How to Rewire Power Through Ignition Switch in Your Car

How to Rewire Power Through Ignition Switch in Your Car

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel if electrical devices in your car aren’t
working right, because they’re not getting any power, then stay tuned
because I’m going to show you how to rewire electrical devices in your car
using the ignition switch, now one of the biggest problems with modern cars is
that all the electronics are controlled by computers, and when these computers
and their systems break down, it can cost a fortune to replace them, so when I work
on them, many times in a modern car rather than replace the expensive computer
stuff, I’ll just rewire the power to the device and make it simpler, now in the
case of this Toyota, the air conditioners stopped working because the computer
system isn’t sending power to it anymore so I’m going to rewire the power to the
air conditioning compressor using a toggle switch and wiring it off the
ignition switch, so the first thing we have to do is take all this plastic crap
off, to get to the wires that the ignition switch powers, so we’ll go under the
cover we’ll take all the screws off that hold it in place,
and take the bolts off on any of the panel that’s in the lway and just pull
the panel out of the way and in the case of this Toyota turn the steering wheel,
because there’s a screw hiding behind it you got to take off and there’s also one
on the other side, so take it off too the bottom just snap right off, then you get a
simple test light and check for power here’s the ignition switch and if you
follow the wires down, they plug in here, so we want a wire that has power
when you turn the key on and goes off when you turn the key off, now we’ll
check this pink one, it doesn’t have power and now we’ll check this black and yellow one,
it’s got power with the key turned on and when we turn the key off, the power
is off, so that’s the one we’re going to use to power the air conditioner compressor,
then you get some quick splices and splice a new wire onto the old wire,
they’re very easy to use, one end you push in the new wire, until it stops and
then the old wire in the car just pushes right into the slot then you just get a
big pair of pliers and squeeze the metal that clamps it together, then you just
get the other end of the wire you connected to the ignition switch and put
it on the wire that goes to your new toggle switch and twirl it with a little
twister, so it stays nice and tight, then take the other wire that comes to the
toggle switch and run it through the dash, so that it comes out the other side
and you can hook it up to the air conditioning compressor and don’t forget
to put an inline fuse, so that it’s safe I’m hooking it up to the wire right
here and the other under the wire here just splices into the air conditioning
clutch wire that turns the air conditioner on, so instead of having to
fix a really complicated computer system we now have a simple toggle switch to
turn the air conditioner on with, just turn on the switch and now ice cold
air is blowing in my face, so now you know how to bypass electrical shorts
using your ignition switch and a quick splice kit, and remember if you’ve got
any car question just visit Scotty and I’ll answer them as soon
as I get back from the asylum!

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100 Replies to “How to Rewire Power Through Ignition Switch in Your Car”

  1. splicing into the ignition switch i have done that on a 05 chevy silverado that has an aftermarket stereo that was installed with a special wiring kit that provides a switched source odd how there isn't a switched source behind the radio

  2. just run power from the battery positive terminal to the switch, then the switch to the headlights and put a 30 amp in line fuse on the wire.

  3. hey scotty I have a 98 Camaro with an aftermarket stereo and sometimes when im driving the radio turns off and if I hit a pot hole or bump it turns back on,, also when the radio turns off the windows do not go up or down… any idea of what I should do? thank you!

  4. check the wiring for shorts, which can be a pain. OR , just rewire power to both devices directly from the battery using wire and in line fuses.

  5. Thank you.. So if I check the wires I have to do them one by one from to the wires in the back of the stereos? And once I find the wire how can I fix the problem thanks!

  6. Wouldn't it be easier to use a fuse tap? So that way you can find a fuse that turns on and off and use a fuse tap device to turn the fuse slot from one fuse to two? Just wondering? Also, I can only find 10 amp fuse taps, is there any bigger ones than that? Thanks

  7. hello Mr. Scotty i always watching all your video's here in youtube, i just want to ask you about wiring diagram of a headlight and ignition switch, i have a car which we call here in the Philippines an owner type jeep with 4k engine, my problem is about my ignition switch and the switch of my headlight, if i turn on the ignition switch to start the engine i must on also the switch for head light, and when i switch the on for ignition switch the headlight appeared to have a light then it off again when i free the key… hope you help me… tnx and i am a beginner to troubleshoot the problem… thank you and more power

  8. Scotty, how can I do something similar to power a dash cam? Both of my cigarette plugs have power even when the car is off, but I want it only to come on when the car is running. I'm trying to plan out a wiring diagram and don't know what the best way to do this is

  9. Hey, I am having a wiring problem with my bike, and my last issue has me stumped. I cant simply find a good part and put it on because it was produced only one year( 83 honda nighthawk 550)

    My problem is the power nd ground running from the ignition switch to the fusebox. The part that connects wires to fusebox is melted. Is there a safe way to wire it in without the connector. Are there any other options. Plz help

  10. Scotty, as I understand it, putting a toggle switch on the blower in this way will give you a choice between ful blast and off. Instead of a toggle switch, can you subsitutue a rheostat so you can get blower settings between full and off?

