our jamb in
the right place, we’re ready to screw it off. I like to use deck screws. They’re
exterior and won’t rust and I find if you put the screws next to the weather
stripping slot, then you won’t see the screws. Make sure you screw where your
shims are, that way you won’t crack your jamb. Go ahead and cut or break your shims off. Next we’re going to install our interior door casing. You may want to insulate this if you have a big gap. I don’t have a big gap but we’re going to
insulate it anyway. Once you install the insulation, we’re
going to measure our door casing. From the ground. We’re going to measure to the top of the top casing. I’ve got 83. We’re going to use our trusty miter box
saw so we can get our 45 degree angle and since my truck has been raided
we’re going to use a hacksaw since I can’t find my trim saw. Once our casing is cut, we’re ready to fit it in. Secure it with finishing nails. Four or five nails should do it . Now
we’re ready to set our locks we’re going to shut the door and we’re going to mark
on our new jam where the deadbolt and the knob catch falls. Let’s go ahead
and fit our weather stripping in there so we can get our latch right. With the weather stripping tight now we can see where our latch falls. No daylight We’re
looking good and with your one inch paddle bit let’s go ahead and drill for
our latches. Put it right in the middle of your jamb. You will need to drill all
the way through for your deadbolt but you don’t have to drill all the way through
for your knob catch that’s up to you. Take your dead bolt catch and trace your
shape. Same thing with the knob catch. This one’s best to flip backwards to
avoid running into the nubby issue. Now, with your nice sharp chisel, we’re going to want to recess our catches. Only need to go in the thickness of the catch
which looks like about an eighth of an inch. Don’t bang too hard. Go ahead move all the way around the perimeter. Get creative on your little arches and then chisel out the middle. Now go ahead and install your deadbolt
catch. We’re going to make sure we use long screws in here so they contact the
stud. We don’t want just the security of the door jamb holding our deadbolt
closed. In case this happens again we want them to have to fight to get in. Now do the same thing with your knob catch. Let’s give it a test close. Looking nice,
deadbolt is engaging and we’re good to go. Alright, so that’s it we got our old
door jamb out we got our new door jamb in. Iit’s looking nice.
Everything’s shutting tight. Weather stripping is keeping all the daylight out. The locks are engaging and we are secure . We’ve got our new casing on. All
that’s left is to caulk and paint. I’m going to leave that up to you so for
Home Mender Inc This is Dustin. I hope you learned something today and if you
did don’t forget to click subscribe. Thanks for watching.

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100 Replies to “How to replace a door jamb, break in, kicked in! Easy! Home Mender”

  1. Thanks so much for this video,did the same job today for a customer,after watching this made me feel like I had done it before,your tips were right on,did it exactly the same way,when I was done it was …….lookinโ€™ nice!

  2. Good video! came home drunk and forgot my keys so I decided my best option was to put a shoulder through my door. DO you have a video on fixing the door? My door is broken right around the dead bolt.

  3. Great video. No music, to bs talk, no tools advertising – straight to the point. This is the guy that really wants to share.

  4. Thank you for this video. I followed your steps exactly and made my back door perfect! It was in baaaaaad shape. Totally air and light tight, looks good.

  5. I accidentally locked the deadbolt instead of the regular lock and my phone was on vibrate (ugh sleep deprivation sucks ass at times!). Boyfriend thinks the whole frame, jamb, and door need replacing after he "went into caveman mode" like someone else here said. We don't want our entire deposit taken due to a silly mistake. Should we just suck it up and tell our apartment complex office what happened anyways or is this DIY approach doable for us? Would renters insurance cover this expense do you know? Either way good to know how to DIY in the future

  6. Haha 0:37 seconds!! And 3:16!! Door got kicked in huh? ๐Ÿ˜…
    Great video on repairing a jam, thanks!

  7. Great instructional video, Dustin. Easy-to-follow instructions. I've got this very job to do. As Wilderness Medic wrote, "You're the man!". I concur. #:^) Thanks a million, my friend! ~best wishes, wombat willie

  8. Yo I appreciate the video bro, let me tell you though, you made this shit look EZ in 8 mins, took me 3 hours, but I only payed $23 instead of a carpenter 300! Appreciate it man!

