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welcome today we’re going to look at how
to restrict user access using Secure Function Lock on your Brother machine.
this video will cover multiple models and operating systems. even though your
machine may not match the model on the screen the overall process will be the
same we will begin by locating the IP address
for your Brother machine by printing a network configuration report. for
specific instructions on printing the network configuration report for your
model follow the link in the description to the brother – FAQ search page
and search for your model. from the basic function screen press the Settings icon.
on the touch screen press all settings. arrow down and press print reports. arrow down again and press network
configuration. press yes. once the network configuration report
prints you’ll need to locate your IP address on the report. you’ll need this
information later in the process next open a web browser on your computer and in the address bar enter your IP
address from the network configuration report. then press ENTER on the keyboard
depending on your network your IP address may look different than the one
shown here if your brother machine is
password-protected you’ll need to enter the password in the login box. click on
the administrator tab then select the “user restriction function” or “restriction
management” option from the side menu now click “secure function lock”
and then click “submit.” next we will select which functions to restrict on
your Brother machine. for example let’s look at creating a set of restricted
functions for a printer being used in a business environment. click on the
“restricted functions 1 through 25” option to open a blank function list.
we will start by restricting all the machines features when using public mode
this will become the default setting for the machine. next we will create a separate mode for
authorized users allowing access to all functions of the machine. enter a name
for the mode then click Submit to save the settings.
now we will need to create a list of users authorized to use the restricted
functions. select a user list from the side menu and add the user names. please
note that all names added to the users list must match the user profile name on
that users computer for the secured function lock feature to work. to verify
your profile name in Windows navigate to the C Drive on your computer and click
users. record the user name you wish to use and enter it exactly as it appears
on your computer. you will also need to enter a four digit
PIN number for each user. the pin number will allow users to
bypass the public mode and activate the restricted functions. finally select the
function list you wish to allow for the user then click Submit. on your Brother machine the public mode
will now prevent people from accessing the machines features without a pin.
similar messages will be received when attempting to print or scan. once an
authorized user enters their PIN the restricted functions will unlock for more tutorials, FAQs, and videos
visit us at if you found this video helpful be sure
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