  11. Scotty.  My car keeps blowing it's ERLS (10amp) fuse so my a/c doesn't work, but it doesn't blow right away.  sometimes it takes 30 min, and sometimes i have a/c for 2 or 3 days b4 the fuse blows.  I don't think it's the a/c because even if i unplugg the a/c clutch under the car the erls fuse still blows even though the a/c wasn't running.

    Can i use the method in this video to rewire my a/c?  And what is the difference between this method and your other video called Repair your own car's air conditioner cheaply?

  12. I have a 1999 chevy s10 truck headlight don't work I think is a relay but I do not know how to locate them can you help me?

  13. I have a 1999 grand am and I just see the black and purple wire was cut and running. To the fuse box and I will like to know y was it done like that plz help me

  14. can anyone tell me will tapping wires reduce voltage on that wire. how does tapping work in terms of electricity my terminology is bad hopefully you know what i mean

  15. i have a 97 for mustang i just got a few months ago, recently while driving the power cuts off, but i have no problems cranking the car back up, iv read online that it could be the ignition switch connector, but im not really sure… could you possibly help me out

  16. Doesn't seem like the best Idea to pull that much power from the ignition switch. It's going to send a surge through ignition and kill the car right? That's what my car does with my radio.

  17. Scotty, doesn't running the compressor constantly cause problems?  I'm going to need to get my AC to run without my computer since I'm getting rid of my stock computer.  Although, I could try to get the arduino (which is working kinda as a body control module) to run the AC.

  18. Car was stolen n, my ignition switch was taken out n used to the start car but they added a on/off switch onto ignition switch. So the on/off switch was use to turn on acc power and start the car. But I took out the on/off switch n put everything back. But now my car doesnt have sign of electrical n won't start, what do i do?

  19. hey Scotty I have after market power-windows. am thinking of doing the same, do you think its safe the doors do pull allot of power. I wired it previously through the cigar-ate liter and it blew the accessory fuse.. please let me know what you think.

  20. this is not good. If your "device" in this case AC drains more power that supported the on the ignition power wire, some fuze will be blown. Best to use a relay that will as a switch between battery and AC. So connect AC to battery via a relay. Use 12V ignition to activate the relay (eventually with delay)

  21. Mr Kilmer, 1997 Dodge Dakota, the cluster, none of the gauges work , or the mileage show, i have checked the fuse for the cluster, its a good fuse, next i tried a salvage yard cluster panel , still nothing, all it does it light up when the lights are turned on, what can i do ? run a constant power wire to the fuse box, as you show in your video ? please let me know , thank you Scotty

  22. Hey mate, im using 2 on/off switches and a momentary switch to replace the ignition barrel in a 1980 Fiat x19. They are rated to 20A. Is this a high enough rating?

  23. Scotty, none of the gauges or the digital odometer is working , the cluster lights up, just none of the gauges work, can i re wire it to the ignition switch ? if yea, will the gauges be accurate ? let me know what to do to fix it , thank you

  24. Hi Scotty I have a cuestion. Am replace the ignition switch for 01 Chevy Impala I do the three steps for the ignition but still no start

  25. hey scotty how do i hot wire my tacome 98 with a toggle switch…a complicated part in the locking system broke and i just want to skip the whole key ignition all together…

  26. I want to do this with my radio but do I connect only the red wire to the ignition or do I connect the constant (yellow) wire too?

  27. hey scott love your videos having a little proble trying to wire a rfid keyless starter to my car i hooked everything up but for some reason once the car turns over it still wants to keep trying to turn over can you help could u also do a video on how to identify what wires do what on the ignition harness:)

  28. Thanks Scott. I hooked up a Stinger battery isolator in my Corolla using this method. Worked perfectly. I even used the same wire you used.

  29. Hey Scotty I have a problem on a 96 Ford Explorer. You turn the key and the truck won't kick over nothing happens but I have power without the key in the ignition


  31. Hi Scotty, Im trying to wire a new dimming rear view mirror, but need to wire my +12 to a source that delivers only when the car is on. do i need to do this method or can i wire it to my cabin lighting, or maybe sunroof power? im itching to get this installed so plz let me know..

  32. ⬇️Things used in this video:
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    2. Screwdriver set:
    3. Circuit Tester:
    4. Quick Splice:
    5. Pliers Set:
    6. Wire:
    7. In Line Fuse:
    8. Flashlight:
    9. Mechanic’s Tool Set:
    10. Disposable Gloves:
    11. Common Sense
    12. Full HD Camera:
    13. My computer for editing / uploading:
    14. Video editing software:
    15. Thumbnail software:

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  33. how to put a wire on the dash cluster that works the back lights on a 2000 chevy s.10 and if know what color are they I was exchanging a universal radio in the truck and I have put in around 600 radios in older vehicles no problem but I am not good on wireing what I asked about thanks

  34. Hey crazy guy, I have a 2016 f150 Lariat and I want to install a front bumper camera. I'm pretty confident installingthe yellow bnc cable to the radio. My concern is the red/black power cable to the ignition harness for my power. I assume the black is grounded and where does the red connect to the ignition wire or the or the 12v yellow/red?

