How To Reset Your Honda Radio When You Get Code Message

How To Reset Your Honda Radio When You Get Code Message

Here what you need to do if you have that
problem. First, you need to put the radio off. And switch your car off to. Then put it back on, and then by pressing the 1 and the 6 you gonna
press the power button. And now you have the code. 1559 0457 This is my code, not yours. So you need to do the same thing and you need
a second thing. Here in the front of your car, you have your
serial number. And then, you go on the web site. So once you have your code you need to go
to And the top you will see ”get code”. So here you enter your serial number that
we just find in the radio. Than on the top your ”VIN”number is the
number you find in front of your vehicle. And then set your ZIP code and e-mail address
and click ”Summit”. So once you received your code, turn on back
the radio. Now I have my code 1 6 6 6 4 So 1, 6, 6, How this is not the code. So if you get one bad… Now it’s say error one because i’ve just miss
input my code. So lets say 1 6 6 6 4. And the radio is back on! Great! So thank you for watching, dont forget to
subscribe and Invite you to look at my other channel. I have my main channel where I visit a lot
of place in the world. Two years ago I’ve just cycle Japan by bicycle
and a did a documentary on it… Come and see it. Good lock with your car. Seeya

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20 Replies to “How To Reset Your Honda Radio When You Get Code Message”

  1. Awesome! Many thanks for the simple, straight-forward video! Worked great, only issues I had were the buttons sticking and causing problems going for a clean code entry. Got to ErrE. 🙁 Disconnected negative battery terminal and was able to start over. Buttons barely able to get the code in with only 1 error. Boom!! Radio is a rockin'! Thank you!! Now, time to get some PB Blaster sprayed into those buttons before they lock up completely.

  2. It didn’t work for me 🙁 I entered the vin number and they says ur vin is not valid.but the vin number is 💯 correct

  3. i have a 2002 honda odyessy and did everthing you said but brought up 2 codes and one as a b in it what would that be

  4. Thanks, this helped a lot. My daughters car was in for service at the local Firestone and when I moved her car, code appeared on the screen. I stumbled on to this video and it worked great. 2009 Honda Accord and the radio is back on. Thanks

  5. Excellent . Spent almost a month without music. Problem solved in a matter of minutes. Thanks alot! I'm all smiles now.

  6. When i tried all of this i got the code from the website and everything, i followed your steps and put the code in but then it went back to not working 3 minutes after the radio was on. Please help us there something i may have done wrong?

  7. I did as instructed but when I pressed and held the 1 and 6 preset buttons then pressed power button the serial numbers did not come up. Still stayed at code.

  8. clear and concise information. Thank you, that fixed my radio after I changed my battery. Now I have a label in my glovebox with the code.

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