How To Unstick a Stuck Jeep Door

How To Unstick a Stuck Jeep Door

So the door on the jeep stuck tighter than
a drum. Neither handle would open it I thought maybe the rods had come off in the
door. I got a bright light and shone it down in
there and they were where they were supposed to be. So I tugged on the door and tugged. I got a pry bar. Tried prying it open, but gently I didn’t want to bend the sheet metal. I got a bigger pry bar I could stick in the crack with the back door open. I pried gently but nothing was working. So I read on the internet to see if anyone
else had had this problem and they had. They’d wrote about it. Some of them had wrote that they had to crawl inside and take the inside door panel off It was a pain crouching in there on the seat to take all that stuff off The quarters were pretty tight I got to thinking, well, I’m not a small fellow I think I’ll just crawl in there and see if I can kick the door open I have the inside door handle held open with a strap Right about now I’m glad that I’m trying to do it this way. (breathing hard) Sprong! (door opens) Well there we go! You have more power in your legs than your
arms and that worked out pretty good for me. I sprayed the latch with silicone spray because I think a sticky latch is why the door stuck shut. There you go. It works fine.

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16 Replies to “How To Unstick a Stuck Jeep Door”

  1. rear door on my 89 wagoneer was stuck, yanking on it didn't work…..
    glad I saw this. … swift kick is all it took. thanks!!

  2. thank you so much for the video. my girlfriends back jeep door was stuck for three months. tried this out and got the problem fixed in 20 mins..

  3. Same here on my 2003 Jeep Liberty. Took your advice, @Randy Stamper, and kicked the sucker opened. Had this red spring thing protruding out of the latch area. I think it may be part of the window mechanism (which isn't working now). Frustrating. But thanks for the advice!

  4. what do I do when the lock is stuck (locked) and it won't unlock driver door only all the other door lock and unlock real easy. turning the key in the lock doesn't work neither the electric switch inside.

  5. Took us an hour to figure out we just needed to do what you did kick the damn door πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œthank you awesome video

  6. I've got a problem where my door won't unlock to open. door has never stuck closed, I went somewhere, locked it and it won't unlock now. both door handles move freely but don't engage the opener. key won't turn all the way to open the door, it's supposed to go from vertical to 90 degrees right and it won't turn far enough

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