I Made a Safe House in Minecraft

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100 Replies to “I Made a Safe House in Minecraft”

  1. I built this as a fun project, just like all things in Minecraft, it can be defeated by a determined kid with a pickaxe! That's what makes this game great! 😂

  2. You mentioned Dispenser minecarts. thats a really great idea, and it gave me another one. Why not make enchanted dispensers? You need a bow to craft a dispenser, so what if they made it so that if you used an enchanted bow in the crafting of a dispenser, the dispenser keeps the enchanted bows properties. For instance, if the bow has Infinity and Flame, then the dispenser would only need one arrow, and shoot as many flaming arrows as you want.

  3. Actually with thaumcraft this can be perfect:
    The door that only opens for you
    Warding so that the blocks are unbreakable

  4. 8:19 when you realize that he could have used activators rails and dispensers and just had the cart keep going around.

  5. Yoooo instead of a blowing up the house as a last ditch effort, how about when the button is pressed, the floor opens up underneath the player and they fall to their death, while the floor closes back up

  6. Btw the players can just make a big tower and fly with elytras to get in. Even tough the player will die from the explosion and the drop. Just saying xD

  7. U should have blocks covering all above ur house like a dome, and no way to get in, but u have a secret entrance to the front! So either way they can’t get in, but u can

  8. Me: builds a simple house

    Also me: watches this

    Kill me, i don’t make any difference in this world 🙂

  9. How to get throught the defense

    First step : build up
    Last step : build a bridge and continue it until u get to the top of the house

  10. now people should make a bunch of houses like this. form an army and start house wars seeing who can get into the house gets the treasure and wins the war. that be epic

  11. I would recommend something to that base, If u are getting raided on your base by other players, you could use a “TNT Protocol” that all your chests can be send by a minecarft to another secret base and then Blow Up all the terrain to kill the other players

  12. A Little Thing i like to use instead of Lava:
    Magma Blocks and Water.

    So, i had a Little experience where i was casually driving with my boat over the sea, before suddenly, my boat got pulled under water because of a rift with Magma at the Bottom. The only way i got out is by Standing on very specific Obsidian blocks that where conveniently there.

    The Pros over Lava:
    -The Player either willing dies to Burning, or is stuck there
    -their digging Speed is drastically decreased because under water

    Cons over Lava:
    does less Damage

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