How to Self-Install Shaw Home Modem | Shaw Support

How to Self-Install Shaw Home Modem | Shaw Support

With just a few simple steps you can install
your Shaw Modem. Everything you need is included in the box
you’ll find: Your Modem
Coax Cable Ethernet Cable
And a power cord. To ensure optimal WiFi coverage, the best
place in your home for your modem is in a central location above ground level. You should also avoid placing it near TVs
or appliances if you can. Now, Let’s get started. Step 1
Take the coax cable provided with your modem and attach one end to the wall outlet and
the other end to this port on the back of your modem. Make sure that the cable connection is finger
tight into the wall and the modem. Step 2
It’s time to power up your new modem. Plug the included power cord into the wall
outlet and then plug the other end into the slot marked POWER. Once you’ve completed these steps your modem
needs to register on our system, it may take up to 20 minutes to do that. You’ll know that it’s registered once
the online light stops flashing. For the specific indicators for your modem
look at the instructions provided. Step 3
Connecting to the internet. On the front of your modem you’ll see a
label with all the information you need to connect to the internet. Make note of the network name or SSID and
the Password or passphrase which is labelled as WiFi Key. Using a WiFi enabled device, open the network
settings, select your SSID in the list of available networks, and enter the password
to connect. Step 4
Your new Shaw Modem has built in WiFi, but if you’re connecting your computer directly
to the modem, you’ll use the Ethernet cable provided. Plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet
cable out jack, then plug the other end into the computer port labelled Ethernet in. That’s it – now you’re ready to connect
all your wireless devices to the internet using your network name and password so you
won’t miss a thing.

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10 Replies to “How to Self-Install Shaw Home Modem | Shaw Support”

  1. The new Shaw internet 150 plan is a great deal, that being said, the new Shaw internet 150 plan is a great deal, that being said I feel I've been slapped in the face as a loyal existing customer. The $49.90 deal is only for "New" customers, existing loyal customers of which I have been for 10+ years have to pay $79.90 (I have internet 30 which is $75 already). Its a shame really that great business such as Shaw Choose to slap us in the face with these obvious marketing ploys. Before you go on and mention it, yes the internet 150 is still at a reduced rate down from $135 a month, it is still a major insult to existing customers to be treated in this manner. I for one am considering taking my business elsewhere, and really I was willing to sign up to a two year agreement, just not if i'm being treated different as if my business does not matter.

  2. is it necessary to use the coax cable that the self-install kit came with? the one provided in the kit is not long enough to reach the wall but i have a longer coax cable alrdy installed. just wondering if it will make any difference

  3. My shaw modem box did not include a coax cable….. it has been flashing upstream for the last 4 hours. If a coax cable is necessary for an internet connection then why didn't one come with my wifi kit?

  4. Where does the drop come from? Because I can guarantee there aint no Shaw signal in my coax jack lol. Just plug it in to the coax jack, if only that we're true.

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