How to set up and install Google Nest Cam Outdoor

How to set up and install Google Nest Cam Outdoor

SPEAKER: Welcome to Nest. We’re going to show you how to
set up and install the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. There are a few simple steps. Set it up indoors
with the Nest app. Find a good location to
install your camera outside. Then, install it. Everything you need to get
started is included in the box. We’ve even supplied cable clips
to keep your camera secure and neatly route
the power cable. You’ll also need
some simple tools. A Phillips screwdriver will do,
but a drill with a Phillips bit will make installation easier. You may also need
to drill some holes. If you’re drilling
into brick or stone, you’ll need a masonry drill
bit to install the wall anchors we’ve included. For setup, you’ll need
a compatible phone or tablet running
iOS or Android. A Wi-Fi network with a
broadband internet connection that has at least two
megabits of upload speed is recommended to
connect your camera. First, connect your Nest Cam’s
cable to the power adapter. Push and turn the USB
connector to lock it in place. Then plug your Nest Cam
into a power outlet. It will automatically turn on. If you don’t already
have a Nest account, go to the Apple App
Store or Google Play to download the free Nest app. Launch the app to
create an account. Once you’re signed
into your account, tap the plus sign to
add your Nest Cam. If you don’t see the plus
icon, tap the gear icon in the top-right
corner of the screen, then select Add a Product. The app will then guide you
through a few simple steps to set up your camera. You’ll also check to make sure
your camera is streaming video before bringing it outside. If you need more help
connecting your camera, visit Now it’s time to unplug your
camera and take it outside. Before you install your
camera, decide what you want to keep an eye on. Some common things
security cameras look after are the front door,
the garage, the driveway, and areas that aren’t
easily seen from the street. Nest Cam Outdoor
is weather-proof, but raindrops or snowflakes
might stick to the lens. Sun shining directly into the
lens can also affect the video. If your home has eaves or a
place that will provide shelter from the weather
and the sun, see if that will work for
your Nest Cam location. Nest Cam Outdoor is
designed to be plugged into an outdoor
outlet, and it works with standard
while-in-use covers. These covers keep your outlet
protected from weather. You can also drill through
your home’s exterior wall and plug your camera
into an indoor outlet. You’ll need a
7/8-inch drill bit. Keep in mind that
you’ll need to know where any in-wall plumbing
and electric wiring are. Check the building
codes where you live to make sure your
installation is safe. If you don’t feel comfortable
drilling through your home’s exterior wall, you
can contact a Nest Pro installer in your area. They’ll set up and
install your camera and answer any
questions you have. Now you’ll test the
Wi-Fi connection outside before you mount your camera. Plug your Nest Cam into
the outdoor outlet. It should
automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. This may take a minute or two. The light on your
camera will turn green to show it’s reconnected. After your Nest
Cam is powered up, hold it up exactly where
you’d like to mount it. Use the Nest app to check
that it’s streaming video. If it’s not streaming, or if
your camera’s light is blinking blue, try moving
the camera a bit. Sometimes, even a few inches
can make a big difference and improve the
Wi-Fi connection. If this doesn’t help, look
for an alternate place to install your camera and
check that it can stream video from the new location. Thick or insulated walls can
reduce Wi-Fi signal strength. Once you’ve confirmed
your camera can stream video from the
location you’ve chosen, take a minute to plan how you’re
going to route the power cable. Nest Cam Outdoor’s power
cable is 25 feet long, so it can probably
reach where you want. Generally, you’ll want
to install your camera seven to 10 feet
above the ground so it’s high enough to
clearly see people’s faces. Now it’s time to install
your Nest Cam Outdoor. Take out your tools,
and we’ll walk you through mounting the camera. If there’s a metal
surface where you’d like to install your
camera, you can simply place the mounting magnet on it. Make sure that the grip is
strong enough to securely hold your camera before continuing. For wood, masonry, stucco,
and other surfaces, you’ll need to install the wall
plate to mount your camera. If the wall is made of a
material like brick or stone, you should use the included
wall anchors to hold the screws. Once the plate is secure, put
the magnet on the wall plate, then attach your camera. Aim your camera
where you like, then check the video stream
with the Nest app to fine tune its position. To help keep your camera
secure and in place, install a cable clip close to
it, but leave a little slack so you can adjust it if needed. Continue installing
cable clips until you reach the power adapter. The clips will let you
easily route the cable to make it as
discreet as possible, and they’ll help to
keep your camera secure. The power adapter
is weather-proof, but we recommend installing
it at least 18 inches above the ground in case
of flooding or deep snow. Place the adapter wall
plate with the flat side facing the wall. Drill a hole and insert
a wall anchor if needed. Use one of the
screws to mount it. Then, snap the adapter on. Fasten the rest of the cable
with as many of the clips as you need. Install a clip near
the power outlet to help prevent
accidental unplugging. If you have any cable left
over, simply coil it up with the attached Velcro strap. You can secure the camera plug
by adding a lock to the outlet cover. Be sure to dust off the
camera lens with a soft cloth to make sure it’s clean. You can also paint
the cable so it blends into your home’s color. Don’t paint the power
adapter or the camera itself. That’s it. To learn more about
installing and using your Nest Cam Outdoor,
visit our support website.

