How to Self-Install Shaw Advanced WiFi Modem | Shaw Support

How to Self-Install Shaw Advanced WiFi Modem | Shaw Support

With just a few simple steps You can install your new Shaw advanced Wi-Fi modem everything you need is included in the box. Your modem, Coax cable, Ethernet cable and a power cord. To ensure optimal Wi-Fi coverage the best place in your home for your modem is in a central location above ground level You should also avoid placing it near TVs or appliances if you can. Now, let’s get started Step 1 take the coax cable provided with your modem and attach one end to the wall outlet And the other end to this port on the back of your modem Make sure that the cable connection is finger tight into the wall and the modem Step 2. It’s time to power up your new modem Plug the included power cord into the wall outlet, and then plug the other end into the slot marked power step 3 Activating your modem if you received your new modem in the mail the LED light at the top corner of your modem will remain yellow Indicating the modem is inactive until you contact us You can chat with us online at shaw dot cust help calm or give us a call at 1-844-574-7429 to activate it. If you purchased your modem at one of the retail locations the LED light on the modem will go through the following light sequence change from yellow green red then solid white Then alternate between green and yellow Once the modem light is alternating between green and yellow. You can move on to the next step Step 4. Connecting to the internet. On the bottom of your modem You’ll see a label with all the information you need to connect to the internet Make note of the network name or SSID and the password Access the Wi-Fi settings on your internet enabled device select your network name or SSID and enter the password Then open an internet browser and go to any website You will be automatically redirected to a network setup page where you can customize your network name and password Note if you are not automatically redirected type in your Web browser address bar to get to the network setup page Step 5 your new Shaw modem has built-in Wi-Fi, but if you’re connecting your computer directly to the modem You’ll use the Ethernet cable provided plug the ethernet cable into the Ethernet cable out jack Then plug the other end into the computer port labeled Ethernet in step 6 The final step is to reboot your modem Once the lights on the modem stop alternating between green and yellow wait for the light to turn white and remain white for 60 seconds Then unplug the power for 10 seconds and plug it back in The power cycle will ensure that the latest updates take effect right away and when the modem LED light is solid white You’re ready to go. That’s it now You’re ready to connect all your wireless devices to the internet using your network name and password, so you won’t miss a thing for more information and additional support, please visit

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20 Replies to “How to Self-Install Shaw Advanced WiFi Modem | Shaw Support”

  1. What is disappointing is that you added LANDLINE ports instead of just doing 4 Ethernet ports, utterly disappointed in this as I don't even use phone line cables, what am i telus?

  2. Unfortunately with this modem you can connect only 2 Ethernet cable and the range is not good as 5G as it was on the 150 modem

  3. When i first got the Shaw Modem from Retail Store. I didn,t know what the Modem does Period. Nor i ever owned one. Anyways took the Modem home & Quickly study on how to set it up. At first thinking of calling a buddy up to Assist me. Cause he know these things. So i Call Shaw instead for Assistance. Meanwhile i,m Fiddling around which wires goes where. Finally. got everything set up. The modem was ready to use. So i used the SSID Numbers & Password. And Voila. my WIFI was set to take it,s first run on my Cellphone. It showed the WIFI Symbol on the screen. Boy was i Reliefed.

  4. Shaw should rename themselves rickshaw because they are so fn' slow. I got internet 150 two years ago and never saw speeds above 15 Mbps wireless.

  5. Are both of the bottom two ports for Ethernet? I connected my alarm system to the Ethernet port and it doesn't seem to be working (the amber light is flashing but not the green part).

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