How to Turn Off Your Honeywell Alarm System

How to Turn Off Your Honeywell Alarm System

In this video, we will be covering how to
properly power down your alarm system. This may be useful when you’re troubleshooting
an error on the keypad. Or if you’re remodeling an area that includes multiple sensors, the
keypad or the panel box. In order to power down your system, you will need to locate
its two main power sources. The AC transformer, in the battery which is housed inside your
alarm panel box. The alarm panel is normally located inside a closet, utility room or in
the basement and locked by a key. If you’re not sure where the key is, check on top of
the box, but be careful not to push the key into any of the holes on top. Use the key
to unlock the box. For easier access, remove the door from the panel by lifting it above
it’s three hinges. Now that you have opened the box, you should see a single 12 volt battery
inside. Inspect the battery terminals and ensure that there is no visible corrosion.
Next, disconnect the battery by gently pulling the clips horizontally off the battery terminal.
The main power supply is usually plugged into an outlet located in your basement or utility
room in or near a closet and in some cases, your attic or garage. Check the temperature
at the power supply with the back of your hand. It should be warm to the touch. If it’s
uncomfortably hot, do not unplug the transformer and call customer service immediately for
assistance. If it’s an acceptable temperature, use a screwdriver to unfasten it from the
power outlet. After you remove the power supply, look at your keypad. It should be completely
blank and have no response when the buttons are pressed. When you need to power your system
back up just reverse the steps. Plug the power supply back in and secure it with the screw.
Your system should power back on automatically. Then, reconnect the battery, close the panel
box, and lock the door. Clear any keypad errors by entering your four digit security code
followed by the number one. If there is more than one battery in the alarm panel box, corrosion
on the battery, or if you have any questions during this process you may visit our support
page online to review user manual or get live help from customer service.

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13 Replies to “How to Turn Off Your Honeywell Alarm System”

  1. if you power down a system with no battery back up. the bell box will sound as this is the only thing that is holding a power supply which is the battery inside of it.

  2. I have configured TCC800 Fob at Galaxy 48 panel. It is working but it generates 1 tamper zone error message related with 1008 PA when I press any of the buttons. I think it has to do with termination a kind of EOL or something. I have nothing connected at RIO 1 and RIO 2 outputs.

    Could they give a tip how to resolved this?

  3. I rent a home where the previous renter installed a Lynx system. I can't find a key to unlock the battery box!

  4. Excellent!>>> Perfectly replaced my ancient Ademco pad from the 90's that the keys stopped working on. Simple install too, just switched off the breaker that powers my alarm system, disconnected the existing pad/unscrewed it from the wall, reconnected the new one/screwed it to the wall, and switched back on the breaker. It took about 2 minutes to synchronize with the main panel and then we we're back up and running. All in all it was a 10-15 minute replacement at the most. I like the alphanumeric display much better than my old fixed display too!

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