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73 Replies to “How to set up and install Google Nest Cam Outdoor”

  1. I just installed mine. Works well very simple to do and didnt have to drill a hole. I ran the cable behind my garage door weather strip. You can see my video on youtube too. Look for me ebpman and you will see the video install. It was a snap you will also see my video footage

  2. "secure the camera plug by adding a lock"

    uh…. what if burglar just unplugs the usb power adapter? and run away with it and sell it on craigslist?

    what an idiot…

    WTB: Stolen Nest Cam Outdoor for $100

  3. To the Zeppelin fan: thank you. What you say makes sense. I didn't know that they were only compatible to one system.

  4. I just wanted to let anyone in Canada know, I purchased this camera and installed it yesterday. In Canada (due to laws apparently) it's limited only to the 2.4Ghz network. At my house here in Mission BC, the router and camera are only 10 feet apart and where I initially installed the camera it was no more than 18 feet from my router with one exterior wall and one window to contend with. The camera would not connect. On my 5Ghz network I have 111Mbps where the camera is currently installed and 40Mbps where I would've liked to install the camera. I initially purchased this unit because of the great success I had with a Nest Cam (indoor?) but I'm definitely not happy with this camera's operation. I may re-purchase when these units are readily availble at Home Depot in the US but for now I definitely would not recommend anyone in Canada or Europe purchase this unit for outdoor use. My internet is provided by SHAW cable 150Mbpsdown and 15Mbps up. I have no connectivity issues on any other devices outside of my home when on my 5Ghz network. I would love some troubleshooting tips if anyone out there has suggestions! Thanks

  5. We don't have any convenient outdoor outlets near where our cameras will go, so unfortunately, we have to drill through the siding and into the house. The problem is, the way the camera cord is designed, there's no way to thread ONLY the wire through. You have to create AT LEAST a 3/4"+ big HOLE to get the adapter through! That is INSANE.

    I suppose we could CUT the wire and then resplice everything, but I'm assuming that would void any warranty.

  6. The white camera stands out like sore thumb on my house. But then I found silicone skins which allow you to change the color of the Nest Cam Outdoor:

  7. The Nest Cameras are very nice, but the $100.00 dollar subscription for the first camera and $50.00 per additional camera per year to view 10-day recordings over their cloud storage is way too much in my opinion.

  8. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY! What they are not telling you is that all these nice features are only available if you pay a MINIMUM of $100 per year for the first camera and $50 per year for secondary and tertiary cameras for the ability to store video on the Nest cloud for download. A 4 camera setup would cost you $250 a year after you've paid $696.00 if you purchased 2 two camera packages! After the free trial ends and you decide not to pay, your features drop down to only live viewing and random snapshots of motion that occur of people's backs or random movement of objects that can't be downloaded! Their ploy is that unsuspecting buyers won't bother taking down the cameras to return them after they have been installed but go ahead and pay the fee. If Nest would provide 24 to 48 hours of free cloud video storage as an option that would be more than enough time to download a video clip in the event its needed.

