How to set up and install Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

How to set up and install Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

SPEAKER: Welcome to Nest. We’re going to show you how to
set up and install the Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera. There are a few simple steps. First, set it up indoors
with the Nest app. Next, find a good location
for your camera outside. Then install it. Everything you need to get
started is included in the box. You’ll also need
some simple tools– a Phillips screwdriver,
a power drill, caulk to seal holes,
and some drill bits. If you’re drilling
into brick or stone, you’ll need masonry drill bits. You may also need a ladder. For setup with the
Nest app, you’ll need a phone or tablet
with Bluetooth 4.0 running iOS 8 or Android 4 or later. To stream Nest Cam
video, you should have a Wi-Fi network with a
broadband internet connection and at least 2 megabits
of upload speed. Start by turning on your camera
inside your home to get it set up before you
take it outside. Plug the end of the power
cable with the gray ring into the base of
your Nest Cam IQ. It will click into place. Then connect the power
adapter and plug it into an outlet that’s
close to your Wi-Fi router. Your camera will turn on. And its light ring
will turn blue. Now you’ll use the app
to connect your Nest Cam IQ to Wi-Fi. If you’re new to Nest, go to the
Apple App Store or Google Play to download the Nest app. Launch the app to
create an account. Once you’re signed
into your Nest account, tap the plus sign to
add your Nest Cam IQ. If you’re already
using the Nest app, tap the Settings icon in the
top right corner of the screen. Then select Add Product. The app will then guide you
through a few simple steps. First, you’ll scan
the camera’s QR code. If you’re having trouble
scanning the code, make sure you have good
lighting and that you’re not casting a shadow. Start with your
phone about a foot away and move it slowly
closer to the code. It doesn’t need to fill
the box in the app to scan. Next, you’ll give your
camera a location name. The app will use this
name when it sends you notifications from your camera. So pick one that
makes sense to you. Now you’ll connect
your camera to Wi-Fi. If you already have a
Nest product in your home, your Nest Cam IQ may try to use
it to connect to the network. If your camera can’t
automatically connect to Wi-Fi, the app will ask you to
select your Wi-Fi network and enter the password. If you see an error message
or need more help connecting your camera, visit Now let’s plan
your installation. You probably have a
good idea of where you want to install your
Nest Cam IQ already. Here are some
things to consider. Install your camera
where it can look over a large area of your property
and where the power cable can reach an indoor outlet. Placing a camera
near the front, back, or side door is
a popular choice. But you can also
put your Nest Cam IQ where it can see the front yard,
driveway, backyard, garage, or patio. Nest Cam IQ’s 12
times digital zoom lets you focus on a key area,
while the 4K sensor maintains detail. This lets you get the view
exactly how you want it. You’ll want to install
your camera just above head height in the
location that you’ve chosen. 7 to 10 feet above the
ground is high enough to let you see people’s
faces, but close enough so you can talk to
them with the camera’s speaker and microphone. Now that you’ve picked a
spot for your Nest Cam IQ, you should also consider how
you’ll run the power cable to the inside of your home. Here’s a preview
of the three ways. You can put the power cable
through an existing opening, like an attic vent. But if you don’t have
an existing opening, you’ll need to drill a hole. You can install your
camera over the cable hole. This will conceal
the power cable on the outside of your home. But the cable will
be exposed inside as you run it to a
power outlet, or you can run the cable
from your camera to a hole that’s closer
to an indoor outlet. This approach can reduce
the amount of cable that’s visible inside your home. If you don’t feel comfortable
drilling through your home’s exterior wall, you can
contact a Nest pro installer in your area. They’ll set up and
install your camera and answer any
questions you have. Nest Cam IQ is weather-proof. But raindrops or snowflakes
might stick to the lens and affect the video. Sun shining directly into the
lens can also affect the video. If your home has eaves or a
place that will provide shelter from the weather,
see if that will work for the camera location. Once you’ve found a good
spot for your Nest Cam, you’ll test that it can stream
video before you mount it. Take your camera
outside and plug it into a convenient power outlet. Hold it up where you’d
like to mount it. If it’s not streaming, try
moving the camera a bit. Sometimes, even a few inches
can make a big difference and improve the
Wi-Fi connection. If this doesn’t help, look
for an alternate place to install your camera and
check the video stream again. Nest Cam IQ is designed to be
plugged into an indoor power outlet. So you need to
plan the cable path and measure to make
sure the cable can reach an outlet inside your home. If Nest Cam’s power
cable isn’t long enough to reach an outlet after
you’ve run it through the wall, you can use an extension cord. You can disconnect your
camera from the cable to make measuring easier. Just slide the
latch to release it. Route the power cable
through an existing opening if you have one, or drill a
hole to pass the cable through. Use a 1/2-inch drill
bit for the cable hole. If you’re drilling into brick
or stone, use a masonry bit. Keep in mind that
you’ll need to know where any in-wall plumbing
and electric wiring are. And check the
building codes where you live to make sure
your installation is safe. Now you’ll install
the wall plate. To mount the wall plate, use a
3/32 bit to drill pilot holes. For homes made of
hard materials, like brick or stucco, you
may need the included anchors to hold the screws. Use a 7/32 masonry
bit for the anchors. Slide the cable
through the wall plate. Spread caulk on the wall plate
before installing to seal it. Leave a space at the bottom
for rainwater to drain out. And then mount it on the wall
with the included screws. If you need to run the
cable along the wall before it goes inside, install
the wall plate so the cable notch points where
the cable will go. Plug the end of the power
cable that has the gray rubber ring into the base
of your camera. It will click into place. Then push the camera
base onto the wall plate. The wall plate locks to help
keep your camera secure. You’ll need to use the included
hex key if you ever want to disconnect your Nest Cam IQ. Nest Cam IQ has a fully
articulating hinge. So you can point it
in any direction. Use the app to zoom
and enhance the view so you can get the view
exactly how you want it. If you need to route the cable
along the outside of your home, secure the cable with
the included cable clips. For a clean-looking
installation, try to run the cable
along a ledge or corner and properly seal the
cable hole if it’s exposed. You can also paint the cable and
the clips to match your home. Do not paint the camera. Dust off the camera lens with
a soft cloth to make sure it’s clean. That’s it. To learn more about your Nest
Cam IQ and how to use it, visit our support website.

