How to Ride Subway & Trains in Tokyo – 35 Tips!

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100 Replies to “How to Ride Subway & Trains in Tokyo – 35 Tips!”

  1. Me: I go through New York Penn Station every day, I think I can handle Tokyo, no problem

    arrives at Tokyo

    Me: I NEED AN ADULT!!!

  2. I hadn't heard of the suica card before, but will look into it. My friend and I are going to Tokyo for a week (neither of us have ever been). What is with the 24h, 48h, and 72h metro passes? Are they better than Suica cards? We are just staying in Tokyo, so I am not sure what would be best for us. Also, what is Pasmo? Sorry for all the questions hahaha

  3. Your channel is very good and we discover many things about culture and tips. I'm from Brazil and I will planned to visit Japan in end of May and I will stay there for around 20 days.

  4. Chris..the video is great! Thanks for explaining…I need your thoughts on this tho….I'm going to be in Japan for 15 days. The first 8 days in Tokyo then the next 4 in Kyoto then returning to Tokyo before I depart. What are your thoughts on whether or not I should buy a JR pass? I don't think I will make my money back if I buy a 14 day pass, so is it even worth it to buy a 7 day pass just for the RT from Tokyo to Kyoto? The bummer is…since I'm not going to Kyoto till the 8th day…I can't event use the pass for my airport express from Narita to central Tokyo…TIA for your feedback

  5. Hello. I’m planning to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, and then back to Kyoto. Can someone tell me which JR Pass I should get? I think there are different JR Passes. Thanks in advance!

  6. Hello, Great tips. I will be visiting Japan in April and will stay in Tokyo for 2 days. I would like to go to Harajuku and Shibuya by train. What would be the best way to go about getting tickets just for 2 days? Also any tips on how to get cabs in case transit becomes complicated? Thank you.

  7. Planning to go to Tokyo in April 🙂 Thank you, this was very helpful! Just a question though, for the suica cards, are they only good in Tokyo or can I use them in other cities?

  8. The Suica card sounds a lot like the Octopus card from Hong Kong. We used the Octopus card and it was so much easier with the different bus companies and also to load more money. We'll probably get a Suica card on our trip to Tokyo in 2020. Thanks for all the info!

  9. Will be going to Tokyo on a self-help trip next month for the first time (second time actually but the first time was many decades ago with a tour group) so this is my first lesson to prep for my trip to the Land of the Rising Sun 🙂 THANKS for the detailed rundown of repertoire I need!

  10. This is really helpful. Thank you show much for all your tips and advice. I am off to Tokyo from the UK with my daughter in 2 weeks and the only thing that I am a little apprehensive about is the trains. I'm quite good on the London Subway and Paris Metro but Tokyo's subway looks slightly more daunting. I have 2 further out trips to do that hold me more in concern, which is Mount Fuji and Kamakura. I've noticed though with some research that the bus from Shinjuku Station is best for Mount Fuji, maybe?.I'm going to have a look at your other video guides to help with our trip. Thank you

  11. Well done, and instructive info, about trains and subway trials and tribulations/movements around Tokyo — thanks as I will be in Tokyo Apr. 3, 2019 and travelling Japan solo for up to 5-6 weeks and then onward to … Taiwan and more/less? Will be buying JRPass for 21 days and a Suica card for getting around metro Tokyo (also a SIM card for 30+ days/data and internet) from my Shibuya hostel (Ottawa Canada native). Ginza, alleyways, temples/pagodas, cherry blossoms, onsens, hanami, sushi, Kanazawa, Kyoto, Kinosaki, Osaka, Kagoshima by JR pass …. and much, much more. Sure to still encounter troubles but, at least I am now better armed.

  12. Avoid rush hour train! Japan is amazing and their public transport is second to none. Easy and on time. People go all the way to help if you ask them. They are polite and the most amazing souls.

  13. Thanks so much! I just booked a trip to Tokyo so I’m excited and this video and many others is very helpful

  14. we have 6 ppl (USA) and want to go japan for 5 days start at narita to tokyo 2days, kyoto 2 days and 1 day osaka then we will come back to narita after that. Which the best pass or or ticket good for us
    Also in the local areas of the cities that we are going to … can we use the same pass or we have to buy IC card or suica card ( what different). we are going in next 6 weeks. need help please.

  15. For a start, to avoid any confusion, it helps to call things by their right names. Subway ❌ Metro ✔️ (unless it's some of the few lines which are in fact called subway, such as the Toei subway lines)

  16. In actual fact there are only two subway companies in Tokyo: Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway. The rest are considered private lines which usually predate the breakup and privatization of the former national rail system into the various JR groups. The fact that some of them might run underground is coincidental to a particular section of a particular route or line.

  17. Hi. I will be traveling to Tokyo on July for 5 days, then to Osaka for 3 more days and will leave from Osaka., We may be day trip to Kyoto. Do you recommend to get the JR pass and Sucia for remaining days in Japan?

  18. thank you! very good video. lucky that I am already used to Berlin S- and Sub- rails, The Tokyo rail map doesn't scare me too much anymore hahaha

  19. Hi… Im enjoying your youtube so much as i will be visiting japan during Autumn season. Wanna ask you something, if i would like to plan my trip for 6 days from tokyo to kawaguchiko(mount fuji), and from kawaguchiko to nagano (shibu onsen), and from nagano back to tokyo, should i get JR pass? Please advise…

  20. Hands down no app beats google maps for navigating and finding your metro in Tokyo. I used it exclusively while there and was amazed at how in sync it was with the metro schedule (to the second), even telling you what platform to go to.

  21. Hi, i know it’s an old video but very helpful! I still have a question: how do I know whether the card is a reserved seat card or a non-reserved seat card?

