Identity Theft / Credit Freeze / Security Freeze |

Identity Theft / Credit Freeze / Security Freeze |

The Identity theft prevention secret the credit bureaus do not want you to know about. by 15 Million victims a year. Resulting in 50 billion dollars in fraud. As these numbers show, the impact of identity theft is staggering. What can you do to protect yourself? Hi I’m Bob Sullivan from MSNBC. The safest and frankly the only effective way to stop many types of id theft is to place a security freeze on on all 3 of your credit files. A freeze prevents anyone from accessing your credit report. Without that credit history, a company won’t approve a loan or issue a credit card. So, identity thieves can not get credit in your name. Let me take you to for the identity theft prevention info you need to get a security freeze. Freezes aren’t free. Prices vary from state to state. But if your a victim of identity theft credit bureaus may waive the fee. You will have to contact all 3 credit bureaus. Experian, Equifax and TransUnion and provide them with your personal information. The process will be slightly different at each bureau. At Experian you’ll 1st get this warning that a security freeze may make your credit life very difficult. But don’t worry because it isn’t permanent. You can lift the security freeze if and when you want to apply for credit. Now, pick your state. Then you’ll be asked for your name, social security number, date of birth, current and past addresses, dating back 2 years, a copy of your drivers license and 1 utility bill. Notice you’ll pick a PIN unlock code. Write that down and put it in a safe spot. You’ll need it later to have the freeze lifted. Send the paperwork by certified or overnight mail to the above address; and in a few weeks you’ll get a notice from Experian that your credit file is frozen. You’ll need to contact the other two credit bureaus as well, to be sure your credit is safe. To get a freeze from Equifax send a certified letter with the requested information, a utility bill for proof of address, a police report if you are a victim and payment. Fees are different depending on where you live, so you should check for your state online. TransUnion wants similar information. A copy of your drivers license and payment. Send your freeze request to the above address. In a few states residents can apply by phone. Freezes offer real piece of mind to people who are worried about identity theft prevention. But remember a credit freeze may delay any new loans, credit applications or other purchases you legitimately want to make, so you’ll have to plan ahead for thawing that Freeze. To Learn more about identity theft prevention check all the resources available online at You will find the latest news, commentary and video about identity theft prevention, plus valuable tips on how to protect yourself, your family and even your business. Your inside source for identity theft prevention information. Please visit us online at

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21 Replies to “Identity Theft / Credit Freeze / Security Freeze |”

  1. All good advice! Unfortunately, it has been shown in studies that convenience outweighs security. Yes, paying with cash is considered inconvenient compared to a card and paying ahead and budgeting is so inconvenient (ha ha). There was a great Sat Night Live skit about this, Dont buy stuff you cant afford.

  2. i wonder if this is basically what that lifelock does. i know that the credit industry or the credit bureaus have been trying to stop it. that explains it all.

  3. No, you can continue to use your credit cards as usual. A credit freeze will just prevent anyone from accessing your credit report; which will stop most new lines of credit (e.g.., new credit cards) from being issued.

  4. A credit freeze is much more potent than a fraud alert. A credit freeze does not allow anyone to access your credit file – where a fraud alert only tells those who access your credit file to watch out for fraud.

    Services such as the one you mentioned are a waste of money if you are willing to take the steps yourself.

  5. No, they put fraud alerts on your credit file.

    A credit freeze is much more potent than a fraud alert. A credit freeze does not allow anyone to access your credit file – where a fraud alert only tells those who access your credit file to watch out for fraud.

  6. The fact that you have never had a credit card has little to do with the thief not using your credit. SSN thieves have other motives in addition to financial theft (e.g., employment, medical, criminal – where a crook is arrested and gives your name to the police to avoid getting a criminal record in their own name).

    Is the thief is using your SSN for employment?

    You are welcome to message me privately.

  7. The Equifax product is actually called ID Patrol. It is similar to a credit freeze but weaker in a few key areas consumers should be aware of.
    ID Patrol allows users to lock part of their credit file BUT this lock does not:
    1) stop marketers from buying your credit file from the bureaus
    2) stop potential employers from accessing your credit file
    Thus, ID Patrol is a good step in the right direction but is a watered down version of a security credit freeze.

  8. The $5 a bureau makes on a freeze is far less than they earn selling that info over and over again. Besides, it's free in some states.

  9. If I could I would opt out of the whole credit market. I believe that debt is bad. I have never wanted a credit card. I bank with a credit union that does not use credit reports for anything. They go by your record with them and length of membership.

    Debt is a sin for a reason. It enslaves people.

  10. Hey, you Devil (Dad) – where did you hear that "debt is a sin" ? I glanced at your personal page and the things that are shared there so I was surprised to see you discussing the concept of sin. But, of course, if all debt was truly a sin then it would be a very serious matter to many of us.

  11. I don't see why anyone should have to pay to have their identity protected. The damn government should be doing it for us with the damn tax dollars they steal from us on a daily basis instead of wasting it on stupid shit like the war on drugs or pointless wars over seas.

  12. BUNCH OF CROOK!!!!

  13. My thoughts on your video…

    1) Don't make a video and then have several pop-ups talking about different information. It takes away focus from the video.

    2) Putting a freeze on your credit makes it nearly impossible for anyone to do anything with your credit….including you. While it may be useful for some, just remember, when you want to use your credit be prepared to wait days before the freeze is lifted.

  14. nice video , If anyone else wants to protect your identity from identity fraud it's worth trying – Banfan Super ID Genie – (just google it)? Ive heard some awesome things about it from my brother in law – just check out it – they saved a fortune! perfect! 

  15. Don't forget – every parent should freeze the credit reports of their children with all three bureaus. Check out for an easy way to get the credit freeze done for a child. It's much harder to do for a child than for yourself and Credit Parent makes it real easy.

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