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  1. I just realized that this is the first official video on this product that I've seen. I don't even think there's an official promo video and this is the most expensive Nest cam yet. Are you guys sure you really want to sell these?

  2. Will this be available as a 2 pack in the UK? I know in the US it's sold as a 2 pack saving $100, would love the option to save £100 in the UK!

  3. Easy to install and set up. Installed 2 units today and got it running in no time at all. Resolutions are excellent.

  4. Now that I already have the first version with the 1/2” monster plug that I had to run through everything…
    Thanks Nest… 😒

  5. Do not buy it !!! I had someone broke in to a house, and cameras was blocked by simple 25$ WiFi video blocker…

  6. Is as advertised.>>>  Gives alerts on motion and records activity. If it loses power you are notified. Pretty foolproof.

  7. All consumers should be notified that Nest IQ cameras along with doorbell has a 3-5 second alert delay!!! Per Nest's technical support "3-5 seconds is considered normal" There is no firmware, fix, or anything being done about this. Unless you don't mind real time notification this camera is a waste of money. This issue has been brought up multiple times in Nest forums but Nest is sweeping this under the rug and does not want the public to know about it. Even all the big TOP Youtube review guys don't mention this. So anyone reading this I hope you see this before deciding to go with Nest. You are welcome.

  8. I regret buying this. It can't read licence plates right outside my house, even when using the live feed and zooming in, and I've got the camera on its highest settings. A complete waste of money and waste of the time it took me to install.

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