  9. The hole you would have to drill if you wanted to run cable through a wall is HUGE! This seems like a really big design flaw. Why would you design such a big cable connector? This needs to be addressed and fixed because it's a deal breaker for a lot of people who want the most secure and clean installation.

  10. I'm subscribing because MY 'Nest Cam Outdoor' just came in and I look forward to installing this as soon as possible to keep an eye on my new Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE. 😘
    I gave this video a Thumbs Down for being biased towards apple products (which I expected before it even started, but was still disappointed to not be wrong for once in these predictions). 🙄
    If my that piece of shit my Sister's dating gets anywhere NEAR my Car, he's going to get his first (and last) introduction to my Desert Eagle 50 AE.😡

  11. all you have to do is find the cable to the camera and cut it…the power cable should be not exposed at all outside…should be drilled and ran to a power source inside. Assuming cable is not long enough

  12. Rubbish product – I had 2 cameras ripped off the wall with ease and the bad design of the product did not prevent it – DONT BUY IT!!! The service has been awful and not customer focused at all especially spending over £1,000 one would expect some service instead it has been arrogant and dismissive offering less than 6% discount – I would have expected more from a Google company and what on the surface looks like a quality product/company

  13. Wireless network connection for security cameras?? What happens when the criminals learn to use wireless jammers? All good security systems need to use hardwired connections! Also, annual fees are too expensive, need local control and data storage!

  14. Running that wire along the house looks like absolute shit. What lazy idiot would do that? Run the wire into your house directly behind the camera, christ.

  15. If this camera connects to Wifi and I can have a hard drive available on the network why can't I just save videos on to the hard drive directly as the camera keeps recording. There's absolutely no reason for me to be forced to pay the monthly subscription fee to Nest Aware.

  16. I was told I didn't need to drill any holes, and what happens if the intruder pulls the wire/plug from the outlet?

  17. Don't buy it please doesn't record video only if you pay the subscription and doesn't work with google home.

  18. My truck was broken into the other night so I looked online for outdoor cameras and nest seemed to be the one that best works for me .. I’m still deciding on how much I’m gonna spend on the subscription but as of now I like what I see… I decided to put the camera on the second floor outside but near my window so I could run the wire through the side panel of my air conditioner, atleast for now .. or for the rest of summer .. the setup is easy and pretty clear ! I would definitely research and see what works for you and your home though !

  19. Don't buy a nest camera. It's a big glossy con. Mine stopped working. Nest blamed upload speed. We tried everything to get it working. They kept fobbing me off. Your camera will work for a while and then start cutting out. Nest want your subscription. Crap product. Don't buy!!!

  20. To everyone who is doing the what ifs the burglars do this to my out door camera.

    This is why you have the nest doorbell and the cameras inside. The outdoor cams are your first line of defense.

  21. do the nest camera has built-in battery and memory card to record even the burglars cut the electricity?

  22. Love being able to see my home while I'm not there>>>   EASY to set up too!

  23. Nest found a way to turn a $40 internet camera (that you can monitor for free), into a $200 device that cost $150 per year to monitor. Excellent business model, but too expensive for me. I picked up 4 high definition internet cameras yesterday for $100, and they work just fine.

  24. I understand that it's possible to lock an outdoor outlet, but why wouldn't someone just snip the cable if they wanted to power off the camera?

  25. What if Burglar Bill comes with a baseball bat for extra protection, covers his face and beats he’ll out of the camera, I mean, install 7 to 10 feet so you can see faces clearly, do they really think they wont cover their face. I would want mine higher than 10 feet off the ground and the power cable even higher so they can’t cut the cable and the camera should have zoom capabilities

  26. why is it mounted onto a magnet. Surely you should be able to screw it directly to the wall. This thing is full of faults. You shouldn't be able to pull out the power cable. And before anybody says, "but they'll be caught on the camera", not if their face is covered. People are going to pinch these things just for the fun of it.

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