I Got Punched For Farting!

I Got Punched For Farting!

(Farting) (Laughing) (Farting) (laughing) (Farting) – Hey! (Fast Piano Music) Hey! – Wait. Wait, wait, listen. – That was my wife’s face. – No, it was pretend, it was a joke. Look candid camera. – I’m gonna to knock you on your (farting) – Okay. Get the (farting) outta here right now. I may be riding in a chair but I’ll knock you on your (farting) You stood right there
and did it constantly – No, I … Look. Can I show you something? – Yeah. – Hey! Eh, eh, eh! – Oh, damn! – Hey! – Hey, you leave him alone. Leave him alone. Listen… – I might be an old man – Leave him alone. – Hey, chill out. – Got out of his chair and
just started hitting me. And I bring it with me every where I go. It’s like a squeeze toy and I have it in my pocket. (Fart Noise) And I squeeze it and it’s a joke. – I’m right here, I hit him. That guys farting in my wife’s face. – He won’t be rational. Like he still thinks
it’s real or something. He’s not listening, I don’t know. – Okay, Hang on just a second, sir. – Alright get him, or I’ll hit him again. – There more kind of arguing there. – Um. Two yes. one was in a wheelchair. – Battery’s intentional. (police scanner) Yeah it’s a battery.

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100 Replies to “I Got Punched For Farting!”

  1. Wow that was massively profitable Jack made at least 120000 usd from this video. I think you make about $10000 for every million views, Jack was buzzing when that punch was thrown he new what was coming. Lol

  2. Come on jack the old man telegraphed that punch by carrier pigeon…..😂😂 you could of easily slipped passed it or forearm block.

  3. I give the old man credit for defending his wife’s honor … Jack is an instigator. Glad he didn’t press charges he got what can happen messing around with people

  4. Fair play to old man he was defending his wife's honour
    Even though it was a big misunderstanding you can't blame him for clipping him a few times in the face
    The old man has every right to defend his wife in any situation

  5. You hit me I’m pressing charges. I don’t care if he thought it was real. Some people have gastric issues. Violence is never the answer. Age doesn’t excuse you from hitting anyone. The kid was being disrespectful and shouldn’t be messing with old people. I would honestly be pissed if that was my grandma but that’s it. Call him out and be the adult. Never resort to violence.

  6. I hope when my son and I are shooting our videos that something like this doesn’t happen. He gets one chance when I tell them it’s a joke, if he persist ‘s then it’s lights out for him.

  7. Kudos for the guy coming to his wife's defense..but seriously, what kind of uptight hillbilly gets mad at a fart? I thought hillbillies are the ones that invented farting.

  8. When people genuinely think your farting in their face be prepared to get a slap or a punch every now and again 🤷🏼‍♂️

  9. There are lot of people who are assisted by motorized chairs or wheelchairs who qualify as disabled. He may not be able to move around for a prolonged period of time or experiences pain while on his feet.

  10. U got punched cause u think everything is a freaking joke not everyone is wanting to play round especially when its the persons wife i only wish it wouldve been someone more capable so he couldve really fucked u up now that would be funny af

  11. Old ppl dont play that 😂😂🤣😂🤣 #oldmanstrength Todays youth would fight the wife for letting it happen

  12. Young guy farting in the old lady face is wrong and disrespectful to elders ..so getting punched in the face by her husband..GOT WHAT HE DESERVED..RESPECT YOUR ELDERS AND PEOPLE IN GENERAL.

  13. I think this pooting thing is very funny on YouTube

    if he did that in real life to say my mother I would not have a good reaction and the dude not wheelchair-bound he probably just cannot walk the entire store while shopping

  14. All good artists must suffer for their craft. That was a gross overreaction for a fart. Wonder if he is on some sort of disability? Seems like he can get and move pretty fast if he wants to.

  15. i am marterial arts gey 90 kg heave when this man punch me he brak him neck i punch this humorless men in hospital hot gey punch me

  16. He needs his wheel chair because he can’t travel by foot for long periods of time .
    You deserved that punch . You’re a grown man farting in a older mans wife’s face . Of course he doesn’t get the “ prank” thing . Fucking fools doing that to and old person.

  17. Good . Hope it hurt . Should of beat the shit out of you. Prank or no prank have some respect . Put yourself in their shoes . Your with your wife and someone does that and thinks its funny. Attention seekers for a like or share on social media .
    This isnt as bad as some take it but this prank stuff in public is not that funny anymore . And the public are sick of it . Grow up and and respect your elders

  18. In breaking news, a 67 year old “disabled man” takes out misdirected rage for prostate failure on younger comedian. Details at 11.

  19. I get why the old man punched him but i gotta credit jack for not fighting back… something i couldn’t do since i get mad very easily, and have a bad temper and will fight back no matter what. I would have beaten the old man down if he punched me because i don’t tolerate that shit.

  20. If guys weren't such watered down pussies nowadays, you'd be getting knocked out constantly pulling that stunt off. It's one thing to do it in passing but entirely different doing it in someone's face like that.

  21. Plot twist the guy actually used his prosthetic hand to punch him, so really the joke was doubly on jack!! Yippeee we’re all winning and laughing 😂

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