  9. What do you mean you're going to clip them snap snap snap that's the whole job that you didn't show right there how do you clip them how do you get in there and clip them tight enough what kind of tools did you use the whole question, the whole part anyone would need to learn,
    The only part we need to see, you just brushed over.
    Thanks that's it.

  10. I couldn't get over the fact that this guy was fixing a door that got broken into and there were two different times police cars with sirens on were near-by during the filming. I do appreciate the video and hate to hear that your truck got raided. If you ever setup a go-fund-me page, you're one of the very few I would actually contribute to. Thanks again for this vid, it was a huge help!

  11. Great video!! Hopefully I can do it like you did it. Where did you get the frame supplies at? You said it was like $20

  12. Mine wasn't that bad, the jam came off in one piece when I kicked the door down so I just got some wood glue, new molding, and some paint. Rental house ๐Ÿ˜‰ all done! Thanks for some tips man

  13. I watched several videos and yours was the most helpful. Thank you so much for posting it. I was able to change my door jamb. First time ever doing that. But it came out pretty decent. There were some things that didn't quite go the way your video instructed but I think it was just the craftsmanship from the person before (on my door) but I figured it out. But huge thanks!

  14. Dustin, thank you for the video. It helped me out doing the same job. Home Despot is up to $39.97 for the finger jointed wood kit. Maybe I'll get lucky and the next one will be the left over jamb I didn't use.

  15. Thank you for posting. Will help me a lot. Our 17 year old grandson got locked out of his parents house by his friends playing a joke on him. He busted in. He will be helping me fix this. Thanks again.

  16. Dustine, You are the fuckin Man. I never did this before but watch you do it and explain things so simple I feel like I can pull this shit off with no problem! You my man are appreciated! Awesome training video!

  17. Great video.. I got one to repair in my home not as bad but inner edge sides are cracked door has to come off & trim have to widen holes glue some dowell rods insert em drill new pilot holes into the dowell rods put on new trim done.


  19. I enjoyed this video! Iโ€™m trying to gain brownie points with a special lady Iโ€™m pursuing. I want to fix her broken kitchen door molding that leads to her shed. The only section that is bad is where the striker or catcher goes. Any suggestions?

  20. Thanks Dustin.I still don't know how to fix my door. Have never done it before. It's easy for you 'cause you've been doing it for a bazillion years.

  21. I could use this guy right now to fix many of my doors because whoever did the locks didnt know what they were doing.

  22. I wish I saw this video Nov 2010 when I got my house robbed and the contractor robbed me for $1100.

  23. I used to hate using a chisel until a guy told me to "turn it over". I smile the whole time using one now.

  24. I need fix my door at my dad place anyone can just come in I hate that cux my dad passed away. His door just like yours what specific piece I need where to buy it from? Please help

  25. Great vid – I felt prepared after watching it several times BUT the job turned into a mess. Exterior pieces of the frame were joined to the jamb with nails, turned out, and once the jamb was out, the whole frame sorta sagged and turned into a nightmare for one person to handle. I put the new jamb in place but everything else was so loose that a snug fit was tough to measure for properly and nearly impossible to install well. I'll have to pull the new jamb out and try again. Hoping a second set of hands to brace the frame will make the difference but I imagine that extra measures might be needed. I just don't know what those might be yet! Glue, nails? I've only made the problem worse so far. :/

  26. Thanks for posting this ๐Ÿ˜€ my Padre used to help me with this kind of stuff and has been unable to as of late (and I realized I didn't know how to fix anything on my own!) this video was very helpful. I intend to check out your other videos and maybe I can help my Padre for once XD

  27. Nice video! A steel exterior door, long throw deadbolt(s) and a piece of 1/8" angle iron behind that jamb from floor to ceiling (nailed liberally into the rough framing members and drilled for the deadbolts) won't stop people from kicking in that door again, but will definitely slow them down.

  28. Great video ๐Ÿ‘ appreciate the pointing out of how to properly measure too. That's important for newbies like me to know before starting the job.

  29. My house shift during the winter and my door will jam even if it's unlocked. Every problem a door can have mine will have it. So what over the top leave nothing to chance type of shit can I do so my door works all year round

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