  22. Thank you..this was very helpful…I'm going to Tokyo this year by myself & I'm a little nervous but this video helped a lot😊

  23. Regarding the elderly thing on the trains, the last time I went to Tokyo, people didn't care at all about that. All seats taken, but lots of space to stand. The locals didn't bother to give some elderly people the seat on that one. Me, the gaijin (technically Japanese though) on the other hand, let them sit whenever it happened around me.

  24. really helpful!! thank you very much! so what time does stations and trains and transport start operating? as I would like to wake really early so dont catch up the rush time may be 6am but I dont know what time do they open, thank you!!

  25. Thank you so much I did a lot of research for this but I was still confused before I saw your video!

  26. I just watched a video about a Suica and Passmo cards with the claim they can be used on all subway lines. Confusing

  27. Everything were explained clearly. Very good videos. I need your help pls. I’m leaving Japan on 16 May via Narita Int’l airport. I would like to know after I finished checking in my luggage and immigration area/passport control are there any Pokémon, food and souvenir shops that I can browse or buy items?

  28. Pasmo or suica? Which do you think would be more useful? I'll be there in October and plan to buy one at the airport.

  29. This is a really informative video, and also gives me a newfound appreciation for how simple the London Underground fare system is.

  30. All this sounds a lot more complex than my tactic was during my visit: obey Google Maps and the signposts slavishly. Google Maps tells you not only which lines to take, but which platform to go, which signs to follow and how much the trip will cost ahead of time. And since it'll show your progression on the map in real time, you can always be sure that you stepped in the right train. Don't skimp on getting some means of having Internet access on the train, and you're always golden.

  31. I stayed in Tokyo for a week and bought 2 3-day-pass which is only available to foreign tourists. Of course these passes are for JR only but as I was on my first trip to Tokyo, the JR line basically covers all major tourist attractions I wanted to visit.

  32. i really need some help. im planning to go to Kawaguchi/mt fuji and Mishima Skyline from Asakusa/Tokyo.

    im planning to take the bus to Kawaguchi
    then bus take the bus again to Mishima Station.
    but what if i plan to drop by nagoya and from Mishima? and then from nagoya back to tokyo? do i need JR pass? or one way tickets? suica? can anyone help?

  33. I found Yellow Productions Singapore videos super helpful. Now that I'm going to Japan I've got to watch ALL the Yellow Production videos on Japan.

  34. Currently, a large amount of rice is produced every year in Fukushima, Japan's radiation-exposed area, but it can never be sold to Japanese consumers. After purchasing a large amount of rice from the Japanese government, the rice from Fukushima was secretly supplied in large quantities through hotels, restaurants, and many catering establishments that are frequented by tourists, and is now being consumed by tourists. Perhaps it is very likely that the rice you bought at a tourist resort restaurant in Japan was contaminated with radioactivity produced in Fukushima.

  35. Great video, you really went into such detail. But one MAJOR topic you forgot to mention is etiquette inside the train:
    – Don't talk on the phone. Ever.
    – Switch phones to silent mode. That means no music, no games, no notification alerts.
    – Don't eat or drink.
    – Don't blow your nose.
    – Don't man-spread.
    You could probably make a whole new video about these and other "rules" of train etiquette!

  36. Before traveling to Japan, Please check the radioactive contamination map of Japan for health reasons. Especially Tokyo!!!!!! Tokyo is contaminated by high concentration radioactivity rain. You may not have a problem right now, but think about your descendants. If you eat radioactive contaminated foods that regulate exports in the WTO, your baby may become malformed or you may get cancer.

  37. Hi there! One thing you don't mention is what if I am using my JR pass in Tokyo but changing lines to a non JR line. Do I need to tap my Suica card during the transferring of trains? Does this mean I am double paying?

  38. Really appreciate your videos on Japan. Leaving for Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto in three weeks. I have traveled a lot in Europe and ridden the rails there but Japan is a whole different animal. This one in particular really explained the basics. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks.

  39. Very good video. I am still nervous about my upcoming first trip to Japan, but your video helped alleviate some stress!!!

  40. Hi! Is there an unlimited ride in the IC card? How much does it cost? I'm planning to go around Tokyo this Christmas. Thank you for the tips.

  41. Hi,
    You haven’t talked about the one day and 24 hours day pass… because I have seen these options in other videos…
    Can we buy those 24 hours passes from Suica card?

  42. So my husband and I are taking our first trip to Japan this fall. We wanted to visit both Kyoto and Nara Village, but it looks like the JR pass would be the way to go for Kyoto and…how shall I say- toemo takai desu! Can you use Pasmo or Suica card to get to Nara Village? I was looking at the Pasmo Passport to see if that would work…

  43. pretty handy stuff to know, I've got a trip coming up in about two months and I feel more at ease about getting through train stations after watching this.

    If I had a suica card. And I start from Tokyo. How much would it be from tokyo to akiba? Obviously it depends where I'm at but what line of trains would you recommend to get there?

  45. the skyliners and bullet trains i can board at any time i want? for example i missed a 1230hrs train i can just board the next one…

  46. Just go back from two weeks in Japan. Rode the Shinkasen, the Yamonite line and many others. Thank you for the detailed explanations on how to buy tickets and ride the trains. Also, thank you for your guides to Osaka and Kyoto. It was not as intimidating as I thought it might be. Signs are in English and people are friendly and helpful.

  47. Want to know whether you should buy a Japan Railways JR Pass? Watch my video all about the JR Pass:

  48. I’m gonna be in Japan in a couple months so this really helps! The only thing I’m worried about is hauling my luggage around since I’ll be there for 2 weeks. Do people usually take their luggage into these trains or is it not allowed?

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