How to Track your Electric Longboard  (prevent it from getting stolen)

How to Track your Electric Longboard (prevent it from getting stolen)

So this is how I track my longboards here I have my meepo V3 Well, I’ll be using a tile. I have a tile mate Then we’ll start by flipping it over then For this longboard. I found the perfect spot under the battery enclosure So open that up Lift the enclosure and I used some foam from the box because they had gaps and It held up pretty well There’s no debris under under the battery. Enclosure Then I’m using a tile mate and grab the phone and download the tile app Then you’ll have to sign up or login. It’s pretty simple Just do that, then they’ll need your Bluetooth and location Then add a tile Then click tile because it’s a tile Now choose which tile you have. I actually have a mate but clicked original but it doesn’t matter Then click on the e on the tile to connect it, click and hold And place the tile nearby your phone then click confirm add a tile It’s gonna activate exactly Then you can scroll all the way down then label with what you have Just click other then I named it Meepo V3 because that’s what board I’ll be tracking you can click find and its beeping and it shows it on your phone just promotion now it’s connecting to the tile You can click on it and then check the location history then it shows it on the map which is really nice That’s one part, now find a place for the tile here’s the perfect spot for the tile for the Meepo V3 stick it there I actually used some tape then rolled it to make it double-sided and Then put it on onto the tile Inside the battery enclosure, so it didn’t fall out and prevent it from making extra noise (vibrations) Now just put that battery enclosure back in place If you’re doing this on meepo v3 make sure you put on new foam things back in place because of the gaps It’s got like bigger pieces then just screw them on I was recording this like past midnight, so it’s not the best Once you’re done with that just trim the excess foam I Have a full video As I already mentioned and I’ll be in the descriptions and just use a kitchen knife Use whatever you want That’s all done now, let’s open the app and and click find its beeping Then we can click on location history Then it shows where the tile was at Then I’ll blur this out for privacy reasons It’s pretty nice, I like it so far I Got excited doing this because now I can track my board Shoutout to tile (buy one thru my link) Here’s the app one week later clicking on my tile location history then you can get a 30 day history if you upgrade to the premium one But it shows it on the map (plus says the address) It’s pretty accurate Again It works Through your tool Bluetooth and then like other people can find it as well for you if you click that it’s lost During the day there’s more people You can get a tile thru my link so I could probably get one for free if enough of you get it I’ll have a link in the description The community find is a nice feature of the tile app aswell well, you won’t be able to see where other people tiles are and they won’t be able to see yours either but You can get a notification where? The tile is located so basically it works the more people Have the app the better for you, it’s not fully Theft proof, but it works. It’s much better than nothing. I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for watching

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  1. Thanks for watching, links for everything in the description.

    I couldn't find any other way of how people prevent their boards from getting stolen, if you have any tips let me know.
    Feel free to check out my other videos as well.

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