  35. scotty what about automatic cut of and solenoid switch in system…..
    please suggest me how i can improve my knowledge about car AC.

  36. "back from the asylum" XD haha. i love how he explained something like this so well in just 4 mins.. great video

  37. i like how you prepare your sentences and make them short and informative to make use of your time and your viewer's time. Thanks a lot.

  38. Hey Scotty 🙋 Thx for all the great videos I'm 0 for 3 on the latest projects I'll refer to the video for removing an alarm & remote start system mine in particular was interfering with signals & wipers… Found some broken connected wires & after removal " Shazam!! they work again!" I really can't wait to use these car features again one day including my high beams I know it'll be great fun 🎉… Yup you guessed it if you're thinking my car won't start ? I literally cut ✂ everything & threw it away I was sure I'd done something good because it just felt right I'm 100's of hrs in this not quittin now.. nope !ignition switch wired back to the connectors no problem there but that almost seems too logical for this 06 dodge charger .. Any advice would be much appreciated


  40. Hi Scotty I have a spots addition Mazda 6 2007 and I want to know what the red blue wire connect to bc the wire is burnt and needs to be replaced do u have any suggestions and another thing my car makes a noise in the alntinator and it won't crank but makes a noisy like it wants to crank up

  41. On this video how can you do one just for no key cuz I broke my key in the ignition so I was just trying to make my own push start without the ignition switch or something I'm saying wrong but I just want to be able to light level switch car turns on or press the button in the car turns on on my 1994 Honda Accord

  42. This is a great way to start a car fire. I would suggest to search ebay for used parts and fix it right . Also check fuses and relays before you start replacing expensive components. Do not use home twisty connectors in your car. Cars have lot more vibration and twisty connectors are not rated for car use. As a rule of thumb if an oem does not use it, you should stay away from it. Why reinvent the wheel when auto industry has 100+ year of experience?

  43. Ahhh nooo scottttyy. I never thought id see you use those twist on connectors lol. I hate em. They look trashy on a vehicle in my opinion. I always use crimped shrink wrap connectors. But that's just my opinion

  44. dear scotty i have a q for ya i have a jeep that i lost the key too after replacing the ignition with a aftermarket one it starts for 2 min revs then dies i later found the key that came with it is there a way to bypass the pc if i wire a toggle switch to the solinoid?

  45. Hello Scotty,, love and respect your work and advice and have spent hours watching them, being a petrol head and amateur mechanic myself. Unfortunately, I think this video is the most questionable one I have seen though. I like the idea of showing people how to wire things via the ignition switch, but with this particular example, your method is bypassing the safety switches (low and high pressure) on the system. Therefore if the TEV gets blocked, the AC system pipework or something could blow up or if the system runs low on gas due to a leak, as frequently happens, the compressor will likely lunch itself and blow up because these vital safety systems have now been bypassed and made totally redundant. Not trying to have a go, just think that on this video, this should have been mentioned as a caveat for others so they understand what they are doing in getting the AC system to run in this way. Matt.

  46. The "lil twisters" are for house hold wiring only not for automotive use and you can burn your car to the ground taping in to the ignition switch like that none of this is a good idea

  47. I would not recommend any part of this guide. The lack of power going to the device may be a warning of something else not working or the rest of the computer about to fail. It isn't something to ignore. The toggle switch appears to be a 10A unit that may not be up to the task of delivering enough current to the accessory in question(A/C). The quick splice connectors are the bane of any electrician, as they are the source of poor connections that are a focal point of heat and corrosion. I would rather do the splice the hard way with flux, solder and shrinkwrap rather than using residential electrical connectors or a ton of electrical tape.

  48. I have no power in sockets and radio. I already checked fuses and power outlet relay on my 03 tacoma. Could ot be the computer? I may have a short as a last resort

  49. Hey what all do u have to change when u change the keyswitch in a 98 explorer and is a mustangs parts the same

  50. How do I know which wire to use on my ac condenser fan? It has a three wire system and unsure which wire to use with the black wire coming from the toggle switch?

  51. Scotty help! How would a guy bypass the ignition switch on a 2000 caravan? Toggle switch for the on position and a push switch for the starter.

  52. Ay scotty im trying to run my kenwood radio in my car because i cam watch movies but movies last about 2 hours how can i run power without drainning my battery or 2 hours or more i heard about capacitors and running 2 batterys but i believe the same thing will still happen if my radio is on for 2 hours

  53. Me trying to watch vid quietly while wife is sleeping and I forgot phone volume was all the way up

  54. Have you already gone over how to bypass an ignition? My vw jetta key wont turn far enough to crank. And yes I have tried EVERYTHING its stuck. I just want to route the battery to the starter so I can drive it to the mechanics. Is this possible?

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