How to Track or Locate a Mobile on Google Maps ?

How to Track or Locate a Mobile on Google Maps ?

Hey Viewers, Welcome to our new Video. In today’s video am going to show you how to locate your mobile. that’s your smartphone. this is especially for the Android users. Well, an other smartphone users can do it. for this we have a pre-requirement that is, its a common thing you install an anti-virus on your mobile. so I suggest you to use AVG anti-virus which is free. we get it for other platforms also. in this free version you also have option to locate it, you need not buy an anti-virus so this is a free version, you get it from the Play Store. just search for anti-virus security AVG and here you can see this is the screenshots so once is installed just scan it, then you have options like all these so activate everything and just leave it, let to do it work.. so what happens is once you lose your mobile when you install the app it asks your email address.. and you instanly receive a mail from them.. so you can see I got a mail over here saying AVG anti-theft activated.. and as you can see here this is my details of the operator, serial number and all stuff.. so there is a link over here visit the Anti-Theft webpage, just click on it… which will take you another page where you got to login and when you login what you see is this page.. so it locates the.. address where your mobile is presently, using the cellular towers.. and if your GPS is activated it will show you the exact location, if not.. it takes the cellular tower details as you can see here.. this is the location, so I can switch between the maps and I can zoom in and get the approximate location and it is not very approximate when it through cellular tower.. and you can refresh the location by clicking on this.. it will take 4 minutes to get you the new location.. you also have other options like Shout, Locate, Lock, Unlock, Wipe, Scan and Remove Device so you can manage your whole thing over here.. and these are the devices you are using.. Thanks for watching, Do Subscribe! For New Tricks !! Website: Thank You! 🙂

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39 Replies to “How to Track or Locate a Mobile on Google Maps ?”

  1. if i lost my phone and someone got my phone and he uninstall the avg application then also i can trace the phone?????????

  2. @shashwat singh :  in such a case you will have to go for Plan B !

    Plan B is a app on google play. So just log in from PC with the same gmail account that on your mobile and search for this app in google play and hit install. And then let the app do its work. Check complete info of this app on Playstore. :)

  3. Maybe put some subtitles, because not everything you are saying is very clear. By the way this isnt to be mean its really just a suggestion.

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