How to use Apple TV Airplay and iPad to View CCTV Security Cameras

How to use Apple TV Airplay and iPad to View CCTV Security Cameras

This video will demonstrate how to use the
mobile CMS iPad app for the iDVR and Air Play on Apple TV to view CCTV cameras live on an
LCD television. This diagram illustrates the network and cabling that is used for this
surveillance system. On the right our security cameras are hard wired via CoAx cable to the
surveillance DVR. The DVR is connected to our network router using CAT 5 cable. On the
left we have an Apple TV receiver connected to a 42 inch LCD TV via HDMI cable. The apple
TV is connected to the network over WiFi, as is the iPad. Please note that you can also
connect to a surveillance system remotely over the internet. The DVR can be in a different
location from the apple TV and iPad, and does not have to be on the same local area network.
Here we have the Apple TV on a television screen, along with the iPad that I’ll used
to access the iDVR. First I launch the mobile CMS iPad app for the iDVR on this iPad. I
then select the DVR that I want to view. Next, to display the screen of the iPad on the TV,
I will enable the Air Play and screen share function by double tapping on the home button
of the iPad, then sliding the menu to the right, then clicking on the up arrow and selecting
“Apple TV” and “mirroring on.” The screen of the television connected to the Apple TV
receiver now displays the screen of the iPad. Any screen activity on the iPad will now also
be displayed on the TV, including the live video surveillance footage from our iDVR.
I can switch to and from single camera, four camera, nine camera, and 16 camera grid views.
To disable Air Play screen mirroring, double tap on the iPad home button again. Slide the
menu to the right and press the up arrow as we did earlier, then select “iPad.” Screen
mirroring is now disabled. For more information on the surveillance equipment used in this
video, please visit Thank you for watching.

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5 Replies to “How to use Apple TV Airplay and iPad to View CCTV Security Cameras”

  1. Yes, the surveillance DVR that the iPad is connecting to can be programmed to record video continuously, on a schedule, and on motion detection.

  2. Use Apple TV, a CCTV DVR & iPad App to View Security Cameras on TV

    This video shows how to view security cameras on a standard television using Apple TV, a CCTV DVR with security cameras, and the MobileCMS iPad app.

    Here is how it works

      ~ CCTV cameras are connected to an analog surveillance DVR using coax cable.

      ~ The surveillance DVR is connected to a local network via a router.

      ~ An Apple TV is connected to a LED TV via HDMI cable.

      ~ The Apple TV is connected to the same network router (can be wired or wireless).

      ~ The MobileCMS app is installed on the iPad.

      ~ The iPad connects to the same network as the Apple TV and DVR over WIFI.

      ~ The DVR is accessed via the iPad app.

      ~ The DVR is set to mirror it's display to the Apple TV using Airplay.

    If you have any questions about how this is done, please post a comment. If you would like more information on the products that were used in this video please visit this page. There is also a network diagram